Friday, October 10, 2014

A San Diego Travel Day!

Good Morning world!

Yes, I’ve been up since 3am San Diego time, no matter how hard I tried to just roll over and go back to sleep – it was futile!

My mind started thinking on yesterday's Grand Illusion Mystery Intro release –and all of the excitement and positive feedback left me really wired, and  there was no WAY to go back to sleep.

I know I’ll be paying for it again tonight. 

Traveling WEST I think is much harder than traveling East.

When I consider that getting up at 5am North Carolina time in reality meant that I was on the go since 2am California time ---is it any wonder that my poor eyes were closing by 7:30pm last night??

This lovely sunrise photo was taken at the Greensboro airport ---the promise of a beautiful October day!

By 9:30 am I had landed in Atlanta!

Luckily it was a completely non-eventful day ---Get off the plane, go to next gate – next flight on time, wait to board ---

No, I didn’t get that wonderful bump to first class this time, but let me tell you a great secret – if you are on a 737,  check out seat 21F!

Loads of leg room and 4 hours of hexie time ahead!

I have noticed that sitting by an exit door usually means my feet and ankles get a bit cold….warmer socks when flying!  And make sure they cover your ankles, cute little socks mean cold feet!

Hello, San Diego!


Luggage accounted for and waiting for my ride at the curb!


Hello, Palm Trees!


Hello, Beautiful Birds of Paradise!

After a bit of a late lunch, I was dropped off to my hotel after 3pm.  No plans were made for dinner as I was too wiped out to even think about it.  I took a couple of hours nap, but it was only 5pm when I awoke –new shoes on..out the door we go!  I enjoyed a beautiful walk taking in all the flowers and the trees and the crystal blue sky.  And something that Southern California is famous for:


Gorgeous Sunsets!


Hexie Section Complete!

I finished the lower neutral row at the bottom of the diamond units on the plane yesterday.  This one is now ready to attach to the “Mother Ship” Next time I’m up at the cabin!

I have another section that just needs the 3 top rows, neutral, red and blue added, and it too will be ready to add to the quilt.  That will give me 3 out of 6 identical fill in sections done.  3 more to go!  I still think I’ve got a couple year’s worth of sewing on this project before it is a complete top.  I’m designing it as I go.  I’m really not sure what I’m going to do outside of these fill in sections ---but that’s what keeps me interested in it! I also need to measure it against the other hexie quilt top I finished because I want them to be roughly the same size.  One will go to each son in due time.

So here I am, it’s 5:30 am California time and my pick up is at 9:15.

It's a Pineapple Blossom Day with the Village Quilters of San Diego!

Looks like it will be me, hexies and a bit of tv until breakfast!

Have a great Friday, everyone!

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  2. Hope you get some rest soon. Those quilters sure appreciate you being out there with them. Thanks again for the early mystery surprise. It sure did generate a lot of chatter!

  3. Good morning Sunshine! I'm originally from San Diego, and I'm going to so enjoy your pictures of my hometown. If you can swing it, go by Rosie's up on College and 74th, over by State College. It is the MOST wonderful shop in San Diego County, in my humble opinion. I so wish I could come run through her aisles for this mystery, but I'm stuck here in AZ for the time being. Enjoy!!!

  4. Thank you for the new Mystery, I'm loving the colors so far.
    Enjoy San Diego! I visited there in 1994, and I recall the Botanic Garden and the Coronado Hotel. While crossing the bridge, Navy helicopters were dropping Seals in the bay, and I though that was were the "It's raining men" song came from.

  5. Time changes are so much fun! After a fun day of teaching, you should rest well tonight. Have a great day!

  6. You'll have a fun day! Sunshine and palm trees are good for the soul!
    Go to bed early tonight..you'll be tired.

  7. Southern CA is so gorgeous!!!!

    Bonnie, your newest mystery quilt has started hysteria among the Followers :) What can I find in my stash? Do we have to use those colors? the question fly back and forth....FUN TIMES

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  8. My secret when flying to the west coast is not matter how tired I am I stay up until my usual bedtime. Next morning I am refreshed and body clock has been reset. My daughter (lives in San Fran) told me this after my first west coast visit!

  9. Excited about the new mystery. Haven:t tried one yet but really thinking I should give this one a go. Being a mystery takes it right out of my comfort zone so that is why I'm still in the considering stage. Love your colors and your inspiration.

  10. Glad you're in California. Sorry I can't be in San Diego. I am looking forward to this year's mystery too. I still have my Celtic Solstice top staring at me waiting for a back! I think I am now encouraged to finish it before starting this year's! :-) Thanks so much for all you do to inspire me and I hope you have a wonderful time in California. K-

  11. Bonnie, Welcome to sunny So. Cal.!!
    Roosters Don and Bill will be seeing you next week in class. Can't wait.
    Heading to Lowes now for paint cards so the wife and I can start "searching" our stash for fabrics. Enjoy the warm weather.

  12. I sure would have loved to come to San Diego. When are you coming back to south Calif--Los Angeles area?

  13. Anonymous12:55 PM EDT

    Hello and welcome to California. Already signed up for your class in Sacramento next year. We are all so excited about the new mystery quilt and your colors are just up my alley. I have a small stash but was able to pull the yellows, neutrals, black, and greens. Not bad for a gal who just started quilting 3 years ago. Made my first BH mystery last year and love it. Have a great time in Cali and we all look forward to your further instructions when you get back home.

  14. Welcome to San Diego county. We can not wait to see you in sunny Downtown El Cajon on Tuesday. Glad you made it safe and sound.
    So excited you have started quite a buzz here in town.

  15. I commented yesterday on the new MQ! Going through stash...was I suprised! I have found almost all the fabrics I need. A question has arisen...are there pink flamingoes in Michigan other than plastic ones?

  16. Just had to say welcome to my home town. Your jet probably flew right over my house on your way into the airport! Hope you enjoy your stay. Our weather is being very lovely right now, not too hot till later in the week.

  17. Just had to say, I hope you enjoy California and you manage to get some rest. Thank you for everything! ( I got my paint chips today and LOVE the colors)

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  22. You'll have a fun day! Sunshine and palm trees are good for the soul!
    Go to bed early tonight..you'll be tired.

  23. wow, very beutiful, i hope i can go there

  24. Hello and welcome to California, Just had to say, I hope you enjoy California and you manage to get some rest. Thank you


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