Saturday, October 18, 2014

Barn Quilts, Long Distance Views and Autumn Hikes!

This afternoon was a planned adventure to take a ride out on the Blue Ridge Parkway with some neighbor friends, see some views, hike some trails, see some autumn color, and finish up by having a bite to eat out not far off the parkway at a little local joint that is reported to have really good eats. 

We were not disappointed!

I love it when non-quilters all of a sudden find themselves entranced with barn quilt blocks and wanting to know more about them…

“What is that pattern name?”

“Why is it called that?”

“How many different quilt blocks are there?”

We had a good time driving around – this one I am guessing on.  Can you help me out?  I think it’s Corn & Beans or a variation, but I’m not all fired sure!

This one was awesome too ---


It’s a round medallion ---

And I couldn’t get any closer than this, but it sure is striking with that deep gold background and the green and red of the medallion.  So interesting!


Autumn color and amazing views!


Mt Jefferson is the tall one you see above the left sign post.

The clouds were starting to gather and the wind was kicking up so it was hard to get long distance shots….


I love discovering the history of such fascinating places!


Another view of amazing vastness!


The guys had the dogs on leashes and were walking a bit in front ---


Men and dogs – tough stuff!!

Mona and I holding up a tree!


Things that make me ponder…

There once was a house here.  whether it was torn down, or burned down, I have no idea…but this fireplace used to warm someone’s home.  The hole further up in the chimney likely was a connection for a pot-bellied stove pipe or other necessity used to heat the second floor. 

Who lived here?  What was the story?  And how is it that this lone fireplace and chimney are left to stand the test of time?

We had a great afternoon out with our friends!

It’s only 8pm here.  How is it that it feels like 10pm and I should be in jammies and on my way to bed?

Oh yes, because it is dark out.

And I hiked a lot, and ate a lot, and laughed a lot and filled this day full!

Have a great evening, Everyone!

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  1. Hi,
    Yes, it is a variation of Corn and Beans. (must be green and yellow, says Hall)
    I looked it up in the "Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt patterns". Other names: Hen and Chicks, Ducks and Ducklings, Shoo Fly and Handy Andy.

    Love the pics.

    Wendy R

  2. We were also on the Blue Ridge Parkway today but in the Asheville area! Great views- color is almost at peak...just gorgeous. No quilting today but visiting with grandbaby!
    Love your pics! I didn't see any barns down at this end!

  3. Looks like the Corn & Beans Block from my Farmer's wife quilt, Nice to see Barn Blocks all over. You deserve to enjoy a great day among the beauties of the Hills and Quiltvilla!

  4. Anonymous9:42 PM EDT

    I'm wondering where you ate and whether it was as good as was reported. Always looking for a good place to eat near the Parkway, usually a place where the locals eat. Love the barns.

    Susan L.

  5. Anonymous10:04 PM EDT

    I'm in Michigan and just did the Vicksburg Quilt trail. It had 25 barns with large quilt blocks. The colors here are breathtaking. God is good.

  6. Anonymous10:29 PM EDT

    Thanks for sharing :-) Glad to see you enjoy a wonderful day.

  7. Anonymous7:02 AM EDT

    Bonnie..check out the 60,000 1/4th in. hexies that made a king size quilt.

    I thought of you when I saw it..first pic click for 23 others of that progress.

  8. Chilly and rainy day here on Kelleys Island made for a good time quilting, but your pics brightened an otherwise gray day. Thanks for the delightful photos and commentary.

  9. Hi, thanks for sharing your day with us. I've always thought the barn quilts were neat and Autumn is my favorite time of the year. :)

    Have a great week!

  10. We were on the Blue Ridge Parkway in June and saw some of the quilt blocks too! What a great ride to take! We were on motorcycle and loved it.

  11. I drive off the main highways JUST to find the barn quilts. Never get disappointed.

  12. I was happy to recognize the barn quilts from the Upper Mountain Research station. Our own cabin is up the road from that first barn. I love Ashe County!

  13. something good here.. :)


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