Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Quilt-Cam 10/1/2014

This is me, this afternoon!  Celebrating a successful dentist check up and cleaning with no cavities and a crown that is still “Hanging on!”

This is all good stuff, and I was out of there in a flash ---and home again to get this binding on so I can take this project to Quilt Villa tomorrow for night-time hand stitching!

I wish I could show you the whole thing, but this project is slated for a future Quiltmaker Magazine issue and you’ll just have to wait until then to see it.  I know you are going to love it as much as I do!

It uses a ton of scraps, loads of strips, oodles of fun!

The machine of the day was my 1950s Wizard, made by Brother in Japan.  You can see I've got a straight stitch walking foot on the machine..

I also took time to attach a corner label, and a hanging sleeve.

See the sticky seam guide out in FRONT of the walking foot?  I want a 1/4" binding and the foot is wider than that, so this is in place to be my guide for the job:


Striped chambray – and just enough!

Funny enough – I’ve used this piece of gifted yardage for hanging sleeves in the past.  Click HERE for my article on applying bindings and hanging sleeves.  This will be the LAST quilt with this fabric as a hanging sleeve..it’s all used up now!


Back to the Yellow Spider Webs!


Sewing on my copper & forest green metallic HOUSEHOLD machine, circa 1950s!

Spider Webs just seem like an October thing to do.  And I am done with my geese strips, and at a stand still with the Box Kite blocks until I lay them out and decide if I’m going to go bigger.  If I do, I need to cut more.  Another cabin project for this weekend!

You'll find the free pattern for String Spider Web under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog.

Are you ready to sew?

Click the arrow on the screen below to start the feed and let’s put some stitches in!

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  1. Bonnie - I found an antique iron in a Saver's thrift store today for $2.99.....can you show me yours....I want to see if it's the same one.

    Diane in Minnesota and yes, it's already starting to get chilly!

  2. Good morning from down under!

  3. Hi Bonnie! Welcome home! Julianne from Northern California here... Thank you for quilt cam, I always look forward to it. I finished my Scrappy Spider Web quilt top and got it quilted, now for the binding! Yay! Thanks for all the great patterns, SOOOOO looking forward to the new mystery in a couple of weeks! Yippee!!

  4. Anonymous9:10 PM EDT

    Watching you on quilt cam at work 2.10pm Thurs arvo here in NZ, sound is off (can't have you giving me away) and desperately wishing I was sewing with you all!!

    Rose - NZ

  5. Yay!! it's quilt cam! coming to you from Minnesota, and working on my hexies... Lynne in MN

  6. So happy to be with you live on QuiltCam tonight!
    I am hand quilting a block sampler quilt, and hoping to make some progress while listening to you :)

  7. Boo hoo, for some reason nothing happens when I click on the red arrow...oh well will watch later when it is up on YouTube..

  8. I hear you loud & clear. Working on a baby quilt for my great nephew who will arrive next Jan.

  9. You can be heard - not to worry.

    Will be working on a quilt for a dear friend under going chemo.

    Glad to have you back!

  10. Load and clear. Maybe she needs to un-mute her screen. I'm glad you could rescue those machines. I would love a 301 or a Treadle. both are on my want list.

  11. Bonnie, you're coming in loud and clear here in southern Kentucky. Enjoying watching quilt-cam tonight.


  12. Love my singer 301. Just a great work horse.
    Glad to finally see you on quilt cam.Sound is fine

  13. I can hear you just fine!

  14. Good evening from Colorado :) I'm hand quilting a baby blanket tonight and I'm so thrilled to be watching live as I usually catch you a day or two later. I love that your walking foot fits the Blue Wizard from your opening to the post and I'll have to get one for my Japanese machine as well. It could come in handy for this baby blanket when it is all done. :)

  15. Hearing you fine! My DH recently rescued a 301 (my third!) and a 404 for me. Slowly working on getting them cleaned up. You are my inspiration to get them up and running!

  16. Working on Bibs tonight for the local nursing home while enjoying quilt-cam. Hope to get at least 5 done tonight while watching.

  17. Watching Quilt-Cam while cutting pieces for Boxy Stars. Our new IKEA just opened a couple of weeks ago. Finally got to go there today. Amazing place! I am already planning to redo some areas of my sewing studio! lol I did get one of the little flexible lamps that you like so well. I have spotted several other must-haves to pick up on my next trip.

