Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Stash Enhancing in The Soo!

My first stop when reaching Sault Ste Marie, MI was to The Quilted Moose of course!

The cutest little quilt shop in all of the UP!

Shop owner Chris had bent over backwards to make sure that everything was ready for my visit and I so appreciate her help in overseeing every little detail.

Emails had flown back and forth over the last several months and she was there to receive boxes of books, rounded up a quilt stand for my use, and even loaned me her featherweight for my time in The Soo!


Fabric and patterns and notions. Oh My!


Walls of color and inspiration!


Oh boy, blacks and whites!  Let me at them!


The four pieces on the left came from The Quilted Moose!

The upper piece with the circles was actually part of a “baby” line ---don’t forget to check the juvenile fabrics for some really great  and fun neutrals!  Of course I love anything with words, and the orange and green Halloween fabrics are here because I’m in the mood!

It’s a darling shop, and if you find yourself in the UP near Sault Ste Marie, you need to stop in!

My new favorite mug!

I’m a tea drinker.  I never got the hang of coffee because my family other than my Grannie never really drank it during my growing up years ---I can handle it if there is enough cream and sugar around to make it palatable!  But how folks drink it BLACK!??

((Okay, true confessions..I love a McDonald’s iced coffee with sugar free vanilla while on a long road trip – that’s about as far as my coffee drinking goes!  Oh, and coffee ice cream? you betcha!))

But mostly, I love my tea.  Especially on chilly fall mornings such as this one.

Fog from my deck!

Welcome October!!  I love the first day of any month….the month is a clean slate, a gift waiting to be opened – what are we going to do with OCTOBER?!?

We are going to reveal the colors for this year’s mystery in 2 weeks!  YAY!

Which means, I need to get off my hiney and get this top put together. 

I’m planning on heading up to the cabin tomorrow for some serious machine time.  The Hubster will join me when he is off work on Friday.

I picked up the paint cards at Lowe’s last night…*sneaky grin*

October is going to be THE BOMB!

Make it an AWESOME Wednesday, and don’t forget about Quilt-Cam tonight!  9PM EST.  Right here on the blog.

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  1. What a great looking store, would love a long look into that one. I love the picture from your deck, quite calming. I love October.

    Can't wait for the new mystery, roll on two weeks!

  2. Bombs? Snails and slugs exploding in numbers, last zillion caterpillars fattening up, lots of pumpkins and squashes for winter storing..... and last but not least: the Sampler in Haarlem has new owners, so the hangout is saved! Cannot wait for the color samples, hope to catch up tonight as well. Next time we meet I'll get you a tea!
    love from rainy Witmarsum,

  3. Cute store! My idea of a great road trip is going from one quilt store to the next. 2 GFs and I once visitec 22 shops in 3 days! All in northwest Oregon. Fall has definitely arrived in southcentral Alaska: leaves have changed color, we've had frosty mornings for a week, and this morning we have our first fire in the woodstove. Hope to make quilt cam tonight, but 5 pm (my time) is hard.

  4. Cant wait to find out the colors of the mystery. Im excited. Will be sewing with you tonight binding my celtic im entering it in a quilt show next week. See ya tonight

  5. Did a bit of stash enhancement the last couple of weeks! (could finally see the top of my cutting table-darn). Shirts from G'W on Labor day,along with 2 men's wool jackets that are going to be "fancied" up. Then 2 quilt shops in Owensville,MO while there visiting my sister last week. One shop had a HUGE trunk of scraps-$5 for a Walmart bag-did 3 before my back ached too much and my sis got impatient. Had some very large pieces of denim and some purple wool-score. Tote bags and who knows what else! Eagerly waiting for Quilt-Cam-been almost too long!

  6. OK, You've given me one reason to LOVE October. The MYSTERY Fabrics Colors. How bout a sneaky peek during quilt cam??? Pretty Please. Just one of the colors would help me in my collecting of fabrics.

  7. Anonymous2:01 PM EDT

    yea what Mary said I want to have time to increase the colors i will need for the mysrty

  8. You are SO BAD! Teasing s about the mystery colors like this! Can't wait ...

    Hoping your sweet Sadie Jane gets to ride up to the cabin with you and spend quality mommy-puppy time.

    Weatherman promises much more Fall like weather this weekend etc. Hoping so. Been all over the range of weather here. FALL can't come quick enough.

    Like your mug. Did you pick it up on a trip?

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  9. Am working late tonight, but will be catching the rerun soon, I haven't missed one yet! :) Gotta keep up my #1 Fan reputation!

  10. All ready for Quilt Cam. I do hope we get a tiny sneak peek of the edge of one of the mystery colors... Glad you're home to enjoy the great Fall weather.

  11. I don't understand what THE BOMB means? Am I living under a rock? Please let me know! :)


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