Friday, October 17, 2014

Zombie Friday!

Meet Thomas the Quilter!

I had wandered like a zombie all over the Atlanta airport during my 4 hour layover. ((A girl can seriously get lost in there, and clock a gazillion fitbit steps in the process)) finally arriving at my gate about 10 minutes before boarding.

Up comes this handsome man and his beautiful wife to ask if I am Bonnie Hunter!

Uhoh!  Am I being served?  I swear, I got legally excused for that jury duty because I had a plane ticket and contracts to teach in San Diego!

No!  It’s Thomas saying hello, and explaining that he and his wife are both traveling today and when they read my facebook post that I was “SOMEWHERE” in the airport, they thought “wouldn’t it be fun if….”

And they found me!

This time every year Thomas goes to visit his dad in El Paso, Texas.  And his sewing machine goes with him in his carry on – I saw it!  The man is packed to travel!  He will be spending the week visiting with his dad, and put in some piecing time in between the activities while his wife is off to California to put in some visiting time with HER family ---and they will both return home after a week or so.

We posed for a quick photo opportunity.  Don’t I just look like someone who got only 2 hours sleep on an overnight flight, could use a combing of the hair and a brushing of the teeth??

It was such a pleasure to meet them!


Home, Home at last!!

But I didn’t deplane before taking THIS photo of the guy sitting in front of me:

I really wanted this shirt! Ha!

I was met in Greensboro outside of baggage claim by The Hubster and Sadie Jane and whisked away to the wilds of Wilkesboro where doors had to be finalized and paid for so we can have the new entry doors in before Thanksgiving.  They say it will take 35 days for them to be delivered, but I’m not holding my breath.  Knowing how things like this go, it may be Christmas before we get the doors installed, but before New Year I hope to be gazing out through beautiful doors that will hopefully be the last ones this cabin will ever need.  At least during MY life time. 

Of course…running on 2 hours sleep means that I crashed as soon as groceries were put away – I only awoke at 5:30pm and forced myself awake so that I can sleep tonight.  It was still light out, and lovely and Sadie was begging for walkies, so out we went.


Out where trees are Russet, Green & Gold against a blue blue North Carlina sky!


Down where dirt roads are lined with pole fences and mountains fill the distance.


Up on a front porch where I wish I could sit and rock forever ---

Sadie Jane and I are declaring this a hand-stitchin-feet-up-in-the-comfy-chair-with-copious-amounts-of-netflix weekend!  I don’t have any machine projects with me since I came straight from the airport.

However, I did finish this section and it is ready to go on:


Tonight’s goal – Satellite to the Mother Ship!

I have a quilt in one of the quilt bags in the back of the van that needs a hanging sleeve ---My Blue Heaven was made for the guest room bed, and here I’ve been teaching it all of these years with no hanging sleeve.  I might just do one while I’m here.

A couple quilts need hanging sleeves re-attached at the edges  ((Virginia Bound in particular..one side has come loose)) and my demo quilt for my lecture has one edge of binding that could be tacked a bit better after years of travel and abuse.

My goal this weekend is to sit, feet up, stitch slowly, and just unwind and let my body get back to normal before I screw it all up again on Thursday when I go to Texas!

Dinner is planned with friends for tomorrow evening.  Perfect.  I haven’t seen them in what seems like forever!

We’ll head home on Sunday evening, and I think that Tuesday evening will be perfect for Quilt-Cam.  Stay tuned for more info on that, I’m playing this on the fly here!

Have a great evening, Everyone!

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  1. Quilt Villa is truly a retreat for you. Your whole attitude changes and life is just more relaxed.

  2. Bonnie I was thinking the same thing on his shirt, lol. I also like the plaid that Thomas was wearing. I look for shirts everywhere since I found Quiltville.

  3. Anonymous9:24 PM EDT

    Enjoy and relax! You deserve it! :)

  4. Interesting story about Thomas--good for him.

    I want to know what kind of vitamins you take to keep you going and going. Wish I had half your energy. Enjoy your days off; see you at Quiltcam.

  5. Bless your heart! All that jet setting, living the rich life is not as super easy as some people say, is it? Enjoy your beautiful cabin and some peace and quiet!

  6. Bonnie, we just got home from leaf-peeping in North Carolina. What a beautiful state! Love your blog and stay amazed at your boundless energy. Have a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

  7. Enjoy your quiet hand stitching weekend, Bonnie! I think you earned it. Our leaves are all turning too. Such a pretty sight: bright leaves against a blue, blue sky.

  8. Anonymous6:04 AM EDT

    Hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend. You deserve it!

  9. Enjoy your time up in the mountains. The colors look beautiful. I honestly don't know how you do it with all the time zones week after week. I did a California-Delaware last month and even though I had a good schedule I got stuck in Charlotte! I was a basket case by the time hubby picked me up. Glad Sadie has you back.

  10. Wonderful airport tale! Quilters abound.

    Looks like SadieJane is having that "We gotta talk Mom! AND where have you been???"

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  11. Hi Bonnie, I gave almost completed my hand pieced hexagon quilt. But if I did another, I would have used the appliqué past method instead of tacking papers. Look at Paula Storms method.
    Venora Smith

  12. LOL Bonnie, I do the same thing about some of the shirts men wear. Over the years I have told my guy friends of a quilt that was inspired by their shirt fabric. :)


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