Friday, May 11, 2012

iPhone-o-gram! Chiro Funny!

Was just in for my "Adjustment" at the chiropractor.

On my way out I was offered some "Adjustmints". Too fun!

When asked if I was enjoying my winnings from last time I had to fess up that the jelly beans are now half gone--

And that DH had used my new gifted trowel to dig holes in the back yard to insert golf cups and flags! Oh well, if it makes him happy--

And remember that Necchi machine I found Wedneday?? My justification is that it cost way less than a dozen golf balls----ha!

Yes, it did come home with me!

I'm on my way to pick up "joe cool" from being rewired, and picking up a couple belts---the machine that Gae gifted me needs one before I can give her a test run--

Oh, it's good to be home!


  1. Glad you got that Necchi. I didn't want to think it was out there homeless.

  2. Oooh! I didn't realize you actually BOUGHT the sweeet Necchi! Yay!!! You are going to love it!!! : )

  3. Anonymous12:04 PM EDT

    Another wonderful machine is rescued and returned to a home of happiness!!! AND I loved the 'golf ball" reasoning!!

  4. Debra Lamb12:22 PM EDT

    OH what fun! I have to admit however there are times you make me tired just thinking about your travel schedule and all you accomplish. I think I'd like to be a "fly on the wall" just to observe, and take away ideas on how I could be more productive too. Have a blessed rest of your day and an amazing weekend!

  5. Adjustmints. *LOL*
    I love it when you buy a new (old) machine. It makes me feel so much better about only having four. : )

  6. Now, Bonnie, I thought you were more of an optimist. Those jelly beans aren't half gone -- You still have half left. ;-)

  7. Adjustmints! That's too funny!
    We pass out "Testamints" at our Sunday School to the kiddos. Some company must be making a mint! (Bahahaha!)

  8. Anonymous1:20 PM EDT

    Bonnie: Love the name Joe Cool. Perfect choice. And your tax man must be SO thrilled that you are going to have yet another business deduction.Have a great weekend! Joy in AK

  9. Thank-you for your enthusiasm & joy for quilting.

  10. Anonymous3:02 PM EDT

    ROFL --- at what point will your antique sewing machine meusum be open to the public? :) Maybe take them ALL to the Antiques Roadshow? Call in Frank and Mike from that Pickers Show? Tease them with their mega-find, and NOT sell to them LOL

    Bless your heart Bonnie, you do have fun. I love the golf ball cost retort :) THATA GIRL!



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