Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Bit of Quilty Overload!

You guys DID catch the photo of this purple beauty with matching troll mascot in my photos from last week, didn’t you?

You didn’t??  Well here it is….in all of her grape glory!

She was a special gift to our quilter from her dear friend ---I tell you what, if someone gave ME a purple 301 I’d love her forever! HA!

Yes, we are still in show & share land as far as our San Diego adventure went.

Are you ready for another installment?

Photos upon photos of gorgeous quilts and I have to thank everyone for packing them and bringing them along…I know for a fact just how heavy quilts are, I travel with 100 lbs all the time!


Paradise Sewing, Poway, CA!

We had been meeting in the class room at Paradise Sewing in Poway for our workshops with the Village and the Friendship Quilters…the shop staff was so helpful, and our classroom space was very well lit!


Hi girls, I miss you all already!


Christmas Lights, a previous Quiltmaker Mystery!

Christmas Lights is still find in the older mysteries section at the bottom of the Free Patterns tab! Check it out!


Lovely version of Smith Mountain Morning from Scraps & Shirttails II!


Talkin’ Turkey from String Fling!


That evening I was shuttled over to El Cajon for their guild meeting!

And you won’t believe the show and share that they brought!

Pour yourself a cuppa and have a seat – you are in for a treat!



Mad City Mama from Adventures with Leaders & Enders!


Brand new quilter – this is her second quilt, and first hexie project!

AMAZING!  And so cute in Halloween fabrics!


Celtic Solstice!

I keep getting emails about Celtic Solstice, and perhaps many of you are new readers who have started following along because of this year’s Grand Illusion Mystery.  Celtic Solstice was LAST YEAR’s mystery, and was retired from the website last June for inclusion in my next book.  That’s how mystery’s run.  It’s available for a limited amount of time online, and then pulled to be put in book form, so if you are wanting Celtic Solstice, just hang on – it’s coming out in my next release.


Another Celtic Solstice!


And another!


Four Patch & Pinwheels from the Free Patterns tab!

Love the additional borders!  FUN!


And here’s another!


Jared takes a Wife from the Free Patterns tab!


Pfeffernusse from String Fling!

Doesn’t this look like mint chocloate?


Another Pfeffernusse!



And another!  Love the 4 patch border!


Orca Bay from String Fling in progress!


Kerry’s Orca Bay in a different color way!


Sandi’s with additional red brick borders to make it fit the bed!


Talkin’ Turkey also from String Fling!


This one is Sandi’s!


Florabunda from the Free Patterns tab!


Everyone needs to make at least ONE Scrappy Trips from the Free Patterns tab!


The BACK of Kerry’s Scrappy Trips!


Jamestown Landing from String Fling!


Roll Roll Cotton Boll from String Fling!


Little Monkey from the Free Patterns tab!

((LOVE that border print, don’t you?!))


Chunky Churndash from the Free Patterns tab!


Sister’s Nine Patch from Adventures with Leaders & Enders!


Cheddar BowTies from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders!


Crabapples from Adventures with Leaders & Enders!


Split 9 Patch from the Free Patterns tab!

This was LAST YEAR’s Leader & Ender Challenge – This year’s project is LOZENGES also found under the free patterns tab.  How are yours coming along?


Playing with Jacks from the Free Patterns tab!


Zuckerwatte from String Fling!  So Pretty!


Sandi’s Smith Mountain Morning from Scraps & Shirttails II

It was an amazing show and share from a group of prolific scrappers and so fun to see!

Well, this is it.  My last day home to get ready for teaching in Texas AND the cruise.  Oh the cruise.  Oh how I hate choosing wardrobe for the cruise!

I live my life in my traveling teacher’s uniform….I have a few things that are my “summer teaching wardrobe” and a few things that are my “winter teaching wardrobe”  And when I go through my closet, most everything is old, outdated, or doesn’t fit ((Not as in they are “TOO BIG” it’s the other way around!!))

I think I’m good on  dressy slacks, capris and long-shorts.  What I lack is fun and dressy tops to go with them.  I am going to pray that Irene will want to go shopping with me while I’m in San Antonio.  I think a trip to Marshall’s or TJ Maxx should do me just fine.

