Tuesday, June 26, 2012

String Fling is HERE!! ((Give-Away!))

***NOTICE!!*** This drawing has ENDED. The Winners have been notified!


I pulled into the driveway after lunch --- and guess who followed me?! Well, that is – followed me to the TOP of the driveway, because getting down the drive way is one thing, but if you are a big truck and you have to back out --- just take it from me, it’s best to park at the TOP of the drive and wheel stuff down.

At first --- I was holding my breath to see if Mr Brown went to my neighbors --- but no…he said “Ma’am, are you Mizz Hunter? We’ve got 21 cases of something for you.”

YES! That’s ME!! I was trying not to squeal and dance and hug him ----I explained that these are my new books and I’ve got over 500 people anxiously awaiting them ---he said. “Looks like you will be BUSY then! Where do you want them”

I told him….on the front porch ---

And I watched him as he opened the back….

This is a LOT of boxes!

I wondered how many trips it would take to get 21 boxes to my front porch ----

He has TWELVE cases on this hand truck! They weigh about 35 lbs per box…that’s a LOT of weight on that hand truck.

This is the top of my driveway. Chloe is watching the action! It doesn’t look that steep in the picture, but believe me…he was pulling BACK against that hand truck as he was going down hill!

All the boxes are stacked right next to my dining room….

YAY!!!! The cover looks so great, and wait until you see the inside!

I dropped everything. I mean EVERYTHING --- it was 2pm, and my local post office closes at 4:30pm. How many orders can one girl fill in 2 hours?

About THIS many!

And about THIS many going international!

Close to 60 orders went out today. I’m packed and ready to go to Vermont, so will be spending this evening filling orders until bed time. I have to leave for the airport at 4:15am, so bedtime will come early. DH will get tonight’s orders to the post office tomorrow. I will get home from Vermont on Monday evening. I’ll have Tuesday to get whatever else done that I can. I leave for Idaho on Wednesday, the 4th of July. DH will mail that batch after the 4th of July.

I was seriously thinking of having books shipped up to Oregon and filling them on my retreat week – but you know what? I’m just not. I have to use that time to work on the Mystery quilt, or it won’t be ready for November. So please be patient with me. More book orders will be filled upon my return from Oregon. I get home Monday, July 16th. I wasn’t expecting the books to be here until then anyway --- so anything that is going out before then is going early.

I’m sending them in the order that they were received. And I’ll get them done as fast as I can get them done.

And because I am SO SO SO SO SO SO Excited ---guess what! We are doing a STRING FLING GIVE-AWAY!

Leave a comment here, and I’ll draw for two winners on Sunday Night. That way I can mail them when I get home from Vermont.

Spread the word, share the blog with your email lists, your twitter, facebook, yahoogroups, newsgroups and boards and anywhere that quilters gather…..

Let the fun begin!

PS -- it took forever to upload this post because windows live writer is giving me the dreaded 403 error. Whaaaa...dunno what's up with that, but man, I miss it when I have to use the regular blogger interface!

iPhone-o-gram! Things that grow!

I've been out to lunch with Karen and Lisa at our favorite Indian restaurant, Nawab.

When Lisa texted me last night asking if I was up for it, the response was a resounding YES! I love that place. And the three of us brainstorming over plates of curry just can't be beat.

On my way home I took notice of just how tall the tobacco has grown while I have been gone this past few weeks.

It is so noticeable when you don't see it every day!

Packing is almost done for Vermont. It will be early to bed for me tonight---need to be at the airport around 4:45 am. Yuck!

Enablers, All of You!

Or – Friends who help feed my addiction!

When I left for Ohio I had TWO machines in the car.

I brought my featherweight for hotel room sewing.

Barbie also came with me, because Paul is helping me adjust the wooden extension table I have to fit her better ---and I brought the smaller 3/4 size table so he could use it as a template to make one for his Singer Spartan…

But OH what a slippery slope when people know you love vintage machines!

Carolyn came to class sporting a very recognizable case with NECCHI on it ---

necchi 033

Y’all! She is PINK!!! I had to adopt her!

necchi 037

She’s a bit different than Sophia --- she’s a Supernova Ultra Mark 2

Which means she threads a bit different, so I’ve been monkeying with her this morning for just a bit ---- even though I have a ton of other things I need to do today, I just couldn’t resist.