    Norma Sterbenz
    Independence, MO

  18. Yipee ‼️ First time LIVE Quilt-Cam ‼️ Am ready to quilt my Spiderweb. Thanks for the inspiration to paper-foundation piece. Hugs

  19. 2041Sadie Jane keeps wandering in and our of view. Can you get her to come on camera for a visit? LovQuilt Cam. Susan Jost

  20. YAY! Season Premier of Quiltville is on!!! I just got home....did I miss anything! LOL!
    Thanks for Quilt Cam tonight!
    Ness from WYO

  21. Hi Bonnie,

    I worked on 32 flying geese for the talking turkey. I had 4 by 4 rows of blocks and decided to add one more row if I had enough of a particular neutrals I was using. I am so glad I didn't cut last night, I miscalculated and would have shorted myself. Anyway, I absolutely love doing that pattern, thank you so much!!! Can't wait for mystery quilt time, this will be my 4th year and loved last year's. Thanks again for all you do!!! Rea (Ree-ah) from upstate NY

  22. Just got back home to MA; I was visiting my daughter down near Camp Lejeune NC for a couple of weeks. Didn't get much sewing done ... but my quilting gloves & sewing scissors came in very handy. You see, my daughter's husband's in the military. They rent their place and don't have any gardening tools. Anyway, she thought that if she didn't have gloves handy, I wouldn't do any yard work (too many bugs!!) But, one day when she was out shopping .. I was so desperate to help her, I did a few hours of yard work while she was gone. Her neighbors must have thought I was crazy, snipping & trimming her plants with scissors and pulling weeds with my quilting gloves on! Her yard won't win an award, but it's neat & tidy!! Ha haaaa!!!

  23. I have acquired a 1950 New Home machine. It needs a lot of TLC! There is a little rust beginning to show and I do not know if it is worth the effort to get it to work.How do you find information on older machines?
    Enjoy your time at home.

  24. Bonnie...years ago we bought a house in UT and it's past owner was a cigar smoker...walls, windows, glass fixtures all covered from years and years of cigar smoke stain. I used plain blue Dawn to wash everything. It worked super great. Used as hot of water as I could stand also. Hope it helps! Ness

  25. Try 409...works good on gunk.

  26. When my Samsung Galaxy S4 was about six months old I lost the charger. Began using oldies laying around the house from previous blackberries and whatever I could find. After about two weeks, those wouldn't work any longer. I did some research online and found that starting with the S4, you need a 2 amp charger and the factory issued charging cord for the phone to charge properly. I went to the sprint store and they sold me a new charger and new cord (for a small fee, but the cord was pink) and they have been working much better. Good luck with yours.

  27. Bonnie,you probably don't want to use one of those Mr Clean erasers on any appliance. It will remove the finish. Valerie in Ketchikan

  28. Thank you,Bonnie for quiltcam tonight. I am hand sewing the binding on CS. I have truly loved the adventure of my first mystery. I will be anxiously waiting for the next one!

  29. And I forgot Quilt Cam again. Of course, I was also cooking dinner. Can't win them all.

  30. For what it's worth, I also had very low audio volume, both tonight and on 9/8 (even after you did the reboot). Volume control set at the highest level and screen not muted. Don't know what else to try since it looks like most viewers have good sound. Bummer.

  31. Bonnie, you are a kick! I just saw a few minutes of your quilt cam for the first time, and I'm loving it! Is there a "set" time for these? I'd love to be sewing the next time and watch you! I love your blog, and hope you come to Des Moines sometime soon! - MJ in Des Moines

  32. Just have to say that I love how that blue checked binding looks against the white-on-red border. So fun and cheerful! Makes me want to grab a picnic and head to one of those old-time town square parks with the big white gazebo bandstand. Looking forward to seeing this one when it's revealed.

  33. I am in seventh heaven - the cc component is on the uTube rerun and I am getting things you are talking about. In fact you showed a phone pic that looked like the cc was printing during the actual recording. This is exciting - one more thing I can participate in. Thanks every so much

  34. Hi Bonnie, I just love doing the spider web block. It was the first paper piece I ever did. came out beautiful...


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