Sunday, May 06, 2012

100 Blocks, Vol 5 Winners!

It’s that time! I’m going to get right down to it and draw the winners of the 100 blocks by 100 designers, volume 5 from the *drum roll* 902 commenters!


Holy Moly!! If that is any indication of how fabulous this issue is, you are not going to want to miss it! From what I understand it is available on news stands now ---so check for it!

Our first winner is Linda (Petey)!

She writes:

Bonnie, you have taken it TO THE TOP! Love, love, love your block and especially the full layout of Talkin'Turkey. Congratulations and thanks.

Congrats Linda!

The second winner is Cate Quilter!

she writes:

Oooh, red is my absolute favorite color!!!! I love love love this block/quilt, I would be honored to own a copy of this magazine, and thanks for the opportunity to win.

The above two ladies will have signed copies sent directly from me upon my return home from New York ----please email me your snail mail addresses so I can get these right out to you!

Our third winner will have a copy sent from the Quiltmaker Magazine offices!

Karrie S, you are the 3rd winner!

Karrie writes:

Thanks for the chance to win! I think it's so cool that you thought to sign it. You are the first that I've seen to do this (and yes, I went to EVERY site so far!) I've been following you on facebook, but I just posted your button on my blog. I figured out how to do that, and I'm putting up my favorites. I love the block, and the quilts are beautiful. Thanks again :) Karrie

Karrie, if you email me your mailing address I’ll get the info to the folks at Quiltmaker so they can get your copy out to you!

Thank you so much everyone, for participating and making this such a fun blog tour!

Tomorrow evening I’ll draw the winners of Pat Sloan’s “Focus on the Center”

And the big news for me is….I’ve got ONE MORE BLOCK to piece to have all of my Nearly Insane blocks done! I only wish I had brought the rest of the sashing fabric with me because I could put the rest of these rows together, but alas --- I didn’t think I’d get this far!

Oh well, there are paper pieced goose blocks to do, and there is always binding….ENDLESS MILES OF BINDING!

PS --- did you know that left-over moo shu pork is not half bad cold? I had left-overs in my little room fridge from last night’s dinner --- and no plates to heat it up in the microwave on. The containers have metal handles – can’t zap those….so I roughed it and ate it cold from the box. LOL! Too busy sewing to want to take time to go out!


  1. Anonymous8:21 PM EDT

    How did I miss a contest? LOL!! I really don't need any more quilt temptations with my stash of UFO's. Beautiful block, Bonnie, and congrats to the winners!!!

  2. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to be getting a signed copy from you, Bonnie. Almost makes up for not getting to see you in the quad cities this spring. Thank you so-o-o much to you and Quiltmaker...two of my favorites!

  3. I thought of you this weekend when I saw a Sunbonnet Sue quilt with cheddar sashings. I should have taken pictures of all the lovely quilts we saw. See ya in a few weeks.

  4. Congratulations to all the winners. Hugs

  5. Congratulations to the three winners. I know you will enjoy the magazine.

  6. Congratulations to the winner!

  7. Anonymous7:21 AM EDT

    I missed the contest, but I seldom miss your blogs! I truly enjoy them.

  8. Congrats winners! You know many of our local Chinese resteraunts are now omiting the metal handle from their boxes so they can be zapped! Ya miss the cute handle, but Oh, I love the convenience!!


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