Friday, May 18, 2012

A Visit to Prairie Stitches!

What an awesome day yesterday! It was mostly a free day, up until my lecture time last night ---We enjoyed a delightful lunch out at Emerson Pottery and Tea Room ----and a side trip into Oswego where I could take some time to indulge in some Scrap Therapy at Prairie Stitches Quilt Shoppe!

I’m sure my mouth was gaping open when I walked in the front door. We just don’t have shops like this where I live ---if you love reproduction quilts and wool applique – this is the shop for you!

Of course.after meeting the staff, I was personally escorted to the scrap bin where I could fill a baggie for $6.00. LOL!

I guess my reputation precedes me!

This is my baggie ---with room to spare – next to the sign on the wall:

IL_OH_May2012 203

This is all that was left in the bin by the time I was done:

IL_OH_May2012 215

LOL!! Maybe next time the sign will say “Fill a bag—$6.00, unless you are Bonnie Hunter, in which case the price is $12.00!” But I am so happy with my little pieces!

If you get the Quilt Sampler magazine, you might recognize this quilt:

IL_OH_May2012 208

The shop is featured IN the magazine!

IL_OH_May2012 209

I know my quick photos don’t do the shop justice, but every where you turn are warm and inviting nooks and displays, and samples of so many beautiful quilts, you are bound to leave inspired ---- I guarantee it!

IL_OH_May2012 205

Do you see why my mouth was just gaping?! Don’t you want to touch and feel and see up close?

IL_OH_May2012 206

Cute little patterns and woolie supplies!

IL_OH_May2012 207

Oooooo…the colors are so rich and you should just FEEL these! So far I’ve resisted wool – I'd have to start a whole new stash! But you know, if tempted long enough, I’m sure I’d cave! LOL! Oh, I’m seriously considering it – wheels are a-turnin’!!

IL_OH_May2012 210

I loved the perspective of this archway ---quilts on the wall in front, quilts on the wall in the next room beckoning you to come closer! Sorry for the blur – I was having heart palpitations at this time! :c)

IL_OH_May2012 211

Squealing at the mini displays! I want a little ladder like that! The patterns and the fabrics are right there together so it is easy to find what you want.

IL_OH_May2012 212

Beautiful batiks too!

IL_OH_May2012 213

More inspiration around every corner!

Are you inspired yet?

IL_OH_May2012 214

The other side of the shop has a great display of modern fabrics --

IL_OH_May2012 216

And a whole wall of 1930s repros – along with a wall chock full of patterns to keep you busy for a long long time!

IL_OH_May2012 217

I really loved my visit to Oswego and Prairie Stitches Quilt Shoppe! I can’t wait to come back!


  1. Wow that is heaven plus I spied a Kim Diehl quilt on the wall !! a shop full of repos is my idea of an ideal place to be .....will put it on my list of places to visit whenever I get Stateside...ps: I get the Sampler mag so when I do get over there I know where to go !!!

  2. Great shop! So wish we had something like that around here...

  3. Anonymous4:40 PM EDT

    WOWOWO, talk about 'wish I was there" What a terrific looking shop. And thumbs up on your $6.00 scrap bag lol

    I just love the log cabin/star quilt. What a beauty! All the quilts are wonderful. Gee,, I could spend years in there myself.

    Not sure what this post will show as my name. But Sweet Ambrosia is my blog, and I am JulieinTN!

  4. whew.What a fabulous shop,there are a beautiful quiltS!!

  5. Anonymous7:47 PM EDT

    this comment is about your name showing up in a different blog that I read.... you have a quit in the show at market...



  6. thanks for another yummy tour....going to look at their website right now :)

  7. Thank you so much for sharing that shop! I have the magazine and seeing your pictures make me wish I lived a lot closer! Wonderful pics!

  8. Your post brought me back to a shop hop bus tour I took to Chicago a couple of years ago. We stopped at Prairie Stitches and it was just as wonderful then. I bought a bunch of fabric in that shop because it was just too tempting. Happy to say, most of that fabric has since found its way into a quilt! Thanks for sharing :-)

  9. In the same magazine is one of my favorite quilt stores. It is HoneyBee in Austin Texas. Look at it some time in the magazine. We go once a month to do the BOM project for the year (in two colorways so two quilts).

  10. OMG !!!!! You were only an hour away from me, if I had known I would have been stalking you !!!! LOL !!!!! It sounds like you has a great time.

  11. Would love to visit this place. Actually visited a shop similar to this just 2 hours from home today. Had never been there before, but will definitely go again!

  12. I think I could live there. lol

  13. You make me want to leave my dirt road and I NEVER want to do that! I'm fairly certain that I would be leaving there with a U-haul. I just don't have the self discipline you do. :)

  14. This is my local quilt store - my daughter (age 6) is always asking to go to "the fancy quilt store". So fun to see it featured on your blog! Glad you enjoyed your time in the area.


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