Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Quilting on the Home Front!

I hadn’t picked up my hand quilting in a couple weeks – being gone to Michigan, and then up at the cabin working on other things.

It felt really good to settle in last evening, put a bit of NCIS New Orleans on ((I’m still not sure how I feel about this spin off??)) lean back in my recliner side of the couch and put some stitches in.

I’ve had loads of questions about this project, so I thought I would take some time this morning to share some answers with you!

You can learn more about this quilt HERE.  It’s an “orphan quilt” Meaning it is made from random left over blocks from other projects.  This one is for me.  There will be no pattern available for this quilt, but you can use these ideas to make an orphan quilt of your own!

Things I have discovered…with all of these seams I like a smaller needle.  I am using a Roxanne size 10 instead of my usual 9.  It makes a difference – the thinner the shaft, the less I fight with getting it through the layers.
I am using YLI quilting thread in navy.  I like contrasting thread when I hand quilt!  Why do all that work if it is going to be invisible?


The package looks like this..tube with a cute sea shell on top!


There are 50 needles in a tube for about $8.00
The needles have a large eye and are easy to thread!


Working on the next section!

This Baptist fan pattern is being marked using a stencil.  Because I started it that way back in 2007 and I feel the need to finish it that way.

I think the lines are a bit too far apart for my liking, but I’ll finish it, because I started it that way.  ((Read that to mean, I just want this done!))

I do my basting by long arm with a very large meander and a very large stitch length.  This is crucial because Baptist fans are worked from the outside of the quilt toward the center.  Check my Baptist Fans article to see what I mean!  Whether using a stencil, or quilted free hand, the process is the same -- outside in!

As far as my marking goes….it always depends on what I am marking.  Is it light? Is it dark? Is it very printy and hard to see markings on?

I’ve found I really like the general’s chalk pencil in light  gray:


I can see it on the lights, I can see it on the darks…

And in the process of handling the quilt during quilting and moving the hoop, the marks are mostly gone by the time I am done quilting an area.  I do not like to use blue wash-out markers unless I absolutely have to, and if I do, I spray the area as soon as I am done to remove those marks as quickly as possible.

Chiropractor appointment this morning, and then meeting up with friend Karen afterward – she is going to show me one of the historic places that she is working on as the interior designer for the project.  I love old buildings…I’ll take photos!

Tomorrow morning it’s off bright and early for me. I’ll be leaving at  6am for the airport on my way to San Diego! Woot!

Oh, and let me say this much ---I have something SERIOUSLY SNEAKY to post tomorrow morning as I leave town.  Some kind of reveal that is going to blow your socks off.  So don’t miss it --

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  1. Seriously Sneaky??? Hmmm.... October 9, only 6 days from the big reveal of mystery colors.... maybe you'll spill one or two colors ahead? Maybe a peek at a block or the border? It's going to be like trying to get to sleep on Christmas Eve tonight! Bonnie, you are having too much fun with this!

    Safe travels.


  2. Glad you got to relax. Don't know how I feel about NCIS NO either, I'm trying to get into it but the characters are not grabbing me, I'll try a couple of more. Can't wait for the "Seriously Sneaky". Have a great trip to one of my favorite places in the US, soak up some warmth and sunshine!

  3. Can wait to see you and meet you in San Diego. I am taking your class on the 16th.

  4. Sorry meant can't not can.

  5. This will be my first mystery quilt with you and I can't wait. Seriously sneaky eh. .. looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve.

    Safe travels.

  6. 19301Morning Bonnie, so neat to see you working on another orphan block quilt. Definitely keeping in the very best quilting tradition, make do, wear it out and use it up!
    My birthday today, turning 74 here in sunny WI. I've gotten a new computer and can now join you on quilt cam! And I'm loving having someone to stitch with, as I'm in a new location after 30 years. Kids have moved me closer to them. All my best wishes as you head out on your next adventure in San Diego. Hugs, Finn XXX

  7. Watched NCIS New Orleans last night too and it really didn't grab me like the other two have. Perhaps one spin-off too many? Have a good trip tomorrow.

  8. I can hardly wait until tomorrow morning! Hope you have a great time in San Diego.
    NCIS NO...I,too, am having a hard time with the characters...it might be just one too many spin offs...

  9. Thank you for the information on the chalk pencils and needles that you use. I want to try hand quilting one of my quilts and the information was very helpful. I can't wait for your reveal. Your awesome Bonnie! Have a great day!

  10. Oh what a tease you are.

  11. I have made a few of those orphan block quilts and gave them to our Mountain of Quilts charity at our guild's quilt show. I have heard it from a few people that they are some of the most interesting and fun quilts they have seen...at least in the quilts for charity catagory! LOL!

  12. NCIS NO still deciding. Love Scott Bakula, tho. Love this quilt, what a great war to use those orphan blocks. Have a safe trip and can't wait for the surprise.

  13. I recognize a 4 1/2" block from the "O My Gosh" pattern in your quilt. Where did that come from?

  14. secrets! My guess is you have your own design line of fabric! About time! :)

  15. I hope the reveal has something to do with the mystery, but it is ealry so maybe you have something else in store for us! You can bet I will be tuning in!

  16. I will be participating in the mystery quilt this year. It will be my first time for one of Bonnie's mysteries. I am anxiously awaiting this.

  17. Oh a sneaky surprise! I being someone who hates waiting for surprises. Intensely waiting till tomorrow! Have a safe trip and enjoy the beautiful weather.


  18. Have a great trip! I was only wondering a couple of days ago if you ever do any "just for you" quilts, apart from the hexies. NCIS NO? haven't seen that in Aust yet, have been loving Outlander though, well episode 1-8 anyway now have to wait till April for episode 9?? Looking forward to doing this years mystery with my two daughters :) Love your quilts. Julie

  19. Your quilt is going to be a wonderful winter snuggly.

    I'm not even going to try to out guess what you have in store for tomorrow morning. But will be eager to read you a.m. post

    NCIS:NO. still on the fence on this one.
    Love N.O but ??????

    Enjoy So Cal ‼️

  20. Your orphan block quilt is gorgeous - can't wait to see the entire quilt. I agree with everyone else in that it is just so hard to wait for the secret.

  21. Anonymous9:16 PM EDT

    NCIS NO - you gotta love the accent and that wink is a killer! But Mark Harmon is still my favorite on the original NCIS. The orphan block quilt is awesome.


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