Sunday, October 05, 2014

Coming up for Air at Quilt Villa!

But mama, all you’ve done is sit at this sewing machine for days and days!

You are right Sadie Jane ---I have!

And not only are my legs feeling it from treadling, but my arms feeling it from quilt-wrangling!

My back is feeling it from sitting and pedaling the machine for days on end too..it’s not the comfiest chair either.

We need to do something ELSE today, but do you have any suggestions?

Why yes!

It’s a beautiful afternoon, go get on that 4-wheeler and go explore the mountain!

So we did!


The view in front of my handle bars!

We had a couple of errands to run – our trash has to be hauled to the dumpster as there is no weekly personal trash collection at everyone’s place up here.  You take your refuse to the big dumpster down the road and up the next a bit.  Not a problem!  A good reason to get out!

Today temps were chilly enough that I needed a sweatshirt, a light jacket on top of that, and gloves.

I love how the wind bites my cheeks!

I had a tea cup I purchased in London for my friend Jewel, and we have missed each other the last couple times I have been up here.  Either she was here and I wasn’t, or I was here and she wasn’t – and she STILL isn’t!  They are gone for the weekend so a plan was arranged to leave it in their carport…and we went by 4-wheeler.

After the drop off..we went exploring!


Holy Rock Outcropping!

Belive me, this is bigger in person than it looks in a photo….


Can you find me??


How about now??


This rock formation is MASSIVE!

And I stood there, looking at each ridge and striation –contemplating the millions of years it took for this rock to come to be here.  My life is but a speck in the timeline of this rock, this land, this place.  Even the trees have likely lived longer than I have and will likely still be here when I’m not.

It was the perfect little break to the day.

Sometimes you just have to stop the sewing and go breathe!  Get a change of scenery, a different perspective, stand back, look up and marvel.


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  1. NC mountains are truly amazing! Wish I could have joined you!

  2. Awesome photographs.
    Nice story

  3. Beautiful mountains and scenery! Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. There is nothing like being out in nature, especially in the fall, to breathe life into your soul! God's world is truly awesome!!

  5. Beautiful photos! You have the perfect place for your get-away. Those photos with Sadie in them are so sweet. Just love them.

  6. So glad that Miss Sadie Jane got to go exploring with you!

  7. How the heck did you take the pictures of you on the rocks? Did Sadie take the pictures? Didn't look like anyone else was around....did you set the timer then run get in the photo? (Oh, they are beautiful pictures!) (Also LOVED the pictures of the boat and scenery from the boat ride in Michigan. Beautiful!Your Box Kite quilt top is gorgeous!

  8. Jenny Smith10:04 PM EDT

    I was on the top of Mt Mitchell today, it was so beautiful and the views of the Blue Ridge mountains stretched away into the distance.but it was so cold though I was wearing so many layers....so different to my homeland of UK!! Jenny generic.smith@btinternet.com

  9. I'm at Mary's here in Bedford at a retreat. Working on a scrappy star ( I'll post pics tomorrow,) and an appliqué flower garden by Yoko Saito.

  10. Bonnie,your post today was just perfect for me. I was being a little resentful that I have exercise class, lunch with a troubled friend for counseling, and finally a HS soccer game for my DGD. I wanted to have the day to finish two table runners for my village fund raiser for charity. You brought my head up with the get out and breathe comment. So now I'm happily looking forward to my day.


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