Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A bit of Mineola Show & Share!

Can anyone guess what is going on in this photo??  HA!

Fabrics are being gathered for this year’s Grand Illusion Mystery,  with the first clue being released exactly ONE MONTH from TODAY!

If you are just new and joining us, click the Grand Illusion Mystery tab at the top of the blog for background info and the link to the first post that includes colors and yardage requirements.

Everyone seems to be a-buzz about our upcoming fun and I hope you’ll join us!

Folks came from far and wide with great quilts to share and I took photo after photo after photo and instead of cramming them into one long slide show, I think each deserves it’s own place in a still photo so you can really see the beauty, so I’m going to break this into  parts.  Sometimes less is more and we are not in a hurry to get through these, so let’s enjoy them all!


Every Where I go, Celtic Solstice has been a favorite!


And another!


And how about one more!

Quilter are rushing to get their top done at least before we start Grand Illusion!  I met several quilters who didn’t know about the mysteries here and I think we’ve hooked them in to playing along with us this year!


Sister’s Nine Patch from Adventures with Leaders & Enders!


Dancing 15 Patch!

Ana made rectangular 15 patch blocks with 2.5” squares and used the Dancing 9 Patch pattern from the free patterns tab as her inspiration for setting them!  Not all blocks have to be SQUARE, right?  I love this!


Strip Quilt from Pat Sloan’s Camp Sloanie!

Love how the greens go in diagonals across the quilt!


Scrappy Nine Patch!

Isn’t this great for sewing up the scraps?  Love the black!


Sandra’s Alternate version of Blue Ridge Beauty from Adventures with Leaders & Enders!

It’s a Red Ridge Beauty!


Vintage Tulip Quilt


An $18.00 flea market find!


Hand pieces postage stamp…WOW!!!!

Doesn’t this sparkle just like confetti? She is in the process of hand quilting with fans.


Log Cabin quilt by Judy Martin.


And there will be more Show & Share to follow!  Thanks for bringing these beauties to class, ladies!


So awesome!

We got a bit of a late start heading out of Mineola yesterday morning.  I had some last minute loose ends to tie up at Stitchin’ Heaven, and we wanted to sleep in a bit before hitting the road.  Our plan was to hit what antique shops we could find along our route from Mineola to San Antonio.  We had some good luck, some bad luck – a lot of places are still closed on Mondays in small towns…but we had a great time!

I made Irene pull over at this grain storage found along the train tracks as we were making our way toward Athens.  Isn’t this cool?


Covered wagon in the “garage?!”


Carved Longhorn on the ground!


Carved bear!  Or is it a pig? LOL


From the side!  I just love this old stuff.


There was no one around…we just jumped out and started taking photos.


It’s Texas, y’all!


And we are road trippin!

We finally got into San Antonio about 7pm and set up to sew a bit last night.  We’ve got several days to play before we head on out to Houston on Saturday for the cruise ---

I’ve got more road trip photos to share coming up, so stay tuned and come back!

Love from TX ---

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  1. Thanks for sharing your trip with us! Stunning quilts. I've been working on getting my fabrics gathered as well I'm down to needing the teal and greens.

    happy quilting


  2. Thanks for sharing. The quilts are beautiful and I wish I could find a find like the flea market quilt for $18. WOW!


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