Tuesday, June 19, 2012

iPhone-o-Gram! Driving the long haul!

I left North East early this am and drove straight through to Verona VA--

I snapped some pics going through Pittsburgh---

I wanted to pull over the chocolate semi truck!

I need a bit of a leg stretch. Think this place will do it?

Star Struck Times Two!

I’ve got a very full slide show to share today --- I put the photos from both classes together ---- and they are all such great blocks.

We met at the North East, PA Senior Center, and as convenience would have it – it was right across the street from my B&B!

The first group had breakfast provided --- and the second group was served a lunch --- and I of course, indulged in BOTH.

I seriously need to back away from the food…..but oh man, have I been spoiled rotten this trip!

Two classes, 24 Quilters each --- that’s 48 quilts being dug into in the span of one day – talk about scraps flying!

This morning my journey home begins, so I’m going to keep this short, post the pics, and get on my way ----

You’ll probably hear from me along my route --- I wonder what adventures are around the corner! I’m thinking of cutting down the center of Virginia, down 29 ----I may make it as far a Charlottesville before stopping for the night – at least that is my goal.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed making the blocks in class!

Have a great Tuesday, everyone --- this girl is headed HOME!

Monday, June 18, 2012

iPhone-o-gram! Evening Stroll through North East

Farewells and goodbyes and travel-safes have all been said. This quaint little town will soon fade into the distance via the small rectangle of my rear view mirror.

Friends have been made, relationships strengthened, and I know I will be seeing these ladies again in the future.

I'm not ready to pack it all back into Shamu just yet, so I'm out for a stroll through the town, following that ever beckoning ribbon of sidewalk.

The gates of Mercyhurst College North East call to me, bidding me to enter through, to follow the original brickwork paths beyond the admissions office, various hallowed halls and to St Mary's Chapel.

The gothic structures stand tall and regal, surrounded by stately trees, manicured lawns and the flowering of summer.

I'm the only one here---finding the comfort of an inviting wooden gazebo to sit, to finger-peck this post via my phone, and to share a bit of the evening glow.

I am so very blessed. I am keenly aware of how much so at this moment, watching the sun set and catching its last evening rays. So very very blessed, and feeling humbled and unworthy for all of this life and how it has unfolded.

And these are thoughts of gratitude for everyone who was so willing to open up their lives and their homes and their time schedules to make this incredible trip such a joy to experience.

Thank you.

I can't think of what else to say more than that. So I will hit send--and follow that sidewalk back through town----and start packing for home.