Friday, May 25, 2012

Evening Edition: Free Kindle Book!

And I didn’t have to go searching for this one --- because there has been no time to search!

Valerie sent it on.

She writes:

Hi, Bonnie,

Since you're home, you may have more time to peruse amazon's free Kindle books, but just in case you have not yet, here is another one I just have to have after reading the first few pages in the "look inside" feature.

It is "Doughnuts for Amy" and is set near your neck of the woods in South Carolina. It has 4 1/2 stars with 39 customer reviews.

Seems a lighthearted change from my usual choice of suspense, mystery, and drama. The synopsis is below the link. Enjoy some downtime at home the next couple weeks!

I popped on over to read the description and reviews, and she’s right. It sounds like a fun one!

Book Description:

Nick St. Germaine, Woodmont Retirement Community's Executive Chef, is emotionally distraught as the second anniversary of his wife's death looms on the horizon. Troubled by nightmares and challenged by his son to move forward one day at a time, Nick is doing that, but just barely. He takes solace in early morning workouts at his gym, long runs and longer hours in Woodmont’s kitchen.

An unexpected change in management brings a new Director, Amy Sommers, a beautiful, divorced nurse with little knowledge of the Food and Beverage business. Nick is quick to show his disdain for her, so much so that she comes close to showing him the door her first day on the job. Yet Amy is convinced to give him a chance to prove his worth and she soon finds out he's an effective manager as well as a great cook with a tighly-knit, though overly protective kitchen staff.

As Amy takes charge of the many facets of Woodmont, she soon realizes her greatest challenge lies in the broken heart of Nick St. Germaine.

With a supporting cast of quirky cooks, cranky widows, World War 2 vets and endearing octogenarians, Doughnuts for Amy is a six-course tasting menu of fork-tender romance and unexpected comedy that will have you asking “what’s for dessert?”

Be sure to check that it’s still free before clicking to purchase. Prices change without advance warning!

I’m still working on the To-Do list --- but the DONE list is growing!

I’m still ignoring the piles of Strash that are color-sorted on my studio floor. I don’t know if I want to slice them all down ((How to determine what size as the drawers of pre-cut strips are still pretty full!)) Or just store them by color until I decide WHAT to do with them.

The piles of purple, green and gold are sitting next to each other and look pretty enticing!


  1. Ignore all and sew some...it will clear your head. Wanna sew with us Sunday?

  2. Mardi Gras! Put them in a Ziploc and see what it turns into later. Enjoy this Memorial Day weekend.

  3. Cindy, The Purple Quilter10:45 AM EDT

    Purple, green and gold! Oh my! How wonderfully perfect! Let them sit there until the perfect project pops into your mind. You know your subconscious is working on it while you sleep! :) Of course, then you will share with the rest of us and we will have to make one too! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Anonymous2:13 PM EDT

    Just checked. No longer free at least that I can find. Hopefully it will be soon.


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