Monday, May 14, 2012

A Gift of STRASH!!



It started out as a typo ---because I was uploading photos, wanting to put them in a subfolder called STASH….but that T and that R are awful close together on my keyboard, and by the time they were uploading and I saw where they were going, it was firmly ----STRASH.

And I’m laughing to myself at how apropos this is because….well….let me back up.

Lisa called me last week telling me she had some shop stuff for me. More like “What do we do with this STUFF? Give it to Bonnie, she uses EVERYTHING!” And I’m game for stuff like that, especially if it involves a buffet Indian lunch at Nawab ---

We agreed that Karen should join in on the fun, and we had a terrific lunch and spent some time laughing and catching up. I’d go there just for the hot tea, seriously – it is THAT good. Must be the spices and cardamom that they put in it – but I love their tea!

strash 009

You see that rainy mess through my windshield? This is the flood that I drove through to get to lunch --- it’s time to float out the dinghy, the rain has been coming down like this for hours. A drenching spring rain. And everything is so green and happy ---except for those of us who chose to venture out in it, come heck – or HIGH WATER as the case may be!

After lunch, I followed Lisa to her car to transfer the goods --- mind you, I’m thinking that there are a couple grocery sized bags of STUFF ---

strash 011

Holy Black Trash Bags, Batman!

strash 012

I dumped it out to find out what exactly was inside ----Wheeeeee!!!

strash 013

Can I just roll around in this? Nekkid? LOL!

Jeff just came into the studio where this huge pile is on the floor, and said, “Holy Cow!! There must be 5 quilts worth there!” Or more, son, or more!

And this is where someone else’s trash becomes my stash --- Stash + Trash = STRASH!!

Thanks, Lisa – you can nominate me to adopt the unusable ANY TIME! It’s going to be fun turning this into wonderful scrap quilts!

Now just WHERE do I start to sort this?


  1. Bonnie, I would LOVE to know where you start with this pile of strash. How will you sort it into your stash? Always fascinated by how other people sort and store their fabric. (I keep yardage in a file cabinet and fat quarters and smaller in a 3 drawer bin.)
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Strash??? I love this new word. Just perfect for what we love. Good luck and have fun sorting that out!

  3. I am jelous of your strash!!! lol I love strash!

  4. Holy Guacamole!!! What bounty!!
    You are having a GREAT day!!
    : )

  5. WOW! Those piles of strash would keep me busy for days! Playing with fabric is one of my favorite things - and I am SO jealous! You certainly have some great friends! Have fun sorting! ;))

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  7. Anonymous4:08 PM EDT

    It is true! "When you give, you recieve!" - Bonnie this is delightful. You give so much of yourself here in your blog. And you are receving back from your generous heart.

    I love sorting fbrics. And there is plaids, and so many terrific print just in what the image shows. Have fun lol

  8. Isn't it lovely when friends give you scraps - I have a couple of friends who don't do scrappy and I get all their bits

  9. Anonymous4:12 PM EDT

    Hey, I have a pile of Strash that looks just like that...so WHERE do you start to sort it? Inquiring minds want to know (so that I can get my strash undercontrol! hee hee)

  10. Anonymous4:12 PM EDT

    That would be like Christmas to me!! I love when others give me their strash. Especially if it's quilt-shop strash!


  11. You are one lucky lady. I wanted to roll in it too!!!!

  12. Anonymous4:55 PM EDT

    I have the perfect way to sort that STRASH.....put everything back in the trash bags, put them in a big box, put my address on it, and I will sort it all for you......of course, you may not get as much back in the mail!!!! hahaha With friends like that, who needs to shop.
    Good for you, Bonnie, cuz no one will utilize it quite like you will.
    Faye in Maine

  13. Isn't it grand? I love it. I have that reputation in my sewing group. The person that will use most anything. I get the stash purges, and I even get hand fulls of bits that my friends don't want to fool with, but feel guilty about throwing away. It's great, and it's going to be a AMAZING scrap quilt(or 2, or 3, or more) one day, You work lots faster than me though. Amazing given how much time you spend away from home. Happy sorting!

  14. Oh do tell. I see a couple of things in there that I recognize but I also see some not so lovely pieces. I'd love to know how you look at it. This could be a learning experience for lots of us.

  15. Nancy James5:02 PM EDT

    Wow! what a great gift. Sure wish I had some strash too. I'd take any and all, lol.

  16. Anonymous5:19 PM EDT

    That is so awesome and I think your new word fits.
    I just went out to bring my small plants inside because we're suppose to be getting that same mega rain storm.

  17. OMG! You hit the mother lode! :)

  18. mmmmmmm? Do I see a new book idea being generated?

  19. I have my own pile of strash I have to work through I'm just curious how long it takes to deal with this much.

  20. mmmmmm? Do I see a new book being generated?

  21. COOl strash! I love strash too.


  22. I love Strash too! I have a friend named Kitty who is a clown costumer. She sends me bags of strash as well. Its like Christmas! So many bright wonderful pieces to touch and iron and sort! Funny how we appreciate the darndest things!

  23. I'm a strasher too and all my friends save me their strash which I LOVE!!!!

    I love that piece of blue striped strash that has the paisley in it, picture 2 on the far left, if you wanted to part with it, that is ;)

  24. Bonnie, you would have loved show-and-tell at our April meeting of Venice Quilters Guild. The local quilt shop owner showed a perfectly darling FLOOR SCRAP BLOCK she and friends had made from scraps left on the classroom floor!

    You could sort right down there on your floor,choose "ingredients" and start sewing!

    LOVE your blog---I'm learning so (sew) much!

  25. Anonymous7:30 PM EDT

    Strash makes me laugh. A neighbor just had a garage sale that was advertised as "GARBAGE " Sale. How true...one man's trash is anothers treasure. Have fun wallowing in it!!!! Joy in AK

  26. Strash!!! I love it. Can't wait to see what you turn that lovely pile into.

  27. I'm so jealous. I have no friends to give me fabric:(

  28. Thanks for posting how you sort. I'm hopeless at it, but will use your photos to get a better handle on them. Safte trip, Bonnie

  29. I would love to see a post on how you handle this! I have strash that has just been sorted into boxes by color. I've been thinking about getting the go baby and going through each box to cut strips and assorted sized squares... but my fear is that, once cut, I will need a different size!


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