Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Smith Mountain Morning at Quilt Beginnings!

We cooked up a lot of heat in Columbus!

It also felt like summer OUTSIDE – the poor AC was getting a work out trying to keep up with 33 women “of a certain age” and all of our community power surges---

It always tickles me to learn that people have traveled far and wide to gather together and sew, baby sew!

The award for the farthest distance traveled went to some sisters who drove up from Southern Alabama --- only a 12 hour drive! The whole family got into the act and were working on one project together ----nothing like team sewing to make the work go faster!

We had quilters drive a couple hours ---from all over the state, and some drive from near Pittsburgh, PA ---any excuse for a road trip!

There were quilters I knew from other visits elsewhere from other Ohio guilds, or Caribbean cruises --- who now know each other! It was fun to see.

I really wish I could remember names. 32 quilters –and one knitter who was there with the sisters from Alabama –left me SO inspired.

Our beautiful knitter is sight impaired ----yet you should SEE how beautiful her knitting is! And is she ever fast! I had no idea how impaired she was visually, until one of the ladies brought her up to the quilt…..and was helping her trace her fingers around the patch outlines of every piece in the block so she could “see” with her fingers what it was that we were doing.

IL_OH_May2012 705

It was the most beautiful act of love --- and it made my day. Thank you ladies for coming all the way from Alabama to spend the time with us!

The slide show is large – and my fingers are crossed that it loads --

We have a lecture this evening with the Common Threads Quilters of Columbus ---but this afternoon we’ll be doing some running around and getting ourselves into some trouble just for fun!

Until then – I’ve planned a morning power walk, that is if the rain stays at bay --- and perhaps some piecing in my room.

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


  1. Bonnie, the quilt that you are teaching is gorgeous! Your quilt and the slide show of the students' blocks just makes me want to add this to my list! Can you tell me how to get the pattern? Is it in one of your books? Thank you!

  2. Anonymous7:59 AM EDT

    Bonnie when are you coming to Michigan??Diana

  3. How truly wonderful all you ladies are!!

  4. Anonymous8:53 AM EDT

    Seeing the different combinations of fabric is such a treat. I love looking at the blocks and then saying "wow! beautiful, oh I have that fabric and that one..." All of the combinations are great and especially the tans, browns, and blues with this particular pattern. Love it! Definitely on my list to do.

    Karen in Corona

  5. Thank you for sharing that moment Bonnie. I need a kick in the pants like that to remind me to be grateful for what I do have.


  6. I am almost to tears to see the sight impaired knitter chceking out the patchwork. I recently learned how to knit. I can't immagine doing it and not being able to see! She is talented!!!! and AMAZING!

  7. I was blessed to be able to see some of these blocks in person and the ones I saw were absolutely beautiful.

    I might be doing this quilt... It is gorgeous.


  8. It is so much fun to gather with other quilters and knitters! How fun!

  9. OMGosh!! Aren't you getting tired? I have been following you around for days...and I am exhausted!!! How do you do it? And you and the ladies are cranking out such beautiful quilts!! You REALLY are amazing!!! You deserve a Teacher of the Year AWARD!!

  10. Anonymous3:27 PM EDT

    The pastel Caribbean color combo is so beautiful!

  11. Anonymous10:28 PM EDT

    Bonnie, thanks so much for sharing that beautiful act of love with us; it has now made my day too! So powerful...

  12. Some days are just blessed . . .


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