Monday, May 28, 2012

iPhone-o-gram! Quilting up a storm!

Or that might be unquilting up a storm.

We've had a dickens of a time getting the row spacing right--there has been much picking out and whining!

We are on a roll now. We hope to get this wedding quilt done today!


  1. love seeing the dear jane on your wall.

  2. Anonymous1:18 PM EDT

    Hey Bonnie --- Just read where the first Hexie pattern was published in 1835! Never realized they have been around that long. I have made one hexie quilt, a gift, of Grandma's Flower Garden. I swore off the pattern and hexies too lolol - but the English Paper Piecing is making me rethink the hexie idea.
    Happy Holiday

  3. PUSH THE RED BUTTON!!! PUSH THE RED BUTTON!! (The extent of my ability to be helpful in this situation...) :)

    Missing y'all! I know you're having fun in spite of the ripped stitches!

  4. Miss Bonnie I have a question. Why do you have the batting all smushed up between the rollers? I have a Lenni, and I just let the batting drape to the floor....unless I have the door open to the quilt room and the cats can wonder in.

    Just curious if there was a reason.


  5. Always fun to see inside folks studios/sewing rooms.Happy quilting!

  6. This looks like a t-shirt quilt.
    I am sure it will get done in time.
    You are the queen of quilting!

  7. Free kindle book about QUILTING!!!!


    Rosa... can't wait to read it!!!!

    1. Sue in Scottsdale, AZ10:22 PM EDT

      Rosa, this is a wonderful story. I believe it is one of the first that Bonnie had listed as a freebie. I wish the others in this series were free. I so didn't want this story to end!

  8. Thanks Rosa. I was just wondering what to read next.


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