Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Visit to Young’s Jersey Dairy!

My name is Bonnie Hunter and I am an ice-cream-addict. There is no other way to state it ---between cakes, cookies, other treats, or ice cream, ice cream wins out EVERY. TIME!

I’d heard of Young’s Jersey Dairy before – the last time I was here in Ohio I know it was mentioned ---but I had no idea how to get there or where it was actually. Until some fortuitous friends suggested that we take a bitty road trip last evening for dinner and dessert in Yellow Springs!

I jumped at the opportunity ---and Shamu and I followed Nell and her mom ((I’m drawing a blank as to whether her name is Lorraine or Loretta –it’s early this morning as I’m writing this. I apologize, but I’ll get it RIGHT by the end of today!)) out to their B&B in Xenia where we could drop off my car and ride together.

OH!! This B&B!! You should see it! I didn’t take many pictures ---we were hungry and raring to go, but I did just google the website so you could check it out…the ceilings are something like 18 feet tall. The wood work inside is all hand carved. There are 11 fireplaces. Check out Victoria B&B HERE.

I did have to stop and take pics of the front entry – just because. I bet you can guess why!

OH_PA_june2012 117

This is the original tile in the front entry! WOW!!

OH_PA_june2012 118

Center motif. DO you see a medallion quilt working in my brain?!

OH_PA_june2012 119

Corner treatment.

This place was so cool --- it was built by the banker in town – for his spinster daughter. JUST SO NEAT.

And it made me excited for my visit to North East, PA where I’ll be spending a few nights in a B&B of my own…..my appetites for antique surroundings are in high gear!

But so is my appetite for ice cream and that was the main objective of heading over to Yellow Springs.

OH_PA_june2012 125

And this was just for DESSERT! We had stopped already at a local italian pizza/pasta joint for dinner telling ourselves that one shal not just make ice cream a main meal. I’m thinking we should have anyway --- just one scoop was enough to put me in to full mode!

OH_PA_june2012 126

The dairy has a small herd of 30 Jersey cows that give all the milk and cream for its needs. Which flavor is calling to you?!

OH_PA_june2012 127

It didn’t take me long to make my selection --- Hands down, it HAS to be Smores!

OH_PA_june2012 128

Crunched up graham crackers blended right in with chocolate chunks, marshmallow cream and vanilla ice cream. This is ONE SCOOP! Oh boy!

OH_PA_june2012 129

Outside families with children, young and old, had gathered to enjoy their treats and the lazy evening sunshine that came at the end of a somewhat rainy day. It was the perfect evening for strolling…and petting some of the cutest goats ever!

OH_PA_june2012 134

Sorry girl, I’m not sharing my ice cream with you!

OH_PA_june2012 135

They were just so fun to watch – especially the babies!

OH_PA_june2012 130

Just enjoying the warmth of a lovely June evening ----the perfect end to a very god day!

OH_PA_june2012 139

Nell and I being completely silly and making some great memories!

If you ever find yourself near Yellow Springs, OH --- take the time to stop. It was just a fun place to wander --- you can actually watch them milk the cows between 5pm and 6pm so the sign said ---and definitely go for the ice cream – it’s all made right here ---at Young’s Jersey Dairy.

Today is my LONG DAY --- after My Blue Heaven workshop is over – I’ve got a dinner out with the guild board, and then a lecture & trunk show tonight --- I’ll be pooped by the time I get back to my room so this may be the last you hear from me today ---

Enjoy your Tuesday evening, everyone!

iPhone-o-gram! Lost My Head!

I'm teaching a workshop without the right quilt!

Guess where My Blue Heaven is???

At home! Not with me. Just shoot me now!!

Only some of the ladies said they'd shoot me after tomorrows workshop because they are signed up for that one too.

I don't know how it happened, but I think I just grabbed the wrong quilt that was folded backing side out.

So I've brought out Orca Bay and Smith Mountain Morning because they use the same rulers and techniques and everyone is being a really good sport with my faux pas!

And so the adventure continues!!

Jared Takes a Wife in Fairborn!

I can tell I’ve taken 2.5 weeks off --- my shutter finger was in high gear taking photos of everything everyone was working on, so this is a high photo intensity post! I apologize to those on dial up or other slow connections, I just couldn’t help myself---

I logged onto my computer last evening to find that our class photographer, Ed C had mailed me a picture --- I HAD to take a ride with Debbie’s flame enhanced featherweight --- what a hot rod it is, and it hums like a kitten. It was really cute how she completely set up with all the comforts of home….her DH’s framed picture with his hot rod matching pickup truck right there on the table next to her machine ((awww!)) and her matching thread catcher bag with the same flame fabric --- we sure know how to quilt in style, don’t we?

I’d love to give THREE awards for daring use of fabric in our class yesterday;

OH_PA_june2012 066 OH_PA_june2012 067 y2k3

THREE students accepted and excelled at the “use the millenium fabric” challenge! YAY! Get that fabric OUT of the stash, cut it up ((cut it small if need be)) and USE IT UP! The tone-on-tone ones might not even look "Millenium" until you get up close...but they are!

OH_PA_june2012 083

Do you see this floor? Being an “H” girl – I’m loving this. Yes, there is still an H quilt in my future --- I’ve got it sketched out on my brain, but this was fun to see. Our room is large, and well lit, and we had plenty of room to spread out --- and these ladies ((And one gentleman)) got busy right off the bat!

I hope you enjoy the slide show of what we got up to ---

And Jo – Nell wants you to see that she is using all those blue plaids and stripes she bought off of you on Yard Sale Saturday!

Today is a My Blue Heaven workshop --- I’m gearing up for 28 quilters, and a whole lot of fabric going through the machines. BRING. IT! I’m ready!

Have a great Tuesday, Everyone!