Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Sunday Drive ----

We have made a plan this morning --- to hop in the car, and go drive up into the beautiful blue ridge mountains to spend the day around Boone, NC.

I had plans to put the binding on Florabunda so I could stitch it in the car. I just decided “to heck with it”. I’ll just take hexies.

It’s far way too hot to be buried under a queen sized quilt attempting to bind in a car!


I want to see MOUNTAINS!

There may be iphone-o-grams along the way.

There may not be ---

This is a holiday for US!

Catch you later!


Appalachian State University, Beautiful Boone, NC!


  1. Have a great day ... what a good idea ... enjoy the beautiful scenery! Travel safe ;-)

  2. What a beautiful drive, Bonnie...enjoy your Sunday!

  3. Now that is my kind of day! Enjoy the mountains, your hubby, and a day of refreshing relaxation! I'm heading out for a long long walk, followed by lazing away on the dock!

  4. Enjoy yourself. No doubt you'll come back with some new inspiration.

  5. Anonymous9:55 AM EDT

    OMG, even though I live in Indiana I have traveled in that part of the country and LOVE it. Your pics have just opened my eyes and heart for a return visit to your part of the world. Thank you for a relaxing day for me through your eyes. Have a safe drive Bonnie.
    Brenda M in Indiana

  6. Oops enjoy your day!

  7. A day for you to gain strength and inspiration that you will share with all of us in the future. So enjoy your day and travels with your husband.

  8. Have a great time!!

  9. Lucky you. My DS spent 6 months studying at that university a few years ago and we were lucky enough to visit him there, what a beautiful area.
    Regards from Lynn in the UK

  10. I love that drive in the Fall and have never seen it in the Spring.......
    it is beautiful! enjoy your time with DH :0) and as always

    Happy Sewing

  11. As you go by I will wave to you. What a beautiful day to drive to the parkway and Boone. Laura

  12. What a great place to spend the day. We will be there (Boone-Blowing Rock) the last week in June. Can't wait.

  13. Today is a great day to drive in the monuntains! I wish it wasnt the end of the month and I had gass $$! I love to drive the parkway!

  14. Wonderful day! Your shot of the university looks very much like the one I took of my neighborhood from the top of the mountain I walk to from my home, except we don't have the trees--desert setting here. so glad you are enjoying your time off with family!

  15. Anonymous7:08 PM EDT

    Aren't we lucky to live in such a beautiful state? I live on Lake Norman near Mooresville, NC and we go to the mountains of NC often. Of course I also think that lots of other parts of our country are beautiful too, but nothing beats home!

  16. Looks so peaceful and cool to me! Hope the day was what you needed. :)


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