Monday, May 07, 2012

In Search of Helen! Book Switching!

Quilt Show shoppers are enthusiastic, zealous, excited and running on a large dose of quilt and fabric overload!

It was a very exciting feeding frenzy at the book signing table the past couple of days ---more than I expected.

We had help though….yesterday as I was signing, we also had one person making the change and handling the money, and one person facilitating and helping to direct traffic on which books needed signed to whom, and who has paid, who needs change, how much to give --- it was really pretty much as “organized chaos” as we could get it – but still --- CHAOS!

Last evening I got this email:

Dear Bonnie,

I was at the your lecture at the Northern Star Quilt Guild Show on Sunday, May 6. I bought three of your books and you inscribed all three. Imagine my surprise when on the bus trip back to the parking lot, I discovered two of the three books were inscribed to "Helen" and only one inscribed to me "Wendy".

I can only surmise that Helen picked up two of my books and her two were picked up by me. I don't know if you can publicize this at your website in any way, but I would be glad to exchange books with Helen (provided of course that she has the two books inscribed to me).

If anyone contacts you about receiving two books inscribed to "Wendy" please let me know. Thank you.

So dear HELEN --- if you purchased books from me yesterday --- please check the INSIDE of your books. If they are inscribed to WENDY --- please get in touch with me by EMAIL so that we can arrange a switch back between Wendy and you!

I’m sure you’d rather have the books that I signed to you in your possession, and Wendy would love to have hers BACK!!

Honestly, this has never happened before, but knowing what kind of a stampede it was --- I can see it happening, that one of us either handed the wrong books to the wrong person, or someone picked them up mistakenly from the wrong pile….and I hope we can fix it!


  1. Anonymous1:26 PM EDT

    My surprise is that it hasn't happened sooner. Hope everyone gets their correct books back, AND hope a third party wasn't involved or they will be playing "musical books".

  2. If you have little slips of paper handy, have people write their name and whatever they would like you to write, and then insert the paper in each of their books to be signed. They can stack them up for you to sign, and keep the slips in the books so they can check and pick up the right books.

    1. Plus you can spell their name right.


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