Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Sue & Crew at Hearts to Holly!

Oh the goodies you find when you step into Hearts to Holly Quilt Shop in Charlevoix, MI!

I love little old houses with loads of character turned into quilt shops – every nook and cubby full of new things to see, new things to inspire!

And thanks to an impromptu global invite post on facebook, some local quilters came out to meet me and we did a bit of visiting, some show and share of blocks they brought and book signing!  How cool is that?

Shop owner Sue was so friendly, wide open and generous and gave me thumbs up and free range to take the following photos of her shop to share with you.

I found the following background on Hearts to Holly and how the shop came to be on the shop website:
Our family moved to Charlevoix in March of 1975 from south central Pennsylvania.
My husband and I grew up in the heart of Amish country with quilts all around us.


The opening of Hearts To Holly is a realization of several dreams – a dream to open a shop, a dream to share a common interest with our daughters and a dream to share our love of quilting with others.
Our daughters began quilting much before I did and gave us their beautiful quilts for birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions.
After some time, they said – “okay Mom, it’s time you started quilting!” And, as most quilters know, once you create a quilt, you are hooked.
The sense of satisfaction you get from beginning (selecting the beautiful fabric) to end (binding the finished product) is just that – totally satisfying!
People have asked what our name - “Hearts To Holly” – means, or they want to know where we got it.
Hearts To Holly simply means that we have something for all seasons – from Valentines (Hearts) to Christmas (Holly) - something for the entire year.
Our goal at Hearts To Holly is to provide a place where quilters and “wanna be” quilters can visit often, feel welcome and always be greeted with a smile! 
When people open our door, we want them to smile and when they leave our shop we hope they have an even bigger smile. 
Cute side entrance through the garden!
Classroom cottage behind!
((note the autumn color in the tree behind the building!))
A week later I’m trying to remember details, but I believe the classroom building is known as “rose cottage”!  What a cute place to have classes!
These goodies came home from Hearts to Holly with me ---More fun neutrals!
Me and shop owner, Sue!
If you find yourself anywhere near Charlevoix, Michigan – please stop in and tell Sue that Bonnie sent you!  And spend some time poking around every corner.  There is loads to discover, quilt dreams to make into reality!
I’m headed home, down from the mountain this morning as soon as the door guy gets here to measure door ways and plot and plan for our new door installation.  Cabin getting a facelift!  And saying bye-bye to warped and drafty doors.
I’ve got a massage in Winston on my way home, and some errands to run after.
I was hoping to do Quilt-Cam tonight, but I just don’t think it is going to happen – I’m far too rushed as it is, and leaving for San Diego on Thursday am at the crack of dawn, so Wednesday night won’t work either.  I’m needing to be realistic here.  Let’s do it when I get back home from San Diego.
By then we will have released the introductory stuff for the Quiltville 2014 Winter Mystery and we can talk about it live!
Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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  1. What a lovely shop! Thanks for sharing these wonderful shops that you visit! Maybe someday I will get there! Hope to do quilt cam when you have it! Safe travels.

  2. Enjoy your day and don't be rushed. That was my day yesterday and it is no fun! Quilt cam can wait and by then you will have more adventures to talk about!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Olá, bom dia!
    Que linda essa casinha, eu adorei, muito romântica.

  5. I would have to spend the night. Darling shop; thanks for sharing.

  6. I live in mid-Michigan, but always make it a point to stop at Hearts to Holly, whenever I am anywhere near Charlevoix. It is always lovely --- even with snow piled high!

  7. Gee I could easily just move into this cute place! Like you do, I too enjoy a quilt shop in an older house. They have real character ... and we know quilters ourselves are 'characters' too :)

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  8. Thanks for all that you share with us. I would be totally exhausted with your schedule! Have a great time at home & in your travels.

  9. What a super quilt shop - I would so love to visit, but that will never happen as I live right in the centre of the UK. The delightful house reminded me of several quilt shops I visited around 1999 when my husband and I visited San Antonio, Texas. You do see some great places, Bonnie. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  10. Great pics and I love that shop. I spend many hours there, getting tons of ideas and of course, tons of fabric too!

  11. This is one of the prettiest stores I've see. Quaint and cute. Would love to visit. Thanks for sharing these visits with us.

  12. I would love to live near or even own a shop such as this.

    thanks for sharing with us!

  13. Thanks for the tour. I also love shops set up in old homes-such wonderful rooms to devote to different types of fabric makes it easier to find what you like, I think. Sometime when you are at Quiltvilla you might want to make a trip to Granite Falls to visit the Cotton Quilt. Shop owner Martha has used her family's old farmhouse to set up a great shop, right in the middle of farm country. Martha would be thrilled by a visit from you.

  14. looks like a great shop. LOVE that area of the Mitten (I am a native now living in GA)

  15. yippee! The mystery is coming, tra la!

  16. I live in a city and we don't have any shops like this - I wish .... :(

  17. Woohoo, looking forward to Scrap Crystals in SD. Getting my 2" strips cut and ready for the class. See you then.

  18. Anonymous2:45 PM EDT

    Bonnie that must of reminded you of me Holly your friend from Idaho.


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