Monday, October 06, 2014

A Charlevoix Kind of Day!

A plan was hatched for a van full of girls to go Road-Trippin’ before dropping me off at the airport in Pellston last Monday afternoon.

A van full of quilters with “Destination Quilt Shop” as a consensus?  Oh Yes!

Mind you, in Michigan, it means nothing to anyone to get in the car and drive 2.5 hours for a quilt shop run.

And there was loads of scenery to see, autumn color to behold.

a van full of laughter and chatter and eager voices full of anticipation.


Good Morning, Willy!

We stopped at Shasta’s place to swap out vehicles.  I ran over to the barn to say hello to Willy, he is the cutest little guy!  ((Big guys out in the pasture behind)) 

In the winter, all of the big horses from Mackinac Island are brought to this area in the UP for wintering off island.  They weren’t up here yet but should be within the next few weeks.  I loved the horses on Mackinac!


Shasta’s BIG BARN.

Don’t you think that barn needs a big ole Barn Quilt Block??

I love old barns too!


Autumn color! ((with antenna through the car window!))

It was a bit of misty drizzly when we left Shasta’s place ----temps had dropped considerably since our workshop day before, but we embraced it and on we went!


Back over the Mackinac Bridge!

Charlevoix by Air!

I found this photo on google images showing where we were on this narrow peninsula…see the small lake in the center of the closest land mass?  TOWN!


Here we are on that small round inlet!


Town is full of cute shops and little restaurants ---


Great old buildings!


Fun displays of autumn color!

And I think this post just took a turn.  I have SO many photos that I can’t do it all in one post, so I am going to save my Hearts to Holly Quilt Shop photos for tomorrow’s post all on its own!

Instead –you have got to see these cute “Mushroom Houses” that Charlevoix is famous for!


Mushroom House --So Very Unusual!

Hobbitland … mushroom homes … elf space … gnome houses … Smurfsville … the creations of Earl Young are known world-wide.  And the only place you can see them is Charlevoix. 


We maneuvered the van around the triangular block bounded by Park Avenue, Grant Street, and Clinton Street.  Here you can see some of the most famous, and most beloved, work of long-time Charlevoix resident, Earl Young, homes he built or remodeled beginning in the late 1930s, and culminating in the construction of the “mushroom house” in the 1950s.


Amazing rock work!


Some are big and boxy but have the same stone work




NOT a Mushroom house, but LOOK at that color!


Charlevoix, you are charming beyond belief!

Come back tomorrow morning for my photos from Hearts to Holly Quilt Shop!  It needs a whole post by itself to do it justice!

I’m up at Quilt Villa solo today ---and TODAY is the day our Quiltville Winter Mystery 2014 gets its borders on! Whooooot!

And I have a surprise planned right off the get-go for you.  Yes I do!  Are you ready for it?  It will hit you when you least expect it – just you WAIT!

Tonight I’ll be drawing for the winner of the Nov/Dec 2014 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine!  Did you enter on THAT POST to win??  If not, head over and leave a comment on THAT BLOG POST ((Not this one)) to be entered!  I’ll use the random number generator to draw our winner.  It’s an issue you won’t want to miss!

Have a super Monday, everyone!

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  1. What a life you lead, lady. Wonderful pics of a beautiful place. Cant wait for winter mystery!

  2. Have plans to do the winter mystery this year; excited! Linda

  3. Have a great day Bonnie!

  4. Oh my! Now you really have me wondering about this year's mystery Bonnie!!!! Charlevoix looks absolutely beautiful!

  5. Oh, how I love that cute little town of Charlevoix...It is a must see if you are nearby. So many cute little shops. I was there in the summer time and it was spectacular. The folks are friendly, the food is good and the town is charming.

  6. Having hailed from Michigan, two of my very good friends live on Park Ave. in Charlevoix. They both have wonderful lighthouse and sunset views!

  7. What lovely photos. Road trips are a favorite activity of ours.

  8. I love living in Charlevoix!!! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and come back soon. :)

  9. Thanks for sharing that part of Michigan! Cute mushroom Houses. Can hardly wait the 9 days until we KNOW the colors for the Mystery! I'll be on a road trip when the Mystery starts. So I'll have to start it on the Monday following Turkey Day! Gotta go see a new Grandson in Wyoming that week-end.
    I'm happy to be pictured on the opposite page of that article in QM.

  10. Charlevoix had their own line of fabric a few years ago and it was awesome to work with. They were also honored in Quilt Sampler quilt magazine at the same time. Hearts to Holly is such an awesome fun quilt shop. So glad you got there.

  11. A funny story about Shasta. When I was at the AQS show in Grand Rapids a few years back, these 2 ladies asked of they could share our table in the restaurant. Of course they could as there was quite a wait for tables. Being an inquisitive person, really just nosy, I asked where they were from and they said Sault Ste Marie MI. The only person I've heard of that lives in the Soo is Shasta. Well the one lady was good friends with Shasta whom I've never even met but remembered her name. I've met her daughter, Lisa, many times in Charlevoix. Lisa is married to my friend's son. Anyway, to make this even weirder is I don't even live in the States, I'm from Windsor ON.
    I can't wait to read tomorrow's post about Hearts to Holly, my favourite quilt shop in the world. When I knew you were going there, I was going to call Sue, the owner, and tell her to say hi from me. My sister lives in Charlevoix and I was just there 2 weeks ago. The colours were beautiful and I think this is the first year I've been there at the end of September to see the leaves change. Beautiful town, I wished I lived there, even in the winter.

  12. Anonymous9:31 PM EDT

    Love all the wonderful photos of your great adventures!!! Im getting so excited for your mystery to start :) you called this a winter mystery.....maybe theres a spring or summer mystery also ;) lol Cant wait to be surprised :) Enjoy your time at the villa!HUGS Sonya

  13. Eunice Donges10:41 PM EDT

    We are headed to that area of Michigan this Friday and plan to visit Charlevoix. I'm really looking forward to seeing those mushroom houses and the town. Your pictures are great.

  14. WooHoo - borders!!! And a Surprise right from the get go - I can hardly wait!! T minus 9 days til color!!

  15. Your photos have beautifully captured our wonderful little town. Look foreward to tomorrow's post highlighting Hearts to Holly--the wonderful little quilt shop.


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