Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pineapple Blossom Day with the Village Quilters!

There is much excitement all over the globe about our upcoming Grand Illusion Mystery!  Color cards to help choose fabrics were even brought to class, held at Paradise Sewing in Poway, California for a bit of stash enhancement during class time! 


I’ve seen folks posting photos of their already pulled stash, discussing which colors they’ve substituted, or what fabric they want for the yellow “constant”  which means – YES – I used ONE YELLOW FABRIC ONLY for my yellow, but you can also go scrappy there if you want. Your quilt, your rules, your colors.  I am just sharing what I made my quilt with, so you can follow along if you like, or make it your own way.  It’s ALL GREAT and I love to see variations as well – it inspires us all!

Before I get to yesterday’s class photos I wanted to throw in that NO –I am NOT giving advance notice of accuquilt die shapes.  That would reveal too much of any clue.  Accuquilt is an optional tool, the same way the Easy Angle ruler is.  I gave info that the Easy Angle ruler will be used, but that does not give away piece sizes at this time.  Giving dies for accuquilt just lets too many cats out of the bag at once.  Remember this is a mystery for a reason ---accuquilt may be used for this mystery, but it is your choice to use that tool.  You will need to wait for each step to be revealed.  Thank you so much for understanding!


Such a great day making blocks with new found friends!

This was the “Purple Corner!”


Everyone was SEW BUSY!!


And they got SEW MUCH DONE!

Click the image below if you are unable to view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.
Pineapple Blossom, San Diego CA 2014


Last Night’s Hexie Session!

Note the clip on IKEA light…I never leave home without it!  It doesn’t take much space in my suitcase, and we all know that hotel lighting is dim at best….This little light clips anywhere, and the cord is extra long so plugging wherever there is plug access is easy!

This morning I’ll be back with the Village Quilters for my presentation at their guild meeting.

And then after lunch I’ll be dropped off at my next hotel for a few days with the Friendship Quilters --

Tonight’s plan is to visit Quilt Visions and the opening of the new fiber art show they have going on.

Fun of all fun things --- When I landed in San Diego, I got a text from my friend Kevin Womack who had just read on facebook that I had landed here ---turns out he has come all the way from Virginia because HE has a quilt hanging in this show!  Double bonus –I get to see him and his quilt as well as spend a fun evening with my friend Jill who I haven’t seen since our fun days in May at the Needlearts Seminar on Mackinac Island – the inspiration for this year’s Grand Illusion Mystery! 

And – I slept until 4:30am which gave me an hour and a half push closer to THIS time zone!

Have a great Saturday, Everyone!

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  1. Welcome to San Diego! We have lots of great quilt shops here including world famous Quilt in a Day and Cozy Quilt Shop. We have lots of great weather (though we desperately need rain). We have lots of great places to visit. Sadly I'm sure you don't have lots of time but I hope you enjoy your stay!

  2. Wow! The lady with the color cards even wore a blouse to match.

  3. Thanks for the mention of the Ikea clip-on light. It's the little things that make us happy, yeah? Yesterday was a field trip Ikea for just such a light and it works a treat - especially for doing bindings while the TV is on. Headed to Lowe's later today. Happy California (from Washington state)

  4. Soooo excited your in town. Six " Nite Owl Quilters Guild "
    members from Rancho Cucamonga have signed up to be in your "Virginia Bound" class on Monday . Yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. "Your quilt, your rules, your colors." Thank you. I find that so many are afraid to make changes. I take everything in life as suggestions and often changes things that would have been better left unchanged. I have learned great lessons that way. Can't wait for the mystery to begin and this will be my first scrappy adventure. My background is in IT and well done programming is very planned adventure not scrappy at all. I need to practice scrappy. Thanks for all you do. Many of us so appreciate your work and inspiration.

  6. I went to Lowe's yesterday and they had all the color cards except the pink. I will check back with them. I will probably switch out one color, but I'm keeping the yellow and pink for sure!

  7. My friend in Texas and I have had some really good laughs today talking on the phone about some posts on Facebook Quiltville group! Such fun we're having with all those color cards!

  8. You are in my favorite city in the US. I was there a couple of years ago and would have loved to stay and hit all the quilt shops. Wish I was there!!

  9. Thank you for sharing your talent and time with all of us and giving us another mystery quilt. I finished a quilt top today, so now I can pull my fabrics and have them in a basket ready to go. I am pulling from my scraps also, regardless of the size the strips etc are. I can always "re-file" them if they are too small.

    Question about the easy angle ruler - Is it an absolute? I have the 4.5" one, and wondered if I NEED the 6.5" or can we use another method/tool ?? So excited to participate. Clearing the calendar!

  10. Anonymous7:27 PM EDT

    Wonderful event and some wonderful sewing done by all. I don't have a great scrap selection as yet but I'm thinking about developing one by starting to buy extra colours that I don't usually use! What sizing of fabric would you suggest?

  11. Went to the local quilt shop today for soup & sew gathering. The table of ladies seated behind my had the step printed off, paint chips from the store, and a stack or two of fabrics chosen for their quilts. Not to be out down, I bought a few of their chosen ones, and added a few of my own choices to a stack for my quilt. Next month we meet before the mystery starts so we will all have fun stitching Step 2 and any catch up on Step 1 when we see each other again in December.

  12. As much fun and laughter you have at classes and lectures, it must feel good to relax without shoes...and chill out each evening. Relax while you can. While I have said this so many times, your schedule (as well as your ability to keep it going) is downright amazing! One half a day trying to keep up that pace would do me in.

    Over at Open Studio, the group is buzzing about colors, fabrics and all about the mystery. FUN times.

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  13. Anonymous10:04 PM EDT

    Ikea also has a great small portable tabletop ironing board - less than $7. Thanks for the inspiration! Cathy

  14. Looks like great fun! Oh the buzz over the mystery is loud, went fabric shopping today and the lady at the Quilt store was on the fence, but she was all on board by the time I finished. She said she has been cutting fabric all dY for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery, sounds like color cards are all gone at the local lowes! Lol who knew you needed to rush to Lowes right away... We can't wait to get started.

  15. I was so excited about the early surprise of showing us the colors! What nice memories your pictures of the Grand brought back.

    Yesterday I went on Central Illinois Shop Hop with 2 ladies. I met one at Guild and she brought her quilting MIL. I bought fabric!!! They bought fabric.We had a "Grand" time.

    We did not get to all the shops so I am going again next week-end with another lady or two that I met at your workshop in Champaign, IL and Bloomington, Illinois.

    See how you bring people together and we make friends .

    Thank you for all the hard work you do and share with us. You are a true Blessing.

  16. Lowe's still has paint chips so if you need some e-mail me and I will try to get you a set
    My e-mail is debiwinchester@frontier.com

  17. muire aine mc cailin5:14 AM EDT

    I am so excited about the early mystery colour revel.Pulling the fabrics as we speak hello from Ireland


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