Saturday, May 05, 2012

IPhone-o-Gram! Three Little Insanities :-)

Just an update from my little room in Danbury, CT!

The Somers show was wonderful today and there is one more day to go!

But for now I'm relaxing away my evening sewing on Nearly Insane blocks and watching chick flicks on my kindle fire via Netflix!!

Have you had a good Saturday today?? I hope you've found time to stitch, ponder, plan, and be inspired!!


  1. Oh, those little blocks are great, Bonnie. Such an appropriately named quilt and one day I may be nearly insane enough to start it. : )

  2. Heard that you got to talk to my friend Karen Waggoner from the Quilting Beehive Google group that I belong to. Did not know that you were a TOL member.

  3. This quilt pattern truly is 'nearly insane', but I do love it. How do you pick fabrics for it? I would be afraid of picking too many matchy-matchy. The ones I have seen look so random, yet pretty. Your blocks look fab!

  4. Those are surely some pretty little blocks. No time to sew for a few days; monitoring son's surgery in Northern Virginia; glad to be home, do some Yard Sales, and think about working on Smith Mountain Morning....last weekend seems a long time ago....

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  5. Anonymous8:39 PM EDT

    Such pretty blocks! I worked on my random Ohio Stars, and just realized that I have almost enough leaders and Enders to do Happily Scrappily Irish! Don't you just LOVE whe that happens!
    thanks Bonnie for the inspiration!

  6. My son survived a head-on collision this morning with only minor injuries. Young girl crossed over into his lane. I'm having a Excellent Day!!!

    1. barb you and your son are in my prayers!

  7. You have such a good eye for color, Bonnie. What pretty blocks!

  8. I was at the show in Somers today and really enjoyed your trunk show. It was great seeing you and all of the quilts in person.

  9. no time to stitch ..but surely ponder,plan and be very inspired by your talk and quilts today at the Somers show! looking forward to tomorrow..sleep well!

  10. i had the greatest plans to paint the porch... mother nature wanted me to sew (rain).. so i have completed a few little projects, now making a mini crazy quilt for a outside decoration.
    tomorrow will be the same..
    i love reading your blog, and read each post you make.
    i am thinking of going to the retreat at hawks nest state park in nov. the more i read about you, the more i want to go!

  11. Beautiful blocks Bonnie, the NI is one of my all-time favourite quilts. Can't wait till yours is finished!

  12. Ok, I'm new here. Is that "Nearly Insane" the quilt on the calendar (?) in the background under your blocks? Those blocks must only be 4-6" square. That's small.

    Yes, I sewed today. Is still cold here and the grass is just getting taller. I'm making myself a new purse of batiks as my old one of 2 1/2 yrs is falling apart and rather shabby--not shabby chic, just shabby. Time for something new.

    And MtnBarb, thank goodness everything sounds as if it turned out well for your son. Was anyone else hurt?

  13. Hey Bonnie..
    You are always saying you are watching chick flicks. How about a post on your favorite chick flicks and everyone chiming in as well. I'd love a good list of chick flicks. Kelli and I are always sewing and looking for something good to watch.

  14. Anonymous10:55 AM EDT

    Bonnie - I was so pleased to finally be able to meet you at the Somers quilt show yesterday and to get to help with the holding and folding of your quilts allowed me some upclose peeking. Unfortunately, your class was filled before I even knew about it. thanks for your inspiration and I am going to look at my time spent on the computer versus the time I could spend sewing as you suggested in your lecture.

    Keep up the sewing and lightbulb moments so that I can follow along.
    Pamela - pampapa@snet.net

  15. Anonymous10:56 PM EDT

    Love the little blocks. Do you have a theme of some pink in each one or is it just random?

    Kathy Kirby
    Hamilton, IL


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