Thursday, May 03, 2012

IPhone-o-Gram! Let the Sewing Begin!

I've reached my next destination of Kingston, NY!

I've checked into my room and made a quick dinner of a chicken quesadilla.

It's not even 7pm but I'm in my jammies and ready to spend the evening sewing on some Nearly Insane blocks!!

The white FW is with me---what a difference her new ecoluxe light makes---wow!

Tomorrow I'm teaching Cathedral Stars to the guild here in Kingston and then after class I'm headed to Somers for the show this weekend---it should be great!

Tomorrow is also my blog tour day for the 100 blocks by 100 designers vol 5 blog tour so be looking for that in the morning :-)


  1. I have the white FW and the light is not user friendly at all. I have burned my hand many times on the light housing. I ordered the Ecoluxe light because I want my DGD to have this machine but the hot light was a worry. Thanks for the great review.

  2. I love my ecoluxe light...thanks for recommending it! Finally a light at the right spot! and mine is on a Bernina 440 with a good light....just can't have too much light.

  3. Where can I get a light like that for my featherweights? It looks so much better than the regular light.

  4. omg,,,,,,,,,,,i want to be there,,,,,,,,you are thirty minutes from where i went to high school,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,where i lived as a kiddling,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i asked you to come get me,,,,,,lololol,,,,,,,, i am so jealous of them all,,,,,i got my drivers license in that town,,,,have fun bonnie,,,,,,and come to kansas city please,,,,,,,,

  5. Anonymous10:13 PM EDT

    Guess what I got today???? YES, the new 100 Blocks book and low and behold, there is that special block by Bonnie K. Hunter!!! I remember seeing this on the wall at Quilt Camp last year! Yay, I love it as much now as then.
    Good job Bonnie.
    Faye in Maine


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