Thursday, October 02, 2014

Back on Buck Mountain!

 This is the face of a happy girl who is ready to head up to the cabin and spend a few days playing in the mountains.

And taking naps.

Lots of naps!

I have quite a few nap cards to redeem myself…when WAS my last blissful uninterupted nap where I woke up on my own, not with an alarm clock?

I’m over due!

We headed out and were done with post office run and bank run by 10am ---leaving only a grocery run as we entered Wilkesboro by 11:30am…..

((Why is it that nothing makes me hungrier than the smell of rotisserie chickens in the deli department, especially at lunch time??


The view from the front porch upon our arrival!

Groceries were quickly put away, and lunch was soon consumed….all the while Sadie Jane watched clouds form into dream shapes from her vantage point on the front porch:


Yeah.  Guard Dog.  Ha!

There was only one thing to do – I had to roll the treadle out onto the porch and join her!


Oh, this felt so good!

However I was reminded quickly of how buggy the mountains of North Carolina are ---No bugs in Ketchikan, no bugs in Buffalo ---a couple swarms of midges in Sault Ste Marie, MI ---but here?  HOLY BUZZING THINGS!  I guess we need a good hard frost to put an end to that stuff, and I’m not ready for it to be that cold yet.  Here on the porch it was a wonderful 75 degrees!


Treadle power ---


This good old girl got quite the workout this afternoon!


There is a bit of color happening up here ---

But nothing like what I saw up in northern Michigan!  Not a lot of maple trees here so we don’t get a lot of the reds, usually some golds and oranges ---that is if a rain storm doesn’t take it all down to the ground before we even get to enjoy it.  I think we are still a couple weeks early yet for real fall color here.


You can see the yellow happening!

And Sadie saying…..why are you stopping to take another photo??  I’ve got some more walking to do and more things to sniff!


Color at the end of my road ---

It definitely feels like fall is around the bend – these warm temps we have won’t last forever so I am glad that I spent time outside on the porch today!

What we lack in colorful foliage, we make up for in Sunsets:


Beautiful, isn’t it?

Plans for this evening include burgers on the grill, and some binding being hand stitched down while we veg out to the TV.  Jammies.  Feet up in my comfy chair.  Covered with a quilt and binding away ---Perfect.

Have a great Thursday Eve, everyone!

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  1. Your day sounds perfect! Glad to see Sadie Jane; it seems she must feel right at home when she is at the cabin. Your evening sounds great too. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Anonymous8:09 PM EDT

    Nothing beats those beautiful mountains in fall. Enjoy wish I was there. No color at all in so cal. Sharon aka goathillquilter

  3. Looks like this is just what you needed after a busy month. Thanks for sharing your beautiful mountains with us, I love looking at them

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  5. Well we got to our Blue Ridge mtn house today to find bugs.....really wasps...that had decided to build a "nest" in our bathroom linen closet��. Probably 300-400 dead on floor in bathroom....and more dying as we keep spraying the nest. And a dead mice in hot water heater closet...the "joys" of a mtn house but definitely worth the occasional problems! I would take your bugs any Day!

  6. Sewing on the porch........my idea of THE way to sew. I love it!

    Getting ready for the mystery.

  7. The pure joy on Sadie's face is wonderful. She loves you so very much. And time alone with you, well it is her total dream come true. You see "I read doggie faces"

    Cabin and area look so good. As soon as we get REAL chilly weather I will sew on our deck. Too hot now. Have fun.... walk and nap with Sadie Jane.

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  8. Whqt a sweet baby girl you have. She is so happy in the picture. Not just because she is going to the cabin but her mom is going to be with her. Sounds like yall are having a wonderful time at the cabin. Enjoy your time there.

  9. That is one beautiful happy dog :))))

  10. Looks like a wonderful place to sew love your porch joining u w some hand binding myself

  11. Sadie looks sooo happy to be with you and at the cabin! I envy your weather. Here in Southcentral Alaska, we've had frost for the last 10 mornings, and sunny but chilly days (mid to high 40's). But today was about sewing! Got backs ready for 3 quilts: 2 overdue baby quilts and a raffle quilt for our church's Christmas Bazaar. Taking them to guild meeting tonight; they'll go home with the LA quilter. Onto the next - a pumpkin wall hanging.

  12. Seriously Mommy.... there are sniffs to sniff and smells to smell... get with the program!

  13. Absolutely LOVE pictures from Buck Mountain and especially Sadie Jane. That picture of her riding "shotgun" with that big smile brought one to my face!! Linda

  14. Thanks for sharing Bonnie. It was a beautiful day here in Southern Ontario on Monday and I did the exact same thing pulled my treadle out onto the deck.

    Enjoy your much deserved relaxation time.


  15. Beautiful mountains to enjoy. This weekend is supposed to be fantastic. Sewing on the mountain is just what you needed after so much flying around.

  16. You take all the naps you need to this week-end! I love being able to nap as needed now that I don't have children at home or in school.

  17. Gorgeous Day, Happy Dog, Wonderful Old Machine, Fabric and Down Time to Sew - PERFECTION!! Enjoy - you deserve a break on the mountain.

  18. Spending time in your piece of heaven with your dog and sewing too...very jealous.Won't forget to mention the view!!!

  19. It makes me smile thinking about how happy that dog is when you come home. And even happier when you get into the car to head up to the mountain!

  20. Anonymous8:02 AM EDT

    BEAUTIFUL is right!!!!!!

    Jonnie in SC

  21. Anonymous9:26 AM EDT

    Beautiful views - headed that way in a few weeks to visit our daughter in NE Tennessee. Hoping to see the colors in the Smokies and visit the NC Ren Faire. Thank you for sharing your time & talent with so many of us. Cindy at cwienstroer@amuniversal.com

  22. joannem1111@hotmail.com 4Yehh, by using your instructions I am able to comment. I am a real fan and talk and share your ideas with my friends and we all find you so inspiring to try new blocks. Love your quilt cams and articles in Quiltmaker too. Please add me to your drae.

  23. Try having a couple oof unscented fabric dryer sheets around. One tucked in your pocket and one in machine drawer. Works for me most of the time.

  24. I know the answer to the rotisserie chicken question . . . it's because you know all the work is already done for you and you just need to pick up some sides . . . already done for you!!


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