Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Virginia Bound, Friendship Quilters & More!

Just another scrappy day in sunny southern California!

We gathered at Paradise Sewing in Poway for a day of sewing up the strings in a Virginia Bound workshop!

You should have seen the strips and strings and scraps and crumbs….one of the things I love about this workshop is it can use long strips as well as short hunks and chunks and we had the greatest time sewing it all up.

I was so happy to see gals come from far and wide, many I’ve had in previous classes ---It was like Homecoming Week of the Quilter’s Kind!

Check out these Halloween fabrics that Jill was putting together!  She said she had originally pulled plaids, but “Just wasn’t feeling it…” and then remembered a stack of Halloween Fat Quarters she had squirrled away.

Check out her block:



She wasn’t the only Halloweener either..look at this variation:


Ha!  Bats & Spiders & Skeletons!  Weeee!

So perfectly fun with Halloween only a couple of weeks away!


Vintage Machine Love and Quilt Friends Forever!

TWO 1950s Elna Grasshoppers!!


And a whole load of Scrap!


Scrappy Shenanigans of the best kind!

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing….and you might just find that “One of these things is NOT like the others….there is a Celtic Solstice in progress in amongst the Virginia Bounds as well!
Virginia Bound, Poway, CA 2014

You’ll find the pattern for Virginia Bound in my book Scraps & Shirttails  and signed copies can be ordered by clicking the book cover found in the left side bar of the blog.

Lecture last night flew by!

Today is another busy busy double duty day.  We’ve got a My Blue Heaven workshop up on deck, and then I’m moving areas, and doing a lecture for the Sunshine Quilters tonight…followed by two days of workshops on that side of town.

I think I’ve got San Diego Covered at every corner!

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. The scrappy blocks look great! I love the Halloween fabrics - perfect for string quilts. It was so smart of the different guilds to work together to get you out there and spread your scrappy patchwork goodness around. Enjoy the sunny, warm weather, things are changing back here on the east coast!

  2. TWO Elna grasshoppers in one class! Such fun! I'm still waiting to see one 'in person'.

  3. Bonnie, this pattern is one of my favorites from your two "shirts" books. I'm setting aside a big bin of shirt strings as I go. Someday soon, someday soon....

  4. I just love seeing all those piles of strippy scraps waiting to be turned into blocks. The photos show how a huge variety of colours and palette choices can create so many different looking blocks. The finished quilts would make a very interesting exhibition.

  5. Anonymous9:43 PM EDT

    Thank you for posting all those pictures of the different colors used blocks...for some of us that have a hard time picking colors other than what is shown in a pattern, it helps so much! They are so beautiful.

  6. There is at least one "FLY Lady" follower in this class, as I spotted one of her stainless water bottles with colored string attached.
    Kitty Longo klongo01@gmail.com

  7. I've never seen a grasshopper machine before - I was trying to work out if it all folded up together, for ease of carrying? And I love the quilt they were all working on - such a variation of colour combinations :)

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