Saturday, July 20, 2013

Stoppin’ For Gas!

This morning I didn’t have to head out to the workshop location until a bit after Mary --- she was heading early to take care of some things,  and I followed along in my car later ---

Driving the gently winding and rolling roads into Bedford from Schellsburg, I remembered that there was a spot on the road that I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of the last couple of times I was here – when you are in the car with someone it isn’t easy  to just say :

“Wait! Stop!  I want to take a photo!!”

A photo of what??

The cutest vintage gas station ever, right here in Bedford!

This post card shows what it looked like in its heyday ---can’t you imagine the station attendants in their crisp uniforms running out to check your tires and wiper fluids and oil levels ---and pumping gas to fill your tank?

This is what I see every time I drive in or out of town on my way to/from Mary’s Quilt Shop:

PA_July2013 126

The gas tanks may be a bit different..but the view is still the same as it was!


So art Deco!


Need the Ladie’s Room? 


Just the cutest station ever!

What a contrast in “What Was Then….”  and “What Is Now….”  We have a humongous Sheetz gas station that was just built a year or so ago in wallburg…..but I think the one key ingredient that is missing is….SERVICE.  This little station is busy –because they DO pump your gas for you as in days gone by.  A smile, a visit with the locals, a few words about the weather, and service for your car.

I love small town America!

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  1. The gas station is adorable!

    I haven't pumped my own gas in 8 years. When we lived in South Africa they had full driveway service and now in PNG they also pump the gas for you.

    I'm worried that when I return to living in a 'regular' country I'll have forgotten how the do it.

  2. My family had a gas station SERVICE business for more than 60 years in Northern Illinois. My dad started it after WWII and the first building we had looked EXACTLY like that one. Boy, what memories came flooding back looking at that picture. They didn't have hoists to lift the cars to work under them ... you drove over this "pit" in the floor and the mechanic got down under the car to work on it ... dangerous!! Wow ... what cool memorabilia ... thanks for the trip down Memory Lane! Linda

  3. Oh, and growing up we would work at the business on weekends, checking the air pressure in tires, washing headlights and later windshields when we could reach them. You ALWAYS got your oil checked ... WOW ... what a difference between then and now!

  4. Look at the white fence around the station in the postcard, how sweet. Well when you fill up in NJ they still pump the gas for you but forget any other service!
    Here in coastal NC we are so close to SC we all drive there for cheaper gas, .30 /gallon cheaper gets your attention!

    Happy Sewing and safe driving :0)

  5. I've been to that station! A couple years ago, hubby and I drove old Route 30 from Pittsburgh to Lancaster. It was called the Lincoln Highway in it's heyday, and there are all sorts of interesting sites along the way! It was great to get off the beaten path (aka the PA turnpike) and see some places and things you just can't see when you are speeding along at 65 mph.

  6. I drive by this station everyday! : )

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  8. Way kool...and beautiful?

  9. That should have been! LOL!

  10. Thanks for stopping to take the picture and sharing it. Beautiful well maintained building and hopefully they keep taking care of it for future generations. Thank goodness for small towns!

  11. First thought in my mind was "art deco"! Love it. Thanks for a photo of a yesteryear building that is so well cared for that the workers give the service we used to get! Love a small town.

  12. I remember the station attendant using a "whisk" broom to sweep out the floor of the car, too! I miss small town America!

  13. Here's hoping the city/town has a few good laws on keeping historical places like this on that list. You know, the list that says you can to do this or that without it being in keeping with the actual original structure etc.

    What a GEM! They are getting fewer and further between these days. I live in a small southern town in East Tennessee - we have our gems...here's hoping!

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  14. I wish I was there right now! We just had a 6.9 earthquake here in New Zealand, my studio is a mess from fallen bookcases, and a little small town peace and quiet would be most welcome! I'd far rather be sewing, a class with like minded people is by far preferable to clearing up the mess!

  15. Adorable! I love Art Deco architecture...the way they made even little things like gas stations into works of functioning art! Hmmm, now that I put it that way, they sound like quilters!

  16. Anonymous5:24 PM EDT

    This gas station is indeed really cute, it looks so nice and well taken care of, most gas stations look awful. It is a good thing you decided to take some pictures and kindly share them with all of us. This is something you don’t see every day.

    Split-Site PhD by Iona Williams


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