Thursday, May 17, 2012

Smith Mountain Morning in Lake Forest!

My blog post is leisurely late this morning.

By the time I got through the yucky traffic ((And no, I wasn’t driving, I was a passenger!)) and checked into my hotel in Joliet, and whisked off for dinner at near by Portillos ((Oh YUMMY!!)) and brought back to the hotel --- I was TOAST.

I spent the evening doing a bit of piecing on my featherweight that I’ve set up in the room –just what I needed to get myself back in touch with the rhythm of chain piecing little bits through the machine.

My room has a little pull out rolling desk, so I can roll it to give myself an L shaped work area, and piece away while watching a bit of TV ---

IL_OH_May2012 162

Pretty sweet set up for 4 nights, don’t you think? Comfy chair and everything!

Today is a more leisurely paced day than the last two ---just an evening guild meeting tonight which explains why this blog post is a bit delayed this morning. Not only am I in central time zone --- but I slept in a bit, woke on my own without an alarm, and then started in to edit the photos from yesterday’s class in a very cozy non-hurried manner!

We did have a great time yesterday – we were full at 20 students. The variety of fabrics and styles was evident, and it was so fun to see the blocks emerge from what people had brought.

Of course --- the things that get me right off….plastic organization thingies!! WHOOOOOWHOOOO!

IL_OH_May2012 098

Silverware trays and plastic baskets hold pre-cut pieces just so!

IL_OH_May2012 099

We ALL wanted this double tired organizer tray! I think she said she got it at Target ---

IL_OH_May2012 100

How handy is this?! I can see many uses for this little plastic number.

IL_OH_May2012 101

This deep divided tote has a lid…..and she’s labeled the cubbies with sizes of pieces so she is ready to go!

IL_OH_May2012 154

Yolande came really prepared! Tool boxes from Lowes or Home Depot make it easy to roll everything you need into a workshop!

IL_OH_May2012 155

They hold ALL the tools of our trade within reach!

IL_OH_May2012 156

The next “tier” down in this tote with more “STUFF!”

IL_OH_May2012 152

More “tiers” --- and her featherweight in the bottom compartment – all ready to roll from the car to the workshop!

I want to try something today ---I’m using a different ID for my windows live slideshow –I want to know if it makes a difference. If for any reason the slide show does not work, you don’t need to email me or comment about it ---I have a feeling if you come back tomorrow it will be functional! LOL!

I really like seeing the preview thumbnails…and those aren’t visible in other slide shows I’ve found – so bear with me while I work some issues out. If there is a problem, it is not ME that is causing it – just be patient, okay?

I’m heading out for a morning walk --- then a nice hot shower, and I’ll be ready for the Guild ladies to pick me up at 12:15 for lunch out and some exploring and shopping! We’ll probably spend the day wandering around and then head over to set up for my lecture tonight ----

Enjoy your Thursday everyone, it’s the only Thursday you get this week, make the most of it!


  1. Bonnie, what "brand" of hotel are you staying at? It looks very comfy--!

    1. Anonymous7:39 AM EDT

      Hampton Inn. It's the latest remodel. I don't work for them, but love staying there. Ususally great people at the front desk and a yummy breakfast in the morning.

  2. You are in my neck of the woods! Wish I had a chance to get to meet you.

  3. Those photos from your class are beautiful! I love both the traditional and the newer color choices made by your students. The organizers are a great idea, and so much more attractive than the cardboard boxes I use.

  4. Anonymous9:46 AM EDT


    thank you again for the wonderful workshop and all of your beautiful quilts. Our classes work looks even more stunning in photos. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    Nicole P.

  5. I love those squares you are working on with lots of yellow. Yellow was my mom's favorite color and it reminded me of her. She has now be gone for 12 years this May 4th and I really miss her! That is why when I saw the above blocks it brought back such sweet memories of my mom!!!

  6. The slide show worked just fine for me, the thumbnails are a good size to get an overview. Loved some of the colour choices of the ladies.

