Friday, July 19, 2013

More from the Antique Mall!

Keeping with my objective to always find the weirdest thing in the antique mall, I got Lori in on the action and we kept an eye out for what we thought would take the prize for that day.

Little did we suspect  that what was out in the FRONT garden would be in the running…

This is a scene I’d expect to see in Bali – or some other exotic destination….Easter Island, Maybe??

Or – thinking vaguely about that long ago Brady Bunch Episode where they are caught holding the bad luck tiki!

If you are looking for really weird  ((but cool!)) yard art, you can find it in Verona, VA!

This one made me think of my friend Tonya Ricucci --- I somehow think she would LIKE a reclining alien in her garden Open-mouthed smile

PA_July2013 049

Maybe you could change his bow with the seasons?

PA_July2013 018

Then again, EVERYONE I know is hankering to be the next owner of a Memory Quiz Machine!

If I could only reverse the process and have it FIX my failing memory – it might be worth the 25 cents, right?

But seriously --- we were looking for Quilts and Machines…of which we found a few, but not many.

PA_July2013 043

Loved this display with all the red…there were some woven coverlets also folded on the racks.

PA_July2013 045

Loved the “Pine Cone” quilt….I don’t often see these…and there are thousands and thousands of folded triangles here arranged in a circular pattern and covering each block.

PA_July2013 044

Pink and blue….very sweet and very well worn and loved – someone put gobs of quilting into this shredded quilt!

PA_July2013 012

Pretty dresdens, also blue and pink…1930’s maybe?

PA_July2013 013

Held up by Lori for photo taking!

This one was interesting – just a top!  But was this an orphan bin clean out?  A combining of three separate projects into one to call it done?  Only – it never GOT done!

PA_July2013 014

1940s rail fences next to 1900s 9 patches.

PA_July2013 015

!920’s and later plaids and stripes and shirtings postage stamp style – off set!

This one has a story, I wish I knew what it was!

PA_July2013 016

Simple large 9 patches of plaids sashed with “That” green, layered with batting thick and warm – and tied.

PA_July2013 025

Loved this Buckeye Beauty variation…more plaids!

PA_July2013 027

Chambray and Solid Red…LOVE THIS!  And the quilting was nice..do you see the price? $65.00

PA_July2013 026

The backing was also a very sweet pink and blue plaid…

PA_July2013 032

How about a pink and blue and white tree skirt made from a cutter quilt!?

PA_July2013 033

Sweet shirtings as the path…

I would NOT have done this to a quilt unless it was in unsalvageable condition!

PA_July2013 040

Cutter pieces from a hexagon quilt..and someone’s diamond patchwork left unfinished ---

It was a fun wander!  I didn’t have a lot of time, and other than the lovely green/orange drunkards path I showed this morning --- nothing else came home with me.  It was time to hit the road so I could get here!

Mary and I got back from our Sam’s club run a while ago – we picked up the goodies for tonight’s lecture….look at this cake!

PA_July2013 099

Go Scrappy – or Go HOME! LOL!! Love it!

I’ve set up my sewing at Mary’s Dining Room Table….I’m going to sew for a while before taking my shower and getting ready to go to the lecture tonight – what a great day so far!

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  1. Folded triangle quilt , WTH... Weird! I like the red quilts all grouped together. Great cake too. Have a great lecture. I am still 're-living all the Fun times at the Block Party in March in my head. SEW MUCH FUN! I'd do it again!!!!

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  3. I once saw at an Antique mall, someone had taken a whole bunch of old quilts and turned them into pillows, I'm hoping she had used unsalvageable quilts!

  4. That Alien wandered out of my yard! I live down the road from Area 51--oh, I forgot, it doesn't exist! LOL Sounds like you are having so much fun--love that quilt you bought!

  5. I thought maybe the alien escaped from Roswell, NM.

  6. hee heee hee. That alien would be a hoot as would those awesome tiki heads!

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  8. Those tiki heads would be cool along your path at the cabin.

  9. I have 2 quilts made by my dad's sister(s) in the 1930's or 40's that are like the "Pink and blue….very sweet and very well worn and loved – someone put gobs of quilting into this shredded quilt!" