Sunday, October 12, 2014

Beachin’ it to Coronado!

Yesterday was a lecture day in the morning!  I had a great time with the Village Quilters at their monthly meeting, and joined them for lunch afterward for loads of visiting and getting-to-know-yous and loads of quilt-speak! 

Get a table of 10 quilters together to share baskets of chips and salsa while waiting for meals to be served and there is no shortage of conversation.  Such fun!

I’ve moved hotels from one side of town to the other, and when I was checking in, my good friend Jill walks in the door ready to take me on an adventure to somewhere I’d never been before….CORONADO!

Historic old hotels?  I love them!  And I heard rumors that this one is haunted, which just adds to the mystique.  Doesn’t bother me!  We aren’t staying, only visiting!

We found a place to park off hotel property, because parking on site will cost you $25.00.  Not that there would have been a place to park anyway – we saw at LEAST 3 weddings in progress as sunset drew nearer!


Just Beautiful!

When it opened in 1888, the Hotel del Coronado, affectionately known by locals and visitors alike as simply “The Del” ((Which literally translated means THE OF, but we won’t argue!))  was the largest resort hotel in the world. It has hosted presidents, royalty, and celebrities through the years. The hotel has been featured in numerous movies and books. 


Hotel del Coronado, circa 1900

In 1958, director Billy Wilder chose The Del for the filming of Some Like It Hot, starring that timeless American legend, Marilyn Monroe.

Jill and I walked through the hotel, which was absolutely gorgeous, and continued our walk down to the shore to join the throngs of others enjoying this beautiful sunny Saturday in October.


Glancing back over my shoulder….Ahhhh!


Shoes off…ready to stroll the sand!


Fresh air, salty breezes, sunshine and long stretch of beach!


The Del behind us!


High rises down the shore to the south


Point Loma and the Naval Base restricted area off to the north….

It was just a great way to leisurely walk up the beach, catch up on things that have happened in the past few months since we’d seen each other last, and get in some exercise.   Walking in sand is not as easy as it looks….it’s a workout of a different kind!  My fit bit ended up clocking over 15,000 steps yesterday!


Hotel del Coronado in the back on our return hike!


We passed this beautiful wedding in progress on our way to the car, see the bride and groom front and center?  Wishing you a happy life together, whoever you are!

I hope that bird didn’t do any dive bombing! Ha!


Walking back to our car past the piers --


Some are yachts ---


This is NOT! Haaaa!

But you can rent a BBQ donut and go grill out on the water – just watch for sharks!


California -- where sweet flowers bloom – ALL YEAR ROUND.


Visions Art Museum!

From Coronado we made a bee-line to Visions Art Museum where the gala opening of “The Sky’s the Limit” exhibit was going on.  If you like fiber art and abstract quilts, come see this exhibit.  My friend Kevin Womack, who lives in Virginia, just a couple hours north of me happened to be here in San Diego as his collaborative work was being exhibited in this show! Fabulous artist, terrific friend and all around fun guy.  So great to see you, Kevin!

I haven’t seen Kevin for a couple of years because my schedule has been crazy and I just don’t get up to that part of Virginia that often – so when he said he was in town we made plans to go see him!


Speaking of “Some Like it Hot….”

The a/c must have been broken or something because this gallery was packed with quilt-peepers and it was ROASTING inside.  Hopefully they will have that fixed shortly!  But the quilts were definitely worth seeing.  Loads of color inspiration and I so appreciate the work of others – the entries are global, and it is a BIG DEAL to be juried into this show, so my congrats to all the entrants!

And our day wasn’t over yet….we headed over to Balboa park – too late and too dark for taking photos by this time for a quick dessert at Prado.

I was back to my hotel, in jammies and asleep by 9:30pm.  Yes, I’m still fighting the time change thing, I was up again this morning at 4:30am.

Oh well, I got in my 7.5 hours sleep!  I’m wide awake!


Me and Jill!

Thanks for coming to spend the afternoon and evening with me Jill!

Today we get a bit later of a start – Love Shack class starts at 11am at Paradise Sewing in Poway.  we’ll go until 5pm!

Just another sunny day in Southern California, hanging out with my fave peeps in the world – Quilters!

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  1. Isn't that such a beautiful part of the world to visit? Thanks for the pictures. Happy Sewing :0)

  2. Bonnie, That is an absolutely beautiful hotel, isn't it? I was there many years ago and loved it. It is amazingly built! My dh is an airplane enthusiast and I am a shell/beach person so friends said it was funny watching us walk down the beach ... dh's face pointed up watching the planes coming in and me with face down looking for shells. We did go look at the room that was suppose to be haunted but never heard/saw anything. Glad you got to do the "tour".

  3. I LOVE some like it hot! I've seen it so often, that I xan speak the text. �� You are so blessed to see so many beautiful places all over the world.
    greetings, Rike

  4. I so love Coronado and of course the The Del. thanks for sharing such a fun day Bonnie!

  5. Hmmm, I wonder if there is a Coronado Themed Mystery Quilt in my future?

  6. I've also heard locals refer to it as "Hotel Del" and I believe that the exterior shots from Some Like it Hot were at Coronado but interior shots were in another historic hotel (possibly further north?). I believe that bit of trivia is on one of the websites or posted on one of the placards with the historic photos inside the hotel. Either way, it's a great place!! Thanks for sharing pics.

  7. You are in my "home town". I was born in Coronado and spent every summer there with my grandparents. I love the beautiful beaches. Now living in NoCal but would return to San Diego in a heartbeat.

  8. Thank you so much for the 1900 picture of the Hotel del Coronado. When it first opened my grandfather who had just arrived from England was a waiter there! 75 cents a day and a pint of beer were his wages! It is a spectacular spot on the Silver Strand.

  9. Anonymous2:57 PM EDT

    Beautiful hotel...
    A friend of mine grew up on Coronado and his father was the maitre'd at the hotel for many years. We had a drink and toured the Del when we visited several years ago.

  10. I think grand hotels would be a great theme for a few mystery quilts!

  11. I stayed at the Del Coronado in 1965 (yikes that was 49 years ago and I was a teenager) for several days - 3 or 4 if I remember correctly. I remember how beautiful it was and the beach was fantastic. I grew up in Rhode Island and always loved the beach but the Atlantic is green and I couldn't get over how blue the Pacific was/is - such a difference. Loved seeing your "today" pics!

  12. Believe it or not I am a San Diego Native. Born here. I had my Senior prom in the Crown Room at the Hotel Del. Beautiful place and special in out hearts. So glad to see that the local girls are showing you a good time. We have terrific things to do and see here. You need a trip to Old Town San Diego and need to see Julian up north for a piece of apple pie. Great here from the ocean to the mountains.

  13. I was there on July 4 a few years ago, rode the ferry over, walked down to The Del and the beach. When we walked back to catch the ferry the 4th of July parade was coming toward us all the way back with the wonderful cottages along the way having their parties and cook-outs in their front yards, children dressed up, sitting on the sidewalks eating ice cream cones----pure Americana!

  14. Anonymous7:27 PM EDT

    Loved seeing the pictures.it's been 56 years since I've been to that area. My husband was stationed there at North Island we were married at Imperial Beach in 1958 spent a lot of time on the beach where you were walking and I can see some of the changes. Great memories for me. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

  15. Oh, I'm so jealous. What a day - quilting, walking on a warm sandy beach with the sun shining on you. I have never been to California, but have lived there through your photos.

  16. i'd say you made the very best of every single moment of that day...that's the way to do it...spend every second having fun!

  17. My FAVORITE hotel in the whole wide world! I've stayed there several times and hope to get back next year. I love everything about it - so classy. You should see it decorated at Christmas - I swooned - LOL! Enjoy all San Diego has to offer - it is wonderful!

  18. like this posting anymore, interesting

  19. Thanks for the pics, it looks lovely, need to put this on my bucket list of places to visit.

    Maybe I should look for a quilt retreat in the area for next year, I wonder if there are any art classes nearby that DH could attend at the same time :-)

  20. Thanks for posting. It reminded me that my husband and I visited "The Del" while in San Diego on a conference a few years back!

  21. I had my high school prom at the Hotel Del...I always hoped that was where it would be, and truthfully, had it been anywhere else, I think I may have just skipped it. I recently visited it again in 2011, and it was beautiful still. Memories...

  22. There is a hotel in Disney World, Orlando, Florida that is based on the Coronado. It is so nice to see the real Coronado Hotel. Gorgeous.

  23. Anonymous1:24 AM EDT

    Coronado was a quaint town before the bridge was built. No traffic lights, only stop signs. You took a ferry boat to get to San Diego or drove down the Strand, the long way. I was born at the Naval Training Center and then was there for all my high school years. One Baskin Robbins, burger place and Italian rest.Great memories...

  24. lkemberling@hotmail.com3:47 PM EDT

    It's still a quaint town. Just stroll down any residential street, just a few blocks from The Del, and you'll see homes with such cool gardens and plantings. It's a great place to "get lost" on rambling walks through neighborhood streets.

  25. Bonnie, I loved seeing the photos from our home away from home in Coronado, We visit as often as we can & I have a sewing machine there to keep me going even when I'm on vacation.

    Alice Cooksey


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