Thursday, May 24, 2012

Common Threads & Sisters Choice!

26 quilters gathered with their totes full of 2.5” strips and squares --- ready to SEW SEW SEW!

There are some workshops that are so intense that only a handful of units go home with the students.

And then there are Quilt Day Camp days where we really throw ourselves into a project designed to help us use up that fabric that has been lingering way too long in the stash!

This is a great one to get you started on developing your own Scrap Users System…..cut for this quilt, and then the left overs from cutting can simply be sliced down into useable strip widths for OTHER future projects ---several of our ladies are talking about doing Queen to King quilts just to move the fabric OUT and get the scraps under control!

Someone brought a design wall that was SO handy --- I’ve got several shots of the blocks that were placed on the design wall – a whole community’s worth. They moved around and were auditioned next to other blocks…it was so interesting to see the different effects of the color and value placement. The blocks can look so different depending on where you put the fabric!

I’m traveling home today! And it’s a good thing since I ran out of 2” cheddar squares that I’ve been using for my leader/ender bow-ties. I planned this just about right, and only ran out of them late last evening ---time to cut some more when I get home!

I’ll be home for almost 2 weeks ---oh, is that ever going to be nice. At this moment, I think I’d be perfectly happy to not leave the house for at least a week ---being a hermit sounds right up my alley right now, no matter how fun this trip has been…my batteries are on empty and I need a relax and recharge.

Thank you, Columbus Ohio for such a wonderful time! We’ll be seeing you again in 2016!


  1. Anonymous6:50 AM EDT

    Bonnie - your scrap savers system has saved my sanity lol... MANY scrap fabric what to do, what to do? Now I know what to do, and wow does it work.

    Such a simple and terrific blocks. Amazing how just different fabric can change the look of a block.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Hi Bonnie
    Could you tell me what brand is the cheddar fabric you use please?
    Is it one of the known brands (Kona solids etc) or just a random choice?
    Many thanks

  3. What a fabulous slideshow! Seeing all the choices of Sister's Choice is a wonderful lesson in value studies. Fabrics that are too light or too dark for their placement truly stand out. But then again, they are all beautiful! The smiles on the faces of the gals are so genuinely happy with their creations. Bonnie, you spread joy!

  4. This is one of my favorite "blocks I've never made." I would love to do a Sisters Choice with a group, starting with a 9-patch swap.

  5. OMG that was so cool! I hope you don't get to comfortable at home I'll be seeing you in the xennia/Dayton area in June. which isn't that far from Columbus. But I couldn't get into that class.See you in June!

  6. Great workshop...I'm getting a new rotary blade this weekend to add to the strip containers and cut down on the piles...enjoy your time at home!

  7. Looks like so much fun!!! So sad I'm missing out!!

  8. Love the one done in 30s prints

  9. Anonymous9:09 AM EDT

    Do you have a better photo of the design wall that was used? Was it that stand alone one? Thank you.

    Jessica in Colorado

  10. Anonymous9:52 AM EDT

    THANK YOU. You have no idea who inspirational your blog is to someone is home bound.

  11. Won't home time be nice? Even though you are a goer and a doer, I imagine all of the "public" time can take its toll.
    Your Sister's choice is on my bucket list and a tentative goal for this year. But at the rate I am accomplishing my goals this year I may have to face reality and bump it to next year. I want to do it in fall colors.
    Love the many combinations in your slideshow. What was the design wall made of, do you know?

  12. What wonderfull pics and great trip and job u finished
    Love your as always
    The cheder coulour do u call it coulors or natural color? if i may ask


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