Saturday, May 19, 2012

Antiquing at Gary’s Picks!

Next door to Prairie Stitches in Oswego, IL is a darling antique shop called “Gary’s Picks.”

Don’t you just feel like quilts and antiques just GO together? I wish all antique stores had quilt shops next door to them, or the quilt shops would have antique malls next to them – how much happier would this girl be?

After we had our little shopping spree at Prairie Stitches ---we wandered next door to see what interesting things we would find.

We weren’t disappointed!

IL_OH_May2012 221

Old bicycles and model planes up by the antique tin ceiling? A feast for the eyes! Where do we start first? I’m usually pretty methodical when discovering a place like this…it’s either cover every inch going clockwise or counter clock wise…depending on where the first quilty item sighting is found!

IL_OH_May2012 222

How about a cutter quilt piece of a string star behind glass, with some bits of vintage thread crochet tucked in? I loved this – if my suitcase weren’t already at weight limits, and if this wasn’t fragile, it might have come home with me!

IL_OH_May2012 223

I spied some burgundy and white folded up in a basket, and we unfolded it to reveal this “Baby Bunting” quilt ---isn’t this a striking pattern? I think those are Sandy’s feet below the quilt, and Jan is in the pink holding the edge up ---

IL_OH_May2012 224

Here’s a close up of the blocks…the quarter circle at the base of the arrays is machine topstitched --- evidently this piecer did not enjoy curved piecing either! She machine appliqued them down! My guess is that this quilt dates to around 1910.

IL_OH_May2012 225

Not far from the 1910 quilt was a 1960’’s elongated hexie! Look at those prints! These are the prints of my early childhood ---I can’t believe we actually wore any of this stuff…LOL Do YOU recognize any of these fabrics?!

We wandered the aisles, picking up things, examining them, talking about them, “remembering when” and firmly deciding that if those items happened DURING our life times, they could not POSSIBLY be described as ANTIQUE ---right?!

IL_OH_May2012 229

There was a very cute, albeit fairly shredded and fragile “Not quite an ocean waves” scrappy top….that had me fascinated just by the pattern play.

IL_OH_May2012 228

It had fun fabrics from about 1920 on forward through the 30s..maybe into the 40s…but it had been washed and was all a thread mess on the back side and the edges were really ragged -- -fun though, don’t you agree?

IL_OH_May2012 230

a 1970s hexagon quilt was peeking out of a drawer…some of the fabrics look as new as the modern fabrics today --- and that FLORAL!? It reminds me of Goldie Hawn’s dress on Laugh In back in the day! ((Sock it to me!))

IL_OH_May2012 231

Some giant scrappy vintage maple leaf blocks in wild fabrics ---

IL_OH_May2012 232

And a more traditional Grandmother’s Flower Gardn in lovely 30s prints with nile green pathways --

IL_OH_May2012 234

There’s Jan doing “Killroy” behind a 1960s funky log cabin quilt….this had really great fabrics in it!

IL_OH_May2012 235

And sigh – this pretty baby, a singer 66 needed to stay behind – as much as I tried to convince the girls that someone needed to adopt her --- she was in beautiful shape, but a bit pricey ---someone will adopt her and give her a new life.

If you are planning a visit to Prairie Stitches, be sure to leave some time to explore Gary’s Picks right next door. It was a real treat!


  1. Sp how do I tell if my new to me Singer is a 66 or 99? Mine was made in Great Britain in 1922 I found out on the Singer site. Great friends who held up quilts for you. Keep showing off the great finds.

  2. I love your show and tells from your travels. I'm right there with you if I used it in my lifetime, it can't be an antique.

  3. I agree, if I used it in my lifetime, it's not an antique! I have some orange gingham checked fabric like what was in the hexie quilt. I don't think it's totally cotton but polycotton.... You want some?
    I totally love antique shops - I love to reminisce of good time past and I'm only 59 and holding....lol

  4. love that log cabin! and that Singer... one of these days I'll find one here that I can take home!

  5. A singer 99 is a 3/4 machine the 66 full sized

  6. Anonymous10:43 PM EDT

    That Singer looks to be a model 99. Cute little sewing machine. Diane in TN

  7. I have a quilt shop that is in a tiny, tiny town out in the middle of nowhere, but on the way to the Snake River in Oregon. The quilt shop has an espresso shop and an antique shop in to. It's perfect! My husband doesn't get bored waiting for me to buy fabric and look around the quilt shop. Usually I have to go looking for him when I'm done. He's usually drinking an espresso and even buying some antique guy tool. Whoever thought that shop up was smart. Keep the husband busy and the wife will spend more money.


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