And I need a pair of dress shoes that don’t pinch my feet!  My feet have gotten flatter and fatter over the course of always being on my feet ---the dressy black pumps I tried on from my closet this morning pinched something terrible.  Time for sensible old lady dress shoes..LOL

I hate packing for cruises more than I do for teaching gigs!

Oh, and I need to give a heads up that the connection during this cruise will NOT be as good as it was on the Alaska cruise last summer where we were on US soil, not that far from land and had a phone signal.  I will be out of the country and unless I can find free wifi, I’m just not willing to pay $1.00 a minute to be connected.  I think the ship package is something like $90.00 for 90 minutes of internet.

I’d rather buy FABRIC!

So I am planning on writing some posts ahead, I’ve got some more show and share that has been sent in – if you have an interesting story about a quilt you would like me to share, send me the photo in email along with your story.

I’ve got an idea – what about a  sewing room tour?  Take several pictures of your sewing area and your stash ALONG WITH a work in progress and email it to me at quiltville@gmail.com  so I can share it in a post with all of us.  If you have a blog, I will link back to you.  Sound good?

Please say YES!  I think it would be fun – now go get writing and send me those photos!

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  1. My wardrobe for the cruise is short sleeved tops and shorts or slacks with dressy slacks and a long black skirt for the dinner time. Everything can interchange and do double duty. Have sandles for the "dressy" shoes and my comfies-shoes sure weigh a lot too in baggage! Got a couple of longer sleeved tops in case the airconditioner is working too well! So looking forward to the trip!

  2. Wow totally in love with that purple machine. Green is my favorite color but purple comes second and I LOVE them together. Thanks for sharing all those lovely quilts with us. I'm off work today and going to spend it sewing and some time with my grand daughter.

    Happy quilting

  3. Wonderful show and share!
    Fun to see Sandi's quilts in the mix!
    Oh, that purple machine made my heart flutter! : )

  4. Anonymous12:04 PM EDT

    Try Sanita's from clogoutlet.com They are shoes that many healthcare workers wear. I have several pairs and love them.

  5. Anonymous12:16 PM EDT

    Bonnie, it must thrill your heart to see so many people loving and using your patterns. Enjoy your cruise!

  6. Great show and tell! Thanks for sharing, Bonnie. I have a question about that fabulous little purple machine. Were they actually manufactured in that color, or is this a refurbished paint job? It is totally adorable.

  7. What a great bunch of Bonnie quilts!! Gorgeous!

  8. Check out the sale racks at Dillards. Their sale racks have the best prices. Have fun in my home state. Wish I was there.

  9. So jealous Irene is seeing you soon! I hope she helps you shop and you find what you need. Enjoy your cruise and we sure will miss your real time posts, but always good to have a little break since you rarely get one! So enjoy, we will be here when you get back!

  10. Hehe, would love to send you a quilt room tour with project, but alas, I'm 890 miles away from home for at least another 3 weeks and I have only 2 3/4 yards of fabric with me - I bought it just today! and no other supplies. Enjoy the cruise and thanks for sharing all those beautiful show & share quilts from San Diego area.

  11. What a delightful show! I love seeing all the quilts brought to your classes.Thanks so for sharing.

  12. You know I love that purple 301!!! Have a good time on your cruise!!

  13. Anonymous1:09 AM EDT

    Try going a size wider on the shoes. Zappos.com has free shipping both ways and a huge selection. Good search engines too. No, am not an owner! Hope you have a great cruise!


  14. Bonnie
    i love most of that quilts after using your patterns i know u feel proud of your self and the followers
    But my question here is don't u think and tell your self :I did not do one nice quilt yet?
    Lol because whenever i see nice one i tell my self this but that because i am new not a quilting teacher.

  15. Each quilt tilling a story

  16. Ludsyred8:09 AM EDT

    I say yes, your idea is a wonderful way to keep in touch while you are on your cruise. I love your blog!

  17. Bonnie, I'm wondering, with all the designs you have created over the years, do you instantly recognize each pattern (along with its source), or do you have to be reminded? If you recognize your children, your memory is far better than mine! Enjoy your cruse!

  18. Will you ever come to Melbourne, Australia to teach?

  19. Purple 301. Love it! What's the deal with the booty around the presser foot? I get the sleeve over the extension to keep it from getting dinged but what's up with the booty?


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