If you add this one to the Spartan that was so super cheap at the antique mall in Waynesville OH ----that means I left home with two machines, and came home with ---FOUR. This HAS to stop – is there an intervention for this type of behavior?!

And if that weren’t bad enough--- there are other types of enablers out there:

necchi 034

Ruth sent me a message saying that she had not one, but TWO of the coveted Necchi attachment boxes complete with cams and feet – and would I be interested?!

Oh YEAH!! I really want to play with these and see what they can do.

necchi 035

Knowing these machines were state of the art when they were made in the late 1950s makes me giddy ---but how do you USE all this stuff?!

necchi 036

The original “READ ME” files are included!

Oh, Pink Necchi – you are going to have to wait until I have TIME to play with you! My flight to Vermont leaves at 5:55am tomorrow morning----I’m in a packing frenzy. But it’s nice knowing my enablers have got my back ---and that you will be waiting for me when I get home!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Evening Edition: Free Kindle Book!

91 degrees outside is just TOO HOT.

And I step into the air conditioned comfort of my home, grab something cold over ice from the automatic icemaker in my fridge, and sit down in front of my computer screen.

And then I find a book about the lives of Civil War nurses – and imagine them in the heat, the dust, the chaos of war ---and I kick myself for being such a wimp!

I love stories like this ---they give such good perspective!

Wedded to War by Jocelyn Green is free in the Amazon Kindle Store today.

Genre: Historical Fiction

Book Description:

It’s April 1861, and the Union Army’s Medical Department is a disaster, completely unprepared for the magnitude of war. A small group of New York City women, including 28-year-old Charlotte Waverly, decide to do something about it, and end up changing the course of the war, despite criticism, ridicule and social ostracism.

Charlotte leaves a life of privilege, wealth-and confining expectations-to be one of the first female nurses for the Union Army. She quickly discovers that she’s fighting more than just the Rebellion by working in the hospitals. Corruption, harassment, and opposition from Northern doctors threaten to push her out of her new role.

At the same time, her sweetheart disapproves of her shocking strength and independence, forcing her to make an impossible decision: Will she choose love and marriage, or duty to a cause that seems to be losing?

An Irish immigrant named Ruby O’Flannery, who turns to the unthinkable in the face of starvation, holds the secret that will unlock the door to Charlotte’s future. But will the rich and poor confide in each other in time?

Wedded to War is a work of fiction, but the story is inspired by the true life of Civil War nurse Georgeanna Woolsey. Woolsey’s letters and journals, written over 150 years ago, offer a thorough look of what pioneering nurses endured.

Jocelyn Green’s debut novel is endorsed by historians and professors for its historical accuracy and detail, by award-winning novelists for its spell-binding storytelling, and by entertainment journalists and book club leaders for its deep and complex content, perfect to share and discuss with others.

Tonight will find me completing pattern directions for a couple of the workshops I’m giving in Williamsburg the first week of August ---I know it sounds like a long time away, but I really don’t have that many days home to put the finishing touches on those. I spent some time today kitting up stuff that I am taking to Oregon with me, there is not a lot of time to get all of that ready either ---

And I guess --- what doesn’t get done, doesn’t get done, and it won’t be the end of the world…there are ALWAYS hexies, aren’t there?

Have a great evening, Everyone!

iPhone-o-Gram! Just about that time!

When temps reach this level, there is one beeline I have to make when out running errands--

Hello, Summer!

Hello, Route 44 diet cherry limeade!

And then on to pick up my Janome 6500p from its tune-up.

Next stop?? Pedi time!!

More Antique Goodness!

There were a few quilts that didn’t get edited down or uploaded before we left for the mountains – and I nearly forgot about them until I went to search for another folder – and boom! There they were!

Considering that these photos were only taken a week ago --- why does it feel like it was MONTHS ago?

I didn’t want to say I was saving the best for last, just that these were in a class by themselves!

It all started with me digging through this stack ---

ou never know what can be unearthed, and sometimes that means setting DOWN your purse, and getting onto hands and knees to see what is on the very bottom at the very back!

The first one I unfolded is at the very top of the stack, and I could see a lot of quilted muslin, with some bright red and some navy -- but I had no clue that when I opened it up, I would be seeing THIS up close and personal:

OH_PA_June2012 621

The quilting on this early pinwheel variation is extraordinary…..double rows of cross hatching, with tiny tiny stitches.

