Sunday, October 19, 2014

Just One More Night, Please!

So, the Hubster decides that we should stay at the cabin an extra night, and just leave for home early in the morning instead.

Hooray! I'm all for that!

I stitched these Bear Paw quarters while avoiding football today There really are days where I wish I could make myself like sports, but I honestly can't no matter how hard I try. I hide at the sewing machine.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these little blocks yet, but I needed a new travel project, and I always try to have a crumb or paper piecing project going to use up the little bits and pieces left over from other projects.

The best thing about paper piecing small blocks?  You can cram a whole bunch of variety into a very small zip lock bag, and the pieces only need to be big enough to cover where they go on the paper shape, they are sewn first, trimmed later, so I don’t have to rotary cut any of these pieces down to a certain size before piecing.

This may be for a future magazine and/or book project, so no sizes or numbers of pieces will be given at this time….sometimes I just need something to work on while on the road, and this is it.  We will see where it will go from here!

It’s been a nice easy day here at Quilt Villa ---


View down by the pond –love the reflection in the water!


View from behind my handlebars!


Twin gazebos at the other end of the pond --

The POA up here on the mountain has really done a great job this summer in making things more user friendly and desirable for residents.  The gazebos are a lovely place to sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


Our waterfall is hardly running right now!


Colors up the road just starting ---

All of the greens and reds and yellows make me think of this quilt:

Today’s #vintagequiltsunday post!

I have this quilt hanging over the loft rail at the cabin – every Sunday that I am not traveling I have tried to post a photo of a vintage quilt in my collection, just to share its quirkiness and to marvel and wonder at the maker long gone.

Who was this woman and why did she put only ONE BLUE BLOCK in this quilt?  This one is on my “must remake this one” list and I do love it ---maybe I’ll put one blue block in too!

I hope you have enjoyed your weekend!  It feels really good to say “I don’t have a lot to post about today” because that means that life is truly uncomplicated at the moment and I am completely content to just stay in and stitch a bit and enjoy the quiet solitude of cabin life.

Home early in the morning…leaving here at 6am, so my morning blog post will follow after I return home and unload the car.

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  1. Oh my, one more night at Quiltvilla? Oh how you suffer, hee hee. Nice to have a calm piecing afternoon and glad you got the chance.
    Safe travels tomorrow on your way to the other home.

  2. Wonder why they'd put the gazebos side by side instead of one at each end of pond? Those utilizing gazebos could at least maybe have a little privacy! LOL

  3. Love that quilt, too! If I made one like it, I'd be tempted to make all of the blocks in blue (my favorite color, except for the one in orange!

  4. Anonymous8:00 PM EDT

    Forgive the poke this morning about the bearpaw blocks, but to use a football term "you were wide open for it!" :) As it happens, someone at guild Thursday brought me a bag of edge cuttings from her Accu Go (cutting hexies!), and said "I don't know if there is anything useable, but if anyone can find a use, it's you"..and then along came you with your bear paws..just enough bits to make claw points :) So I made my pattern and here I go! Thanks :) Chris Gray PHQG, Augusta GA

  5. Football weekends mean more time in my studio without feeling guilty for spending too much time in there. I too just can't get into sports on TV. I have been making parts to your "Kiss in the Corner" quilt, taking my time and just enjoying the process. Carry on Bonnie, you rock.

  6. Hi
    I thought for a pattern like that you make it one lot over the paper but here i see you cut it into parts for example 3 parts here , right?
    Is it easier and what a bout the seam allowance?
    Thank u
    P S forgive my English

  7. Really love today's antique quilt. Do you know what the pattern is.


    P.S. I love reading your posts everday.

  8. I'm glad you get one more night at the cabin! Bear Paws are my Quilt Buddies Favorite blocks to make. Nice to have something to take along. I am working on my scraps and organizing them. I'll save the cutting of colors that go in the mystery until I know what size they are to be. A little Fall -clear the cutting table time. Gotta start on Christmas gifts to deliver over the Thanksgiving holiday. Taking my machine and mystery fabrics along for the ride.

  9. Hi Bonnie, beautiful quilt... maybe she just ran outta the other colors...
    guess we will never know. You know, some day when your in Heaven (I'm just assuming here...LoL) people are going to come up to you and say... you know, you rescued my quilt from such and such place. And I'm sure it will make you feel pretty good. At least it makes me feel good that you have done it. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Oh, one more thing. Our son works for a company (all of 3 people in it) that make mobiles. Since you enjoy hexies so much, I thought you would enjoy seeing this mobile they made using hexies. They are out of Portland, Oregon. Jean djcogdill@q.com


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