Saturday, October 25, 2014

Golden, TX and the Sweet Potato Festival!

Yes.  There is such a thing as a Sweet Potato Festival in Texas and it is going on this weekend!

Last evening the festivities kicked off with some fun Mutton Bustin’ by the little cowboys and cowgirls ((SO FUN!)) and lots of food, vendors and activities winding up the evening with a bluegrass/gospel night in the band stand!

Golden has had it’s more than 15 minutes of fame --This celebration has been aired on The Oprah Winfrey Show twice, once on October 28, 2004 and January 26, 2005.

I found Golden, TX to be a very small town with a HUGE heart and awesome people and I had myself a Texas good ole time.

The town may only consist of 4 main buildings on the main street, but we all know the buildings don’t make the town, the people do.


Reneau Building


Built in 1913 – it’s up for lease now.  How about putting a quilt shop in here?


Next to the Reneau building – a fence from old bikes!


Little General Store.  Yes, you can get pizza in Golden, TX!


And Sweet Potatoes, of course!


Art Gallery in the Golden Homestead Building!

I don’t know if you can see the dog at the bottom center of the photo, but this guy gets around all over town!  He came to play with the two small dogs that are inside the building……saw him later wandering all over the festival grounds. 

When we were at the concert he was making his rounds from person to person for pats and scratches….and then funniest of all….as this wonderful group, The Golden Boys, were singing accapella and blowing us away with their music, the dog wandered up to the decorative hay bales at the front corner of the stage…lifted his leg….and yes.  He did.  

He christened that bale of hay in front of the full crowd of on-lookers.

Only in Texas, y’all!


But I loved the Mutton Bustin Best!


Little kids in cowboy duds, Texas style!


How is this sweetness??

This is the little brother of a quilter I met at the rail!  I didn’t catch her name, but she knew me…and this little guy’s name is…HUNTER!  ((See why I can’t forget!?))


Hunter looks on with big cowboy dreams in his head under that big hat!


Sheep round up!


Cowboy Up!

Mutton Bustin’ for those who don’t know it, is a kid’s rodeo thing – the kids have to ride the sheep out of the pen for points…whoever can go the farthest.  And little Hunter took 2nd place in his division.  Yeeeehawww!

My favorite?  When ALL the kids participated in the Scramble….first one to pull the ribbon off the sheep wins!

Look at em run!

Now if we could do this Scramble thing......with quilters and a fat quarter tied to the sheep....how many quilters would we find scrambling??!

It was an awesome evening –there is nothing like some good ole down home small town fun!

Love from Texas ---

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  1. Hope that wanderin' pup has a home somewhere!! Rodeos are fun and anything with the kids is hilarious!

  2. Rodeos are a lot of fun. Your pictures always tell a good story. thanks for the commentary!

  3. No place like a small town in Texas! We do know how to have fun!

  4. The first time I saw mutton busting I cried from laughing so hard. Love local rodeos for this exact reason!

  5. Oh gosh I had my granddaughters ride the sheep a few years ago at our local fair it was so much fun but over so quickly. One of the girls got into the fials so was able to ride again but the judges said the boy won .....of course I think my granddaughter was the winner!!
    They had that one year only....we are a lot more city than country so perhaps our animal rights people thought it was too much for the sheep, who knows I loved it. I am old now but when I was young (6-10) we would put grass/hay in the cattle feeder and then climb on a steer while they fed we thought we were so "cowboy"
    Of course we would slide off right down into the manure as soon as the steer walked away
    So much fun

  6. something good here.. :)



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