Friday, October 03, 2014

Rainy Cabin Days!

Things quickly turned rainy and dreary up on the mountain this morning ---

It was fairly warm (And very humid) when Sadie and I went for our hike, but within the next hour or so things had clouded over and gentle rain began to fall.

Not a furious and fierce storm ---there was no thunder or lightning.  Just close hanging clouds and drenching showers that made treadling outside on the porch impossible.

SO glad I did that yesterday ---

Today I was forced to move myself about 8 feet back from the porch rail where I love to sit, and treadled with the windows open listening to the peaceful music of the rain as it watered the earth down below.

Cozy and warm inside!!


Pieces coming together!

I left the blocks for this quilt top laid out on the floor the last time I left.  I was not going to move them.  So when I arrived yesterday, there they were, patiently waiting to be assembled.

How hard can it be to put them together?


Harder then you think when Sadie is holding them down to the floor!


Oh look, she moved to the couch!

This is my Carolina Chain top, all put together except for borders.  I’m not sure what I want to do, so that is going to wait for another time.

One thing I’m glad I have stashed up under the Tips & Techniques tab:  Cutting chart for setting triangles!  How easy it was to go to the ON POINT SETTINGS article to be told just what size the side triangles and corner triangles needed to be cut.  Have you checked it out?  Most popular block sizes are listed, plus the formula for figuring out any size that you want.  A great reference tool!


More Blue Ridge Mountain Rain!

This evening we ran to town ---New doors for the cabin are very much needed.  The doors we have here are warped and gaping in corners and cold weather is coming.  For Christmas this year ((And hopefully by Thanksgiving)) the awful metal doors at the cabin will be replaced with insulated fiberglass ones which will be more energy efficient, not to mention better looking.  The current doors are metal, and over the years have become dented and dinged, not to mention having been painted over numerous times.

We are working with Lowes, and they will come out and take measurements and we will get all arranged.  there are 3 sets of doors to replace…the kitchen door, the main upper level double doors and the basement double doors which are directly one floor below the main floor doors.  They mirror each other so both floors need the same doors.

It’s always something, isn’t it?


I decorated!

This is the extent of my fall decorating.  HA!  I bought these twiggy lighted pumpkins last Thanksgiving on clearance at Sam’s Club and I really like them.  All I need to do is burn a spice scented candle and I’m already in the mood.

I’m hitting send and settling in for some hand stitching tonight!  Have a great Friday evening, everyone!

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  1. Anonymous9:13 PM EDT

    Oh Bonnie, your Carolina Chain is just beautiful ! On my monitor It looks like some scrappy medium to dark blue borders would look great. But it is your quilt, which I have just fallen in love with and am digging out my issue with the pattern. Janice in W. PA

  2. Love the pumpkins,the rain and the peacefulness of your mountain.Enjoy..
    May in Michigan

  3. Hi Bonnie -- Lucky you to get to spend time in that lovely place. Sadie is so cute and what a great little buddy you have in her -- and you get to quilt besides!!! I'm envious. Thanks for your blog. Love it!!
    Susan in Sacramento Calif

  4. You got more done than I did. My "Betsy" (Viking 18-8)doesn't want to play nice today. I'll have to play with something else. I have a binding waiting to be done too. Love the Carolina Chain.

  5. I'm still treadling on my Carolina Chain, but down here in sunny FL, poolside. I really like the orientation of your blocks- gives me something to seriously consider!

  6. the lighted pumpkins are lovely!

  7. The quilt looks fabulous! And so do the pumpkins!

  8. Been missing your posts on fb, so it was so nice to hear that you are enjoying your cabin still...treadling sounds so nice, maybe someday I will get to.

  9. Sadie Jane is making sure the block don't fly! It is her job, and she takes it seriously too :)

    Carolina Chain is a treasure. Once more, thanks for all you share with us and teach us.

    Enjoy the Fall quilty weather.
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  10. loved this post Bonnie. Conjures up fabulous images of the cabin from the hike to the twiggy pumpkins... not to mention treadling !! I must get mine up and running again! x

  11. I love the Carolina Chain! What a great quilt, thank you for yet another for my bucket list! Sadie is a peach.

  12. Love your quilt top. Glad you went with the on point setting...my fav! Will be waiting to see what you decide to do for borders! Enjoy your weekend in your piece of heaven!!

  13. I love reading your posts every day - helps to inspire and get me motivated to do something :)

  14. The Carolina Chain quilt is beautiful. I'm sort of a non-border quilter, so I think this quilt top looks nicely finished already with the striking blue triangles. But I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

  15. Your Carolina Chain is amazing!!!! Love the dark blue set-in triangles. Really complements (and therefore compliments!) the beautiful squares!!! LOVE!!!!

  16. Aw, Sadie is so sweet. Love seeing and reading about her. Missing my Lucy, so Sadie fills the gap.

  17. I love your gorgeous dog. <3 Quilt's nice too.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Hi Bonnie, Thank you for that chart for the triangle measurements that was so helpful for the quilt I just completed and now to wash it and hope all stays together. Your Carolina Chain is so beautiful and looks like Sadie liked it to for the comfort and the fact that you worked on it.


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