  7. I like Yolande's transport case! That would fit right along with my personality!


  8. Great storage ideas! And an inspiring slideshow!

  9. Debra Lamb10:11 AM EDT

    I love the idea of using the Stanley mobile work center... I can see me borrowing that idea!!

  10. Wow! That is one sweet set up in the hotel! The chair is a Herman Miller copy I think - sold to Execs to eliminate their back problems.
    I love all the blocks you show but these are particularly lovely!! I love the brown/ blue combos. Congrats ladies.
    I am definitely on the hunt for a featherweight now ( I need a magenta one like yours!) & have added the roll along to the wishlist.
    Maybe I can get that for my birthday gift?? I cant think of anything else?? LOL
    Have fun

  11. Sounds like a perfect trip! Not too demanding and lots of fun! Love all the organization ideas ... Quilters are SOOO creative!

  12. love the Stanley box...may go cruise the hardware department for quilt storage inspiration!

  13. Beautiful color choices! Such variety! Fun stuff. I love your setup at the hotel. How clever is that? Enjoy!!!

  14. I LOVE your slide shows!!!

  15. Anonymous3:22 PM EDT

    Great Slideshow, how I wish I could take one of your classes! Nice little setup in the hotel too. It would be so hard for me to ever leave, I would just sew and sew. You always seem to have a great time and your positive attitude is contagious. : ) Susan

  16. I LOVE your slideshows! I love seeing all of the various color combinations that your quilters/students come up with. Thanks, Bonnie!!

  17. I had so much fun!!! Today I dug through more 1 1/2 inch scraps to make leaders and enders!! And yes I forgot to do them sometimes, but it hasn't been 21 days yet!! But I pulled a little leftover dish to keep them organized and stuffed a whole bunch more in a giant ziploc. I'm motivated to do this!!

  18. I started SMM way back before the last Bonnie Mystery--Orca Bay...now that that one (Green Bay to me lol) is done I guess I should get back to it. Thanks for the motivation to get this one out and get going on it. Love all the different color schemes everyone is goign with! Your number one fan!

  19. I found it! The Stanley 2-in-1 Mobile Workcenter Model # 018603R at Home Depot for $29.97. The front looks slightly different, but I think the basic item is the same as the one in this post. Might have to run and get one this afternoon.

    1. Anonymous10:03 PM EDT

      I thought the mobile workcenter would be awesome to have until I read reviews about it on Home Depot's website. Many negative comments have me rethinking the idea!
      I so much enjoy your slideshows, Bonnie. It's the next best thing to being at one of your workshops!

  20. Wonderful fabrics and colors. I really love the shirttails the best though.

  21. Thanks for changing the slide show - I can view this one. I was thinking that maybe I should start walking again as it seems like you have a lot of motivation like I used to have. I've been in a depressive rut so I'm gonna give it a try.
    I found 3 cotton shirts at our recycle give n take today. I'm goIng to have to find your Shirtails book.

  22. Anonymous5:44 PM EDT

    My block looks even better in the photo! LOL :)
    I have to say that I LOVE little organizer thingies too. I'm bonkers for them. I'd seen Yolande's toolbox mobile sewing setup before, and thought it was so clever. I also shop the hardware store for plastic organizers for thread, fabric, perle cotton, notions, you name it. The ones in the hardware stores are (usually) more sturdy than the ones you can get at craft stores, and (usually) cheaper to boot! I gravitated to them in the first place because my dad's a carpenter, and I loved sorting nails/screws/bolts/washers etc. into those parts boxes for him when I was a kid.
    I think all quilters would benefit from a trip down the toolbox and organizers aisle of the hardware store... so many more options than what you find at the craft stores! All you need is a little imagination and creativity, which we as quilters already have ;)

  23. I love Yolande's tool box! I wonder if they will be all out of them b4 I get to LOWE'S! WTG!


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