Friday, October 24, 2014

Gee’s Bend Under Glass!

Hello Atlanta!  This was the October Morning view as we touched down and taxied to our gate yesterday morning.

We pulled into terminal E, and of COURSE – I had to go all the way to Terminal T, the furthest away I could possibly need to go as far as one terminal to another is concerned.

I really like the Atlanta airport…So much to see and do, and a great opportunity for adding some steps to my fit bit.

I had enough time so I decided to hoof it!

There are great exhibits about the incredible history of Altanta though turmoil and triumph, and I could take the time to go slowly, read the exhibits ((I had always been in a hurry before!)) and really take it in.

I traveled from E to D to C to B to A ---and between A and T where I had never been I came across some GORGEOUS statue art.  Must have more time.  Need more time…


Okay, I am SO Selfie challenged!

When I got to terminal T, I was elated to find that they have a whole Gee’s Bend exhibit!  Whoopie!  I could get really close and personal – the only problem….quilts under glass are reflective and My photos didn’t turn out great.

But still.  What an awesome exhibit in the Atlanta airport!


The women and their work.


Yeah, that’s me…selfie on the quilt!


Corduroy and quilting texture!


Loved the straight line quilting on this one!


Some were just tops mounted on canvas.


Interesting shapes.

I look at this one and I see letters evolving.


Too much reflection.  This one was stunning!
House top variation.


Checking it out…my striped shirt looks like it is part of the quilt in this reflection.


Fun color combos!

this just makes me want to go home and play with strips and strings and let the design evolve!


Photo of quilts on the line!


This one had a lot of denim, and the darker pocket shapes are NOT pockets, rather the darker fabric behind where a pocket was removed!




So abstract!


Love the blues!

((Hating the reflection!))


My favorite of all!


This one was the oldest on display I believe.


Quilts don’t have to be perfect to be perfectly wonderful!

If you find yourself stuck in Atlanta with some time on your hands…don’t take the plane train.  Walk the terminal, view the history section!  It’s fascinating!  And then continue on to the statues and african art, and into terminal T where the Gee’s Bend exhibit is displayed.  It was just a wonderful way to spend otherwise boring airport time!

Much love from Texas --

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  1. Anonymous7:03 PM EDT

    I live in the burbs of Atlanta and I didn't know that! I might have to fly somewhere just so I can see them. I have seen them at the art museum, but too many years ago.

  2. Too bad the quilts were behind glass - though I understand why they were. I was lucky enough to see them in Tacoma, WA about 7 years ago - not behind glass. It's an amazing exhibit.

  3. Anonymous8:05 PM EDT

    I just may have to go to Atlanta and check these out.

  4. Thank you for sharing. I had seen some of their quilts in a Baltimore museum and enjoyed them then as well.

  5. I always smile when someone wants a Gees Bend Quilt pattern. I think they are missing the point. Use what you have and make it fun and warm :)

  6. Anonymous10:20 PM EDT

    "Quilts don’t have to be perfect to be perfectly wonderful!"

    I think that's the whole message behind the Gee's Bend quilts. I did look at quilting differently after seeing the exhibit a few years ago. Here I was making myself crazy worrying about whether my points were perfect while they just created quilts as they went with what they had on hand and THEIR quilts were in a museum.

    Susan L.

  7. How amazing that an airport has so many exhibits. The Gees Bend part was the icing on the cake! I love arriving at Auckland airport as when you approach the arrivals hall you walk through an archway which comprises carved wooden figures like you would see on a Maori marae. Very impressive and you know you are now on NZ. Soil.

  8. I LOVE the Zimbabwe sculpture exhibit! I try to take the time to walk through it every time I'm in the Atlanta airport. I hope the Gees Bend exhibit is still up when I'm there in December

  9. What a treat! Thanks for sharing the quilt exhibit. I loved seeing them "up close" even with the glass.

  10. thank you so much for sharing the Gee's Bend quilts with us. What a wonderfully exuberant grouping! Hugs, Julierose

  11. Old quilter8:02 AM EDT

    Would never expect to put a flight thru Atlanta on my "to do" list. Thanks so much for the Gees Bend photos. The black & white with just a couple of bits of red certainly looks just like what the "modern quilters" are going for. Glad you decided to walk between terminals!

  12. Linda Goulding8:09 AM EDT

    Bonnie, September 2013 my sister and I visited Gee's Bend and met some of the quilters. We were able to purchase a few small quilts from MaryAnn Pettway, it was a life changing experience , I would highly recommend the visit to anyone who loves quilting and History

  13. Thanks for sharing all the lovely photo's of your quilting travels :)

  14. Thank you for posting Bonnie. I live a mere three hours drive from Gees Bend and have been talking about going there since I started quilting 4 yrs ago. NOw, I will definitely have to make a trip.

  15. almost makes me wish I were flying somewhere so I could see these. I always walk the Atlanta airport, but downstairs parallel to the train because there are fewer obstacles. now I see what I've been missing...

  16. Bonnie, Polarizing filters on cameras get rid of the glare. If you have a pair of polarizing sunglasses, try holding a lense close to your camera lense to see if that works. Just a thought. There are also filters coming out to attach to some cell phone cameras.

  17. I have been to Gee's Bend. You have to want to go there! Got to talk to some of the quilters. And then I rode the ferry across the river. A very good travel day! Worth the time

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I am currently listening to Sue Monk Kidd's "The invention of wings", seeing your photos I got an idea of the quilts snd style of quilts she is describing in the book. Thanks so much for sharing! And I can really recommend the book!

  20. About 3 years ago, my husband and I actually went to Gee's Bend, went to the coop and met two of the ladies...a mother and daughter. They were very friendly and I loved looking at their quilts. It was an experience that I will not forget. We even road the ferry across Gee's Bend when we left. The young man on the ferry made a crack about all of the crazy people wanting to go see those quilts made by old people. Well, we were proud to be two of the crazies!


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