Wednesday, May 16, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! Lovely morning walk!

Just getting set up for our workshop in Lake Forest, IL!!

This morning I HAD to get out for a walk jog along the river--you should smell the flowers---wonderful!

Class is in the basement with no phone reception so if you don't hear from me---I'm in the dungeon!


  1. Beautiful flowers, makes me want to do a quilt in purple, white and green.

  2. Anonymous10:15 AM EDT

    Is that 'Sweet Rocket'? If it is I can smell it from here.
    Have a fun day.

    1. Too funny that Bonnie put the pics of those flowers on her blog. A friend was traveling and emailed me a pic of flowers and ask me to identify them. I'm a environmental landscaper. Those flowers look to have four petals, which identifies them as Dame's Rocket (hesperis matronalis) and are very invasive. They look so much like our native wild phlox, makes one wonder why we have to go look for the exotic (non-native) species when God put the right plant in the right place. I bought a plant (not in flower) at a native nursery that was labeled as native phlox. It is dames rocket and I need to pull it out before it gets invasive. Too sad.

  3. Anonymous10:15 AM EDT

    Lake Forest..... I guess it was a group as I doubt they have a quilt store.... these pictures make me home sick for the North Shore and Spring....

  4. Come on by my house Bonnie - we can go jog along Lake Michigan! Enjoyed meeting you last night. I left thinking "Ok...when can I go to the Goodwill this week and look for neutral "banker and accountant" shirts?"

  5. Peaceful and inviting.

  6. It looks lovely! It is so good that you always seek out a place to walk/jog!

  7. I grew up in Lake Forest. My sister and her family live there still. Looks like the Des Plaines River to me. I love those "wild flox" (as we used to call them) The trilliums are even more beautiful when they are out in full bloom. Miss the Midwest a lot...especially that area. So beautiful.

  8. You are so sweet to always take us with you :-)
    What a lovely trail!

  9. I hope everyone has had as good a time at the workshop as we did at the program last night!

    The flowers are phlox pilosa and they're in bloom for more than a month....a drift of white, pink, and lavender along the roadside.

  10. I was born in Lake Forest!

    Hope you are enjoying being in my old stomping ground.

  11. Anonymous9:42 PM EDT

    BEAUTIFUL area fora walk!! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Those phlox are beautifuL! I can just smell them!

  13. Anonymous8:56 AM EDT

    Bonnie--What a lovely way to begin the morning. Nature is relaxing and beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your adventures. Joyce

  14. You were in my neighborhood and I was on the way to market. Hope you had fun.


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