Thursday, October 30, 2014

** Cruise Alert!! **

I am sending this out last minute hoping that everyone attending  the cruise has already taken care of everything they need to to be ready for Sunday ---

We have only a few days until we sail from Galveston and I am really looking forward to this cruise with you!

I was talking to one of our cruisers yesterday, and she somehow missed that she was supposed to not only print the booklet and the luggage tags from the cruise booklet that was emailed, but that there is a link on page 4 that she NEEDS to do her online check-in before arriving at the ship.

She has not cruised before and wasn't aware of this.

It lead me to think that it would be a GOOD IDEA to send a quick mass reminder to our cruisers that they need to do this.


Along with remembering your passport, and other info, be SURE that you not only print your cruise booklet and luggage tags but that you also do your ONLINE CHECK IN before the cruise!

There is a blue hyperlink on page 4 of the guest ticket booklet. View it online and click that link so that you can fill in your information.  It's kind of hidden and you may have overlooked it.


You may have done this already, but I just wanted to be sure that EVERYONE knew where to find this link and have all of this done before we board.
See you in Galveston!

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  1. Enjoy that cruise! I have cruise with Bonnie on my bucket list so eventually I am going to need this info, lol! Thanks for always looking out for us quilters Bonnie!

  2. Thanks, I had missed that in all the printing and other info! Guess I had better do it now!


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