Friday, October 31, 2014

Just a Bit More Mineola Show & Share!

And they ARE viewing worthy so I hope you enjoy them!

I am tickled to see Texas Tumbleweeds from MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders make an appearance.  This is the class quilt for the cruise next week!  I love the green she added, just the change of a couple of fabric choices can make the quilt look so different!

The best thing about this quilt?  It’s all rectangles and squares!

This quilt was started when I taught it as a New Year’s Mystery in Plano, Texas and later was featured in Quiltmaker Magazine before winding up in a book, these quilts get around!


String Sashings!

Doesn’t this look great for an autumn throw or wall hanging?  She used the neutral string sashing idea after being inspired by my Wonky Wishes quilt ---great way to use up those neutral strips!  The more you throw in, the better it looks.

We just can’t get enough of that string piecing!  Someone just lock me up for a year with nothing to do but string piece and I’ll be fine!


Wanderlust for a Long Wall!

Wanderlust was featured on the cover of the July/August issue of Quiltmaker Magazine issue as a bed sized quilt.  Here the blocks were rearranged to make the quilt longer and more marrow to cover a specific spot on a wall.  I’d love to see it ON the wall!  She did such a great job.  

Click HERE to see my version!


Scrappy Bargello from the Free Patterns tab in all sport fabrics!

She used a wider strip width, and used all the sporting fabrics she could find – perfect for game season in front of the TV!


Pineapple Blossom from the Free Pattern tab in green batiks!


Irene and her bit of beautiful wool applique!

Inspired by the pattern Ruby Red Dots by Sheri Howard, Irene shrunk the pattern for a smaller quilt and to use wool appique instead of needle turn.  Lovely!


Cute circus quilt for a grandchild!


Celtic Solstice!  YAY!

Celtic Solstice finished up our Show & Share for the 3 days of workshops in Mineola, TX.  Thanks, everyone for bringing your beauties to share with us all!  I loved them, each and every one!

Today is our day to sight see around San Antonio!  On our list are the missions and the basilica…perhaps some Alamo Action as well!

And since we head out for Houston tomorrow morning, there is a plan for pedicures this afternoon….

We will fill this day full!

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  1. Hey Bonnie,

    I am also heading to Houston tomorrow and can't wait to meet you on the cruise! I'm almost done with my cutting for class lol. And I got my pedicure taken care of too!


  2. I love seeing what your girls are doing. Its so inspiring. I want to know more about the circus quilt in the photgraph. Is there a pattern for it? I want it!


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