Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Day to Sew in San Antonio!

This is how I spent my day today ---

Trying to choose between sewing some seams --

Or petting Hunter, my friend Irene’s 8 month old tuxedo kitty.

When Irene warned me that he was the sweetest most affectionate cat she had ever come across, I nodded my head while thinking to myself “All cat lovers think the same thing about their cats…” but wondering if he would be afraid of me and run and hide as soon as I walked in.


He was up on my lap in 3 minutes flat and purring away.  And then he climbed up on my shoulders and wrapped his whole body around my neck.

I fell in love!

Here he is ON my lap while I am trying to sew.  Put him down, and 30 seconds later he is back up on your lap begging to be petted…or batting at fabric scraps, or grabbing the iron cord.  OH NO!!


What…you think you are going to cut this fabric???

Think again!


I’ve been busy with my little Bear Paw units.

I traveled with just a simple gallon zip lock bag of crumbs and pieces, and it is amazing what you can get out of them.

Yes I know, Bear Paw units would be very easy to make with regular rotary cutting, but this way I can travel with a very small amount of fabric, but still have great variety.  

And let's face it..I have crumbs and small pieces to spare!

And I don’t have to rotary cut the crumbs down before paper piecing with them.  So for every quilt there is the best method depending on what you are working with.


We set up to sew here!

In Irene’s studio…and last night her daughter came to sew with us too, so there were three machines going, and plenty of room to spread out and move around.  I was so exhausted I was done by 10:30pm.  They had to carry on without me.

But tonight, I am ready!  Irene has a class tonight, so I have taken a little nap…and a nice long walk.  ((And yes, I have reconfirmed what I expected..bugs are still alive and well and biting in San Antonio, TX!!))


67 done, 67 bazillion to go!

Do you think I’ll get much sewing done with this little guy in the middle of the madness?

Who can resist this face?

And I do have to admit….he IS the sweetest most affectionate kitty ever…


But don’t turn your back!

He ate my  dinner pizza that was left on the counter – right through the plastic wrap.

He couldn’t deny it even though he gave me that innocent look and wrapped himself around my ankles.

The pepperoni breath doesn’t lie!

Have a great evening, everyone!

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  1. Love your bear paw blocks and little Hunter too! That face is to cute to resist. Enjoy your evening!

  2. The pepperoni breath - haha - made me smile - loving your stories :)

  3. He is so like my little girl MaryJane. If it's break time, she is laying on whatever I'm sew on. Usually every 2 hours. Love your photos and your tales.

  4. What size are those blocks? They sure look small!!! Smiling!

  5. It's the cuteness factor.

  6. Huge ears, he's going to be a good mouser. I had a kitten sew with me - too much fun and not much done! Have a great time with your friends.

  7. Aw, what a sweet little friend you have, I bet you had fun together. I had to smile about the pepperoni breath!
    Wow, what a super studio, wish I had one like that.

  8. I am so happy you are enjoying some "ME" time.
    What size are the bear paw blocks?
    I am thinking I should use up some of my bits and pieces!

  9. How funny these little kitties are, they make me chuckle. I hope he enjoyed the pizza and it did not cause any upset... Have a great time sewing! Looks like she has the same 301 as you have at the cabin. A twin... LOL

  10. Oh Bonnie,
    That little kitty is too too sweet and cute!!! I wouldn't be able to get a thing done with that guy around. A few years ago a stray black kitty literally came knocking on my sliding door.He was very thing so I opened the door, and he reached up with his little paw and patted my face. I fed him of course so he kept coming back. And then disappeared one day. He would have made a great sewing companion!!!


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