The turkey red is as bright as the day it was printed!

OH_PA_June2012 622

Can you see the interesting print on that red? And I love how the triangle corners of the pinwheel block frame the corners of the solid alternate block.

OH_PA_June2012 623

This was just a wonderful quilt ---do you see the diagonal lines quilting the center of the pieced blocks? It’s not double cross hatched like the alternate blocks are ---- the diagonals go only in one direction.

I’m guessing this one to be about 1850 to 1870 ----the setting triangles are actually a madder print --- that might be easier to date than the others.

This next one is the one that took my breath away! But it would have also taken my bank account away, so I was happy to leave with just photos! I posted this one on Facebook getting dating help from Siobhan at Scraps & Threadtales as well as Pepper Cory and Mary Koval ---fun to hear their thoughts!

OH_PA_June2012 624

There wasn’t room to lay this completely out --- but I love the snowballs in 9 patch format, positive negative!

The quilting was over-the-top gorgeous. The binding is very narrow and applied – every stitch in this quilt done by hand from piecing to quilting to binding.

OH_PA_June2012 625

One block close up ----you can see by my hand the small scale. Each snowball is approximately 2.5” in size, with the whole block measuring about 7.5”.


Someone DID take a long time to quilt this baby…can you imagine the hours spent at the frame? The wreath spines are double stitched…there is not an open space in this quilting at all!

OH_PA_June2012 626

More of the quilting. Oh, I wish I had time to quilt like this!

OH_PA_June2012 627

Close up of the leaf vine quilted into the border….this is filled in by narrow parallel lines on the straight, where the blocks themselves are quilted on the diagonal and continue to fill in the background of the wreaths on that diagonal as well…

The binding IS the same fabric as the blue in the blocks….can you see the pink paisleys?

If the date is 1850 – this indeed tells me a few interesting things --- this lady had ENOUGH money to splurge and buy enough blue fabric and background fabric specifically for this quilt. Even the binding matches the quilt ---She also had lots of leisure time for putting in all this quilting detail, so her family may have been more well-to-do than the average quilter out there. Her points on the snowballs are precise, and she loved her piecework tiny!

I also know this is a quilt that I would never find myself making, but I love it to death. Just like the red and white quilts – you’d have to shoot me before I could make a quilt like this with two fabrics. I’m just a scrappy girl and I need more to keep myself going on a project before I hang myself from the nearest tree!

Don’t you wish you could watch this woman piece? Or see how she marked her quilt? Or sit and talk to her while you take in some stitches too? What could we learn from her --- what would SHE be excited to know about the future of quiltmaking if you could tell her --- about rotary cutters? About computerized sewing machines? About the choices of fabric we have to work with.

About the fact that we don’t wear stays, bustles, hoops, or girdles ---or gloves or hats!

How different is our life really? And what could we learn from each other?

I’ve ran errands once today ----and I’ll be out running errands again this afternoon. I’ve got today and tomorrow to get everything ready not only for Vermont, but for my trip to Idaho and Oregon as well ----I hope your Monday is turning out just like you planned!

A Surprise Box from Ardis!

Good things DO come in BIG boxes!

When we pulled in the drive and started unloading the car yesterday, I came across a box in my entrance way that HAD to be moved to let us pass.

At first I thought it must be more golf or tennis stuff for the DH --- but no ….this box was addressed to ME!

I set it aside while we continued to unload the car, put the left over groceries that needed to go into the fridge away, and unpack the remains of our trip ----but the box was calling! I couldn’t wait to get everything to a point where I could dig into it and see just what was inside.

When I opened the lid --- the first thing I found was a hand written letter from Ardis H in Texas.

She writes:

Hi Bonnie,

I’m in the cleaning mode! I too love scrap quilts and just need to share these scraps with someone --- you know sometimes you just get tired of the same ones over and over. So hopefully you can use some or pass them along to other scrappers.

LinvilleNC2012 201

The star quilt was made by my Aunt and she was born in 1910 in Bashor, Kansas. I just couldn’t leave this in the closet anymore!

LinvilleNC2012 202

Look at these yummy 1930s prints and colors!

LinvilleNC2012 203

Wonderful dress prints and solids --- all on a shirting ground!

