Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sew To Speak!

All through this trip I’ve been posting about huge gigantic quilt shops with 7000 bolts or more, huge floor spaces, carrying everything under the sun --

Oh, and I love them --- it’s fabric and inspiration overload ---

Yesterday I had a sweet experience at a different kind of quilt shop ---it was like going from “Big Box Store” to “Adorable Boutique” ----and it made me want to linger!

There is a cute little shop in a little old strip mall called “Sew to Speak.” I knew upon entering that this was a different kind of place. Their by-line is “A do it yourself style shoppe for creating aparel and home décor”

Of course, that includes quilts too ---

And if I didn’t know better --- that Vespa out front could have been an extension of the style inside --- it was trendy yet vintage, and it made me want to touch EVERYTHING!

IL_OH_May2012 728

From the red floor, to the red top of the display table ---it felt artsy and quaint, yet inviting. It reminded me of the smaller sizes of shops I’d encountered when visiting Germany, France or the Netherlands --

IL_OH_May2012 729

The fabrics were special, and things I don’t see every day ---simply displayed on wood shelves. Lots of patterns for apparel and bags --- and it was fun to see the different colorful rolls of oil cloth and all that can be done with that – it reminds me of my grandmother’s kitchen with the oil cloth table cloth ----great memories!

IL_OH_May2012 730

Modern style quilts hung from racks and draped over a sofa. You just want to touch every stitch! I loved how some of them, while machine quilted, were accented with big stitch quilting by hand in colorful pearle cotton – almost as an afterthought. FUN!

IL_OH_May2012 731

LOVED this modern uptake of an old traditional favorite – 1000 pyramids!

IL_OH_May2012 732

Here some “chalk board” oil cloth was being cut for a customer with a very busy toddler – it’s going to become an art wall for her kids. VERY COOL. We didn’t have this stuf when I was raising my boys ---

IL_OH_May2012 733

Visiting this little shop just made me so happy --- you know bigger is not always better – it’s just MORE.

IL_OH_May2012 746

I couldn’t resist two bundles of polka dots…polka dots always make me happy too!

If you get a chance while driving through Columbus, stop and see Sew to Speak – it’s a treat!


  1. I was in Columbus just a couple of days ahead of you and only got to go to one shop and this was it. The shop was lovely, their collection stunning and Sara, who was working that day, was so sweet and helpful. I left with a full shopping tote. I am back in SC now. I hope you get home to rest soon.

  2. Anonymous3:49 PM EDT

    Thank you for the info Bonnie. I have relatives in the columbus area and it sounds like a place I will have to visit the next time I am in the area. Love your blog!

  3. We are very lucky in Columbus to have so many Quilt Shops. I can visit seven shops within 7 miles of my home, and every one of them is different. I stop in at Sew to Speak about once per month just to hang out while my son takes drum lessons right up the street.

    Did you get to The Glass Thimble just a little further south of there?

  4. I visited that shop when I was in Columbus last month -- aren't they the nicest people? Too bad I couldn't recommend a lunch place to you -- the Morgan House is wonderful! http://www.morganhse.com/

  5. My dear friend Mary from Molly Flanders works there! Many of the quilts there are hers!!!! Thanks for the tour - I hope to visit in real life one day!!!

  6. This shop is on my bucket list. This is the shop where Mary works ~ I've been following Mary at Molly Flanders ever since I found quilting blogs.. I always want to make every thing she does!

  7. Do you remember Archangel in Raleigh? They too crammed a lot of great stuff into a very small space. I still miss them.

  8. What a wonderful shop! The kind I would want if I owned a shop. There is one like it in Tucson, Bella Quilts. Crammed full of great stuff.
    Thank you for sharing a real eye-candy shop.

  9. Help us out and mention what STATE you are in, in each post! THANK you!

  10. Anonymous10:41 PM EDT

    Oooh! Definitely adding this shop to my "must visit" list, along with the previously mentioned gourmet ice cream boutique! Drooling!!!

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  12. Wow! thank you soo very much for the awesome write up! A "big" deal for our "little" place!!! :) So kind - April (Sew To Speak shoppe blogger, buyer and worker bee)

  13. Que linda você,obrigada por compartilhar,acabei de encontrar a loja dos meus sonhos.Sim, venho tendo esse sonho muitos anos.Venho de uma família de costureiras e a paixão por tecidos e coisas do ramo é uma constanta.Me tornei seguidora do blog,vou voltar com mais calma.Um grande beijo e Deus te abençoe.Bom retorno e viagem para casa.Descanse.

  14. How lovely to see where Mary works her magic touch!

  15. NQA show is in Columbus OH in June. MR's parents live an hour or so from there and I'm thinking of making NQA my birthday present. I had no idea there were so many quilt shops there! Thanks :o)

  16. What a fabulous shop!! The way you describe it is just the way I pictured it from hearing bits about it at Mary's blog, Molly Flanders. I recognize so many of her amazing quilts too. Thank you so much for taking us along on your visit to Sew to Speak!!

  17. And sometimes more is overwhelming.

  18. I thought that looked familiar! Love this shop!!! I live in Urbana (about 45 min. west of Columbus) but my son is in Columbus and I visit oftern.


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