Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Show & Share in Hershey, Day 2!

We are loading up the car with baggage and quilts here in North Carolina this morning. 

There is a rumble and a grumble as The Hubster announced that two exit rows were available, and we should both get online and get them so we could sit together with the comfort of a bit more leg room from Atlanta to Anchorage.

I got MY seat – and at the last second, someone sniped him out of his…LOL!

So now we are sitting in opposite exit rows both with middle seats and he is not a happy camper…hehehe. Maybe someone will take pity on him and switch – but no one who PAYS for an exit seat wants the middle one.  There are window people, and there are aisle people, and neither would be happy with trading for a middle seat in the row across….so we will see how it goes.

Here is the show & share from our second day at Quilt Odyssey – I was so tickled to see this gorgeous BowDacious quilt!  There is a ton of piecing in this one ---and I am teaching this one up in Alaska this week, so how great is this?

Hershey_PA2013 140

I wasn’t in a great position to get the whole quilt straight on, but isn’t it lovely?

Bowdacious is found in Adventures with Leaders & Enders.

Hershey_PA2013 142

I previously taught a crumbs workshop here ---and this one is done and ready!

All of the crumby tutorials are up there under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.

Hershey_PA2013 143

Another Smith Mountain Morning makes an appearance!

This is such a fun quilt to make – it all came directly out of my Scrap User’s System….1.5” strips, 2” strips, 3.5” strips ---and a whole lot of yummy fabrics!  Smith Mountain Morning is found in Scraps & Shirttails II.

We will be heading out to the airport shortly ---let the fun begin ((an aisle apart with two middle seats..lol!))  I’ve got my hexies, my audio books, I’m loading a couple of movies onto my kindle fire…and I’ll be blissfully sewing my way to AK!

Tomorrow morning I’ve already written a post ahead as I’ll be 4 hours behind on the time zone scale ---come back and check, it’s a GIVEAWAY, folks!

This video is for DH who has been humming this song all morning!  MUSH, Y’all!

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  1. Have a wonderful Trip!
    Aileen in FL

  2. Enjoy your trip, Bonnie!!!!!! Talked to my son - in the 70-80's in Anchorage now!!! Hope it holds - I head up on Aug 8!!!!!

  3. Have fun. We like Homer. Wish I had seen this class sooner

  4. Bonnie, Safe and happy travels. Enjoy your trip. Wish I was going along.

  5. how great that Dave is getting to go along! Working vacation-enjoy!

  6. As always love the quilt show........heck NO I am not going to listen to that song and have it in my head all day, or maybe longer!!!
    Safe travels and Happy Sewing

  7. Have a great trip. I'm singing with your very cool DH.

  8. I was surprised at how much of this songs lyrics I still remember from my parents playing it when I was growing up in Washington State. Now I live is SE AK and only the chorus comes to mind now and then. Enjoy Anchorage! I think DH would enjoy your SE AK cruise as well! Beautiful sights to behold down here not to mention salmon and halibut fishing! Hopefully someone changed seats so you could sit together.

  9. Hope you and DH have a fantastic vacation, from someone who's own DH goes away a lot, it's nice to go with them now and then. I hope someone changes seats with you is the middle a row of 4? could then get the other middle seat to swap if traveling alone? Anyway it's not forever only one flight you will spend the rest of the trip together. Have fun.

  10. Anonymous11:39 PM EDT

    One of my favorite songs!! The year we went I sang this on the bus from the Yukon heading to AK. Everyon joined in! It was a great trip. It took me five years to stop talking about it!! Have a great time.


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