LinvilleNC2012 204

Blues – with a bubble gum pink center. I love how the red star tips tie everything together star to star to star.

LinvilleNC2012 206

Purples around a green center!

LinvilleNC2012 207

Each one is different than the next, and I just love them all!

The letter continues:

The bow-tie quilt was a top in my other Aunt’s things. It was the only one not quilted and I don’t know any history on it. She was born in 1909 in Kansas, also in Bashor.

LinvilleNC2012 208

I know you will enjoy them. My boys will have several of their aunt’s quilts to enjoy too plus all I have made and my mother also.

Thank you for all the adventures and quilts and of course patterns that you share on your blog.

Keep it coming!


Ardis H, TX

I am of course without words as I handle these precious pieces of patchwork for the first time – getting to know their fabrics and their colors, the stitches of their makers. The bow-tie has some FABULOUS 1930s & 1940s prints in it:

LinvilleNC2012 210

Dresses, aprons, blouses and skirts ----plain and simple muslin used as background.

LinvilleNC2012 209

How about that scalloped wedge border? Maybe this is why it stayed a top so long? :cD

LinvilleNC2012 211

That blue --- is SO perfect, it just catches the eye!

I’m thinking Ardis’s aunt loved her stripes…..how many of these blocks are stripes? LOTS of stripes! Fun how you can get to know a person’s likes just by looking at what came out of their scrap bag!

What does your scrap bag tell others about you?

LinvilleNC2012 212

And THIS is what came out of Ardis’s scraps for me to play with! I’ve already dug in and pulled a bunch of the purples that were buried down deep into this mix. I’ve got a plan for them --- yes I do!

And she is right – it IS always more fun to play with someone else’s scraps than to keep sewing with your same old scraps over and over and over again --- this is going to add new life to mine!

Thank you for thinking of me, Ardis! I really am blown over by your incredible gift ---

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Quilt Block Sightings!

Don’t you just feel like the world is waving a big hello to you when you see something like this?

We saw many many quilt blocks on barns, out buildings, businesses and cabins as we drove through the mountain areas.

Some we were able to stop for. ((hear me yelling "I NEED A PICTURE OF THAT!!))

Some we were not able to stop for--- we were on busy winding highways and I had to let some gorgeous ones go un-photographed ---but they are getting MORE and MORE popular and I enjoy seeing them when I am lucky enough to cross paths with them.

It’s like --- the world is my design wall! LOL!!

LinvilleNC2012 116

Little ramshackle shed with a block between its windows --Be sure to look closely and notice the really great weather vane on top!

LinvilleNC2012 119

This barn is sporting a double wedding ring motif.

LinvilleNC2012 186

Vegetation has half obscured this shed – but it still made me yell “STOP!” and I jumped out to grab a picture!

LinvilleNC2012 112

This is, by FAR my favorite photo…because in this view I saw not only ONE barn --- there were two on the property!

LinvilleNC2012 115

Can you see the second one in the back? There was no way to get closer to it. I tried to do a zoom shot :

LinvilleNC2012 113

And all I got was grainy! But you can see it -----

LinvilleNC2012 117

The sun was streaming down on this whimsical applique style motif.

LinvilleNC2012 187

On our drive through Banner Elk, NC last evening – there were SEVERAL on businesses around town!

LinvilleNC2012 191

Quilting and Massage –both things that have had a place in my life. I’d feel right at home here!

LinvilleNC2012 192

HEXIES!!! Nuff said!

LinvilleNC2012 188

This is the fence around the recycle center! Not just ONE tree, but FOUR!

LinvilleNC2012 190

If we were there at night, we’d see the twinkle lights shine around the blocks….I love this blue and white one.

Is there another tree quilt in my future? Just maybe!

LinvilleNC2012 189

This scrappy one is adorable too….already my mind is dissecting the pattern --- is yours?

In searching for more info, I came across a pdf article from Carolina Country Magazine in 2009. There are some more great photos of Carolina Quilt Barns HERE!

So yeah. We are home! I couldn’t believe how FAST that drive home was --- of course I slept through half of it so that helps. This traveling for a relaxing weekend can sure wear a body out. ZZZzzzzzz.

Laundry awaits. The car is unloaded, but stuff needs to be put away ----and starting tomorrow morning I’m ramping up for the Vermont Quilt Festival!