Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thursday Ramblings & a Free Kindle Book!

First off, if you are looking for the new book preview and pre-order post, click HERE!

What a day – I feel like I’ve been chained to the computer most of the day ---and I have been. I still haven’t updated the Quiltville.com website with the new book info – maybe it can wait til tomorrow?

I have to tell you, I have some pretty great friends. Last night I was pulling fabrics for a quilt, and low and behold, I did NOT have enough variety of lime greens – and I wanted batik.

When Lisa was over the other day she said she was willing to weed out her batik collection so I Facebooked her with a plea for green. ((Yeah, just did the “add to dictionary” thing with the word Facebooked….come on, folks, it is SO a verb!! LOL!))

If you ever want to belly laugh until the tears roll, just try speaking or writing to your friend in a medieval Olde English Shakespeare type drone!

It went something like this:

((And the girls involved will have to forgive me but this was just hilarious!))


It was even funnier when Karen joined in – poor thing, her basement got flooded and it’s been a HUGE mess and she can’t even get to her sewing stuff ---so when she said “I shall returneth now to my moat” I bust out laughing right there on the table at the chiropractor’s office where I was having electric stim therapy…LOL!

So what was that saying about “Getting old isn’t an option, but growing up is?!” I like life on the silly side!

I bring this up about great friends because after the chiropractor appoinment, I just pointed Shamu in the direction of Lisa’s abode ((minus the moat!)) and there on the front step was a zip lock baggie of green, just for me! Thank you Lisa --- I’m just wondering what your mail man thought of the very green bundle sitting there on the front door mat!

I swung by the sew & vac place to pick up Sophia --- who also had her foot pedal worked on. The guy loves vintage machines and even took time to tune up the foot pedal ---and I left him my Janome 6500 to tune up since it hasn’t been in the shop in 3 years. It’s time. I wonder if they would ever consider giving me the revolving machine plan? You know, I pick one up and drop off another and pick that one up and drop off another --- we can keep this going for quite a while with the machines I have!

On my way back I stopped at a local thrift store. You just NEVER know what you will find there, and I did find some old machines --- some cool ones, but I left them. They were far too broken to be used for much more than parts.

I still took pictures, they were cool to look at!

vintage machines 056

How about a very sleek white Kenmore with purple accents? No bobbin case, no spool pins, they were both broken or missing. The light makes it look yellow, but it was white white…..and the poor bobbin winder is broken beyond recognition. Too bad…because I really liked that purple!

vintage machines 058

It was a pretty paint job!

vintage machines 059

This heavy beast wasn’t workable either. The levers and knobs did not turn…but it is a very cool robin’s egg blue. It’s about the same age as my Marilyn –this one’s zig zag puts the needle in permanent left position too even for straight stitch – that was if we COULD get it working. I left it there. Someone somewhere might pick this up and get it going, but I’m not skilled that way --- I just want them to run when I get them.

Oh yeah, and the free Kindle book --- this one was a heads up by Leah who commented back on yesterday’s saying this author had another title for free:

Deep Voodoo by Stephanie Bond is free in the Amazon Kindle store:


Book Description:

When Deke Black is stabbed through the heart with a lawn stake, the secrets of Mojo, La., start bursting to the fore in this lively first of a new romantic mystery trilogy from Rita Award–winner Bond (Whole Lotta Trouble). Deke's ex, health-food store owner Penny Francisco, is the primary suspect.

Not only was she found at the scene of the crime holding the murder weapon but, at her divorce celebration, she stabbed a voodoo doll bearing Deke's likeness. The police are keen to pin the crime on Penny, and only sexy, junk-food-loving PI B.J. Beaumont may be able to keep her out of jail.

It's hard to sympathize with Penny, whose troubles often stem from her own stupidity, and harder still to believe that she could fall in love with B.J. while suspecting him of murder. Despite these flaws, Mojo and its zany, likable inhabitants—from a slutty, lawsuit-happy tanning-salon owner to a randy, 109-year-old woman into voodoo magic—form a solid foundation for future books in the series.

Enjoy! It’s supposed to be free just through May 31st so get it while you still can and double check before clicking that it’s still free for you!

Have a great evening!


  1. Anonymous7:52 PM EDT

    New header looks great

  2. There's nothing like having that kind of fun with girlfriends that "get you" and you get them! A good friend of mine and I will get on one of these roles during our morning online chats every so often and start cracking up outloud. Sometimes it's my class reunion group, that will get on a role like you and your friends on a facebook post....and believe me there are some real comedians in that group!!!My DH will wonder what the heck i"m laughing at all by myself in the other room.....don't even try to explain anymore, he never finds it humorous......guess you had to be there! Thanks for sharing....I do "get it!"

  3. Anonymous8:38 PM EDT

    Love the new header Bonnie, and your new book is just sew-bee-yond. You have just breathed new life into us blogreaders and quilters!! Stephani in TX (Tomazec@aol.com)

  4. LOL! Im still laughing about poor Karen! A FB/church friend I have enjoyed hearing the great flood saga. Has it been forty days yet? LOL! Im jealous because a water disaster has led to a remodel opportunity.

  5. Thou hast made me nearly wet myself...Thank thee ever so much! I swell with glee for thy bounty discovered on thy fellow sewists doorstep! I too doth have need of a good repair man to look at my 'new to me' machines.

  6. I was so gleeful to hear thou hath friends who leave satchels of fabric at the castle gate for you. My wenches (also known as my peeps) and I doth do the same thing only we call it the "drug drop" as we are addicted to all things fabric!

  7. Anonymous10:03 PM EDT

    What a great time I have had this evening ready not only Bonnie's silly post, but the silly comments attached. Makes my heart glad that we all can enjoy what we do with the wonderful friends we have.
    Had a wonderful evening with our quilt group, though there were no moats or medieval talk going on, we still enjoyed ourselves. haha
    Faye in Maine

  8. Donna Adams10:10 PM EDT

    I have some cool limey green I am willing to part with for no renumeration. I have been re-aquainting with my stash. Tis a good thing. That is as good as this Oregonian (SNOB) can get to an English/Shakespearian accent. Love the new book I ordered one for my best friend and myself. Thanks for all your hard work.
    Donna in wet warm Oregon

  9. Dearest Bonnie, Thou hast only to ask and bounteous quantities of verde batik shall appear forthwith in thine postal receptacle. I art blessed to have intimate knowledge of the inner sanctorium of batikliciousness known throughout the promised land as Fabric Fanatics, thine eve of the New Year destination. Pick up thine device of universal connectivity and gently intone the goddess Siri to perchance pair you with the Princess Delta Dawn who will bring forth batiks in such quantity and array as to make thou swoon.

    1. OH my gosh, I am howling!! I'm now imaginging "Delta Dawn" sung in olde English as well..."what is that flower thou hast on???"


    2. Thou must implore an empty skull with a single stem stabbed through an orifice while raising same high into the air.

      We are all getting so very excited to see you again...only 6 months.

  10. Bonnie,

    Thanks so much for the laughs tonight! I loved reading the back and forth and even the comments. Thank you ladies for the light hearted comments and many laughs!

  11. This was a hoot! Loved it. : )

  12. Me too! I love seeing your new Header when I open your blog. So fresh looking. I'm going to ask my quilting buddies for your new book for my upcoming birthday.

  13. Cindy, The Purple Quilter9:09 AM EDT

    I just discovered this thread over my morning coffee! Could barely keep it in my mouth when I read about Bonnie singing "Delta Dawn!" Thanks for the great morning start to a day of longarm quilting!!

  14. I have only been reading your blog for a couple of months. I really enjoy the reports of your travels and classes you teach, its almost like I am along for the fun.

  15. Had to laugh when I read your exchange with your friends!


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