Tuesday, May 08, 2012

iPhone-O-Gram! The long rainy drive home!

I stopped in New Paltz this morning and was given a wonderful tour and showing of some of the historic quilts in the archives!

I wish i had more time to spend but I wanted to get as close to being home as I can get tonight.

It's raining like crazy and the going is pretty slow---better safe and slow than sorry!!

Quilts to show later!!


  1. Thanks for sharing all those great buildings and history.

  2. Hope you have a safe drive back home... I'll be back tomorrow night. Chat Thursday?

  3. Tina in NJ4:23 PM EDT

    I grew up in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, (see name on sign) in Bergen County (it's next to Hackensack, which is more well-known). The town used to be Corona, but there was some post office confusion, so they changed it. It's also near Teteboro Airport, just outside NYC.

  4. Upstate New York is so beautifully quaint and rural; so different from the built-up areas. Thanks for the quick peek!

  5. Thank You for traveling as much as you do, I'm pretty much a home body, by choice, 6 dogs and a cat, and I don't travel much and get to live vicariously through your travels, hope you have a safe trip, Bj.

  6. Wow, what a wacky combo of French and German. Looking forward to seeing the quilts from that area!

  7. Nice mini tour. New Paltz is interesting. Can't wait for the quilts.


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