Tuesday, May 08, 2012

The long and rainy drive, continued!

I went as far as I could go ----by the time I left New Paltz it was 12:30pm ----there was NO WAY to drive all the way home, so here I am, back in Virginia with about 4 hours drive still ahead of me.

The rain slowed everything down. I don’t know about you, but trailing behind a large semi truck going slow because of weather visibility just makes me white-knuckle that steering wheel.

It was not a good day to even feel like finding an antique mall to walk.

It was not a good day to find some interesting place to shop or eat ---getting out of the car would involve the use of an umbrella, and sloshing through puddles in my mesh topped running shoes leaving me with wet socks was NOT an option!

NewYork2012 338

Somewhere in Upstate New York

I didn’t even want to stop and get gas, though eventually I had to ----as I crossed into Maryland the gas tank was floating just above empty, and the little warning thing said it WOULD be empty in about 20 miles ---

A bit farther down the road and the tired, hungry, and need for a restroom feeling said “FAR ENOUGH”. I’m tucked in for the night --- tomorrow I’ll finish the rest of the way ----

NewYork2012 341

Somewhere in Pennsylvania ---

But you know what? That also frees me up to toodle home at a bit more relaxed pace --- and if that sun is shining – those antique malls just may make up for lost time!

Oh – and here’s a crazy thing……those slide shows that were not working on Monday morning for the two Cathedral Stars workshops? ARE WORKING NOW! Click HERE to get to that post. Better late than never. It just proves again, that it is nothing that I did to make it be broken, so there is nothing I can do to fix it either. Just gotta wait it out I guess!

NewYork2012 343

I honestly think the rain cloud was hanging over Shamu the WHOLE WAY!

What I love about the windows live slide shows is the preview page – you get to see the thumbnails….on the webshots you don’t, and you miss half of the picture because of the panning and movement.

Still undecided ----


  1. Anonymous10:46 PM EDT

    Hi Bonnie. Enjoy your quiet time after the stressful drive. Thanks for posting the sideshow of your workshops. I love to see the colors and ideas that others have. It is like being Ina virtual classroom.
    Safe driving tomorrow.

  2. Love that drive, wish I was with you, rain or no rain. Ramona from Maine

  3. Good thing you aren't pressed for time and can take your time getting home with all that bad weather. Be safe and have a nice time on the rest of your trip!!

  4. Anonymous12:59 AM EDT

    I prefer the Windows Live too. I like it for all the reasons you mentioned and that it opens the slideshow automatically in a new tab. I'm sure they'll get the kinks worked out.

  5. Good luck getting home. Where at in Virginia did you stop. If it was anywhere near Fredericksburg you could have stayed with me!!

    Have a safe trip home it is raining again this morning.


  6. Hope you got a good night's sleep; the moon is out this morning (5:00 a.m.) so here's hoping for a sunny drive the rest of the way home.

  7. You're such a trooper to even post and share your life through pictures and posts after such an enduring road event. Thanks

  8. I'm glad you stopped and gave yourself a rest! Driving too long in conditions like that could lead to the need for some serious massage work! I hope the weather is nicer today...safe travels!

  9. Those slide shows really are crazy. They worked for me first thing that morning, then when I read your email that they WEREN'T working I was really surprised. Went back to them and they didn't work for me then either. Now they do again. Who knows what gremlins are in that thing.


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