Monday, October 27, 2014

Sister’s Choice Sunday, Mineola Style!

How do you wrap up a great 3 day weekend of quilt classes in North East Texas??

Fill the classroom with 35 quilters and one instructor and pull out the 2.5” strips and have a ball!

I keep telling folks when they ooh and ahh and exclaim and even giggle at everyone else’s fabric choices and color selections that this is why I don’t teach from a kit. 

Or a jelly roll. 

Or one bundle of fat quarters where all of the fabrics are from one line, one manufacturer, one designer….it’s just not near as fun or as inspiring when all of the quilts coming out of the class are identical in every way. 

I CRAVE variety.  I need it.  I want to put things together that make me smile, that mean something to me.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I love ALL of the fabrics in those fabric lines, but just not together in a collection….I want them scrambled, mixed up, chaotic ---much like my life I guess!

I want a few choice pieces from this designer, from that other manufacturer, from this other line….and I want to throw in my favorite old saved pieces, some recycled, some batik, some old 1980s calicoes, some solids, reproductions, and even novelties!

I mean….how else would we get fun blocks like Ana’s Beefcake Block here:


Sew Funny!

And fun to sew!

I just want it ALL.  Why limit yourself to one line of fabric….when you CAN SEW IT ALL!


Check out the decoupage!!

And when you can’t sew it all…you can mod podge it all!


How cute is this??

Got a stinky smelly ratty old case?  Find out how to do this HERE. This one was done with a collection of Kaffe Fassett scraps…how fun!


The case and featherweight belong to this gal!


I’m really going to miss this group of trouble makers!

You can find the free pattern for Sister's Choice under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog.

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Sisters Choice, Mineola TX 2014


Look who I found!

My brother in law Myron and his wife Pam were driving across Texas from Longview back to the Dallas area and called me to see if they could swing by and give in-person hugs.  How fabulous!  We had a quick 15 minute chat in the parking lot before they went on their way.   So great to see them, and I’ll be seeing them again in January when I come to teach in Plano over New Year’s at Fabric Fanatics!


How I spent my last evening in Mineola!

I’ve borrowed “Patsy” from Irene and spent last evening happily sewing away on bear paw blocks.  I have an idea for these – think future Magazine issue and perhaps future book so no pattern/sizes or finished project will be shpwn until then, but a bear paw is a bear paw is a bear paw and I can show you this much!  Let’s just say I need  Eleventy Bazillion, so you will be seeing these for a while as my travel project.

Irene and I are on our way to San Antonio today – taking the long way, and planning to hit as many antique malls and shops and fun places as we can.  We have no curfew, It’s typically a 5 hour drive, but we are shooting for midnight!

I’m so happy to have a few days to unwind in San Antonio, not teaching, not lecturing, just BEING!

Love from Texas --

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  1. Variety (in fabrics) is the spice of my quilting life. While really tending to favor Antique 1800s repros, using others gives the quilt more GLEAM!
    Love seeing the same pattern the quilters are using ... and seeing the difference the fabrics make.
    THANKS for your blog Bonnie. While I know you keep the blog as your own journal... sharing is so sweet.
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  2. I am on the wait list for New Years mystery. Hope I make it up the list!

  3. SUch a fun post to read today. I am so appreciative of the things you have taught us all... how to love the variety of life and fabric! Enjoy your day!

  4. Glad you'll get some R &R in San Antonio. Looking forward to seeing you in Plano. Will you make it to Festival this year?

  5. I wish I had your level of energy! I'm amazed of all the quilty stuff you get to do and see :o)
    Love the quilt and the blocks made by the ladies. Perfect for scraps for sure!

  6. Thank you so much for all the wonderful things you taught us during the last three days in Mineola! Us girls from Arkansas (the trouble makers in the time out corner) had a terrific quilting experience with you and look forward to hopefully taking more classes in the future. Rest up.....we'll be back!!!

  7. HOW.COULD.SHE?!?!?!?! She cut up my very favorite HUNK! And I have quite the collection of those hunks. Waaaaaaaaa.........

  8. Anonymous9:11 AM EDT

    Thanks Bonnie! I can now take apart all the matchie-matchies and put them into labeled containers and get to sewing.


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