Monday, October 20, 2014

Early Morning, Down the Mountain

This was the morning sky at 7am as we were making our way home from the cabin.

Not too many people out on the road at this hour, but as we got closer to Winston Salem, driving traffic had picked up and red tail lights followed red tail lights and I knew ---It is a Monday and the masses are on their way to work.

I guess that means me too – after so many days gone!

The van is unloaded and I was greeted by both cats, Chloe who lives outside, and Emmy who lives inside –both demanding attention.  Or food.  Or both.
Check the stack of mail on the dining room table.

Unload the cooler and put all the food from the cabin away.

Put the suitcase on the bed ---tackle what’s inside later!

Pour myself a beverage and sit down to start writing this post while making a mental list of things that have to happen between today and Thursday when I leave for Texas.

I think all of our ducks are in a row!

I’ll be teaching at Stitchin’ Heaven in Mineola through the weekend, and really looking forward to meeting up with the gals there.  Then I’ll head to San Antonio for a few days – planning on spending some time at my friend Irene’s while I work on book quilts for the next book….We’ll play Monday through Friday, and head to Houston on Saturday, leaving on the cruise on Sunday.  Whoot!

Okay, my fingers are rambling…

Last Night’s Relax & Stitch!

I did get a bit of chiding for breaking my own plan of HANDWORK ONLY when I showed the bear paw blocks yesterday ---but but but!  When an idea hits you have to run with it, right?  And doesn’t the fact that I was avoiding football give me a good excuse?

I did pull out the old pink and brown Dear Jane quilt and got several fans hand quilted through the evening as we watched Madame Secretary and The Good Wife.  Gosh, I love curling up with the hand quilting – I need to do this more.

But first….Haircut at 10am, Massage at 2pm to get all of the kinks out before we do this travel thing again ---

I have more Show & Share photos to post.  I have more quilt shop photos to post.

But right now my morning is running crazily away from me and I better run and catch it.

I'm tackling that huge stack of mail on the dining room table and getting the book orders out that have come in while I was gone.

And YES.  I am still planning on Quilt-Cam TOMORROW night at 9pm EST!

I have a feeling I am going to sleep THROUGH that massage---

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  1. I think sleeping at a Massage appointment would be a good thing. This is a 2nd Dear Jane for you. Love the colors for it. YEA, for Quilt Cam.
    No chiding here. Do what you want! Life it too short.

  2. YOU have to take mega vitamins or something to keep up the pace you do. Sleeping during the massage is a GOOD thing!!!!

    I gave up on Dear Jane... and I not completely sure why. So many of my own quilts in my mind, plus your patterns, it just stopped being important for now. But I can go back to it...have some blocks made up.

    Mary's question above!!! DO WHAT YOU WANT...life can be so short. At 72 yrs. old, which I can not believe, I realize years do really fly by fast. And thankfully John and I did a lot of traveling with the kids and after they left the nest... because now, in our family, traveling can not happen. DO WHAT YOU WANT...not always what you need to do - PLEASE. Thanks Mary to posting the above.

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  3. Gosh, your itinerary makes my head spin. I really don't know how you do and can see why massages are important. Enjoy the doze whilst you are being kneaded. So intrigued by all your coming and going that I had a look at your calendar nod was pleased to see you are taking quite a bit of Family Time in November and almost all of December. Well done, you and your family have earned that special time!

  4. Beautiful sunrise, Bonnie. I do so love that time of day, thinking about the possibilities of the day before me. Safe travels! Janet in WA

  5. Bonnie, I live in the Alba-Golden area just down the road from Mineola. Unfortunately I won't be able to join any of your classes, but if you have some free time while you are here you might check out the Golden Sweet Potato Festival happening this weekend. There will be singing, a parade, livestock shows, and a quilt show! (Quilt show is usually inside the Methodist church). Would love to see yo there! http://www.goldensweetpotatofestival.org/

  6. Hey Bonnie as always love reading your blog. I'll be looking forward to sewing with you tomarrow night on quilt cam. I'm planning on working on my cat quilt.

    have a great day!

  7. Looking forward to your class at Stitchin Heaven!

  8. can't wait to see you in class Friday!!! So glad you do this for us quilters!!

  9. i will sew any day to not watch football unles my grands are playing

  10. Whatever it takes to avoid football (or any sports, for that matter,lol) is ok!

  11. Planning on visiting tomorrow with quilt cam! I'll be binding...probably for next several weeks but won't be be great to have Christmas quilts done by Thanksgiving!

  12. Anonymous2:05 AM EDT

    Hey Bonnie~ Would you mind showing us a little bit of how you do your hand quilting with the hoop on quilt cam? I've never done it but I do have a hoop and some old quilt tops. I would LOVE a little encouragement and some tips! If you have time of course......Take it easy, and thanks in advance! Laurie


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