Saturday, October 04, 2014

Bonnie & the Blustery Buck Mountain Day

This morning I awoke to the sound of the wind howling and tossing the trees this way and that.

It’s as if the trees were doing their own frantic dance, gusty and chilly cold, that is cold North Carolina style ---because I KNOW it is nothing like the cold that Chicago is experiencing, but here we like to ease into colder months gently ---it’s like sticking your toe in the water and inching in one bit at a time.

I prefer not to take the cold plunge all at once!

Just to show you what was going on here – I stood on the front porch…yes, without a jacket because sometimes I am lazy that way ---

And this is what I caught:

**Note** Youtube seems to be having some issues with this video.  If it won't play for you, just give it a rest and come back tomorrow!

No color in these trees yet but boy can they sway!

This made it a definite STAY INSIDE day ---and I’ve been hard at work here, digging into what scrap boxes I have available here because I really don’t keep stash at the cabin.


I’m 14 Box Kite blocks short!

And I don’t have enough neutrals!  So I guess that yes, I MUST pull out the gifted piece of 1990s cows with hearts and put it to good use.


Cutting matched pairs of triangles ready to sew!


Block sets stacked at the machine..my Leader & Ender Lozenges are coming along swimmingly!


This block is in remembrance of my England trip this past August!

Thank you for the fabric, Tonya!


Cute orange dots and marching snails!


Uhoh.  Something didn’t go right here!

((And see, those 1990s cows don’t look too bad with a modern turquoise!))


Blocks laid out on the floor!

I spent forever moving this one with yellow away from that one with yellow and trying not to have things too close to each other, but you know what?  I don’t think it matters!  I think it is what it is….


If you see something amiss in this photo, DON’T TELL ME!

I like it, just this way.


Rows are coming together as I web the top…

This trusty treadle was gifted to me by Peggy.  You can read more about her HERE!

For being over 100 years old, she can sure take every work out I give her, with no whining and no complaints.


Tonight’s evening sky ---

Sweet potatoes are in the oven.  Pork chops will be going on the grill soon, and there is a salad to be made.

It’s been a wonderful day up on the mountain. 

I’m tired enough to consider not stitching at ALL tonight.

But I’ll be back at it again tomorrow!

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  1. I love the North Carolina mountains…..thank you for the video. I enjoyed hearing the leaves and trees swaying

  2. Your weather sounds like what we had yesterday....windy & cold. Just a taste of what's to come.

  3. Your blocks are great! What a fantastic pattern - and your fabrics make me smile! Glad you are enjoying some much-deserved cabin time!

  4. Sounds like the weather in Cincinnati. I love listening to the trees rustle too. And we had pork chops and rice...funny..I am catching up on some quilts and getting organized so I am ready for the new mystery. Excited!

  5. We live in the Sierra Foothills up about 2700 ft and in the forest. I can relate to that love of hearing the wind blow through the trees, it's almost like the ocean sometimes if you close your eyes. Love how your quilt is coming together!

  6. Sweet Potatoes in the oven sound so good right now. The Box Kite Blocks look just right there at the cabin. Glad you had that "gifted" piece of cow fabric to use. Is Hubby up there to enjoy the week-end too? Or do you do the Grilling?

  7. looks perfect to me bonnie....

  8. So fun to see my gift of the cow print being put to good use. LOL I love that fabric!
    Your quilt looks fabulous! And your mountains are beautiful.

  9. SUCH A PRETTY VIEW!! i am always in love with mountains, living in the mid west with barely a good hill!
    i always miss mountains and palm trees when i get home from vacations.
    cold here today.....lows in low 30's tonight. first day for the furnace to be on. cried uncle and gave in when the thermostat hit 59 INSIDE!
    we do have some trees to blow and make us worry about them coming down in a bad storm though. they remind me of my grandmother's house when i was little.

  10. Bonnie..I love the box kites...definitely making a quilt with them.
    Have you noticed in your travels that the sweet potatoes are so much better down south...something about them. I lived down there for a dozen years and we still buy sweet potatoes here in Wyo but just not as yummy. I just like mine with butter :). YUM!
    My six year old niece was over today. Showed her my new treadle and it took her all of 30 seconds to get the think running like crazy....so funny and she loved it...think we have some sewing projects in order for the next few visits! We laughed alot because our chair kept sliding backwards while we treadled...do you have that problem! LOL! Was so fun sharing with her. Her name is Audrey.

  11. Anonymous12:21 AM EDT

    Love the marching snails! How cute!

  12. Anonymous6:54 AM EDT

    those kite boxes are lovely. Did you tell us the pattern? I would love to know where it is posted or where to purchase it. beachlufer@comcast.net

  13. Oh but if ya moved the top to the bottom and the left to the right and then stood on your head think about how amazing that would be!! ;0) but really I love it!!
    And can you believe we had SNOW flakes here (Moline, IL) yesterday morning!! NO!! That's a four letter word ya know!!

  14. Webbing the top sure makes for an armful of fabric on the sewing machine! Your top looks great. You make mixing and matching scraps together look so easy!

  15. Beautiful quilt! I like the way it is coming together - so colorful. The windy video was fun to watch, too. Shouldn't the color be setting into the trees soon? I always thought peak week in the NC mountains was the middle of October. Not too far away! Love the design on the bed of your treadle, too. So pretty. Have a super day!

  16. The box kite blocks are cute, but when they are put together they make a whole other wow! Adding it to my list! :)

  17. I find the quilt layout PERFECT!

    I also have some of that 90's cow fabric, as well as some 90's chickens and pigs -- I have my own little farm going in the fabric closet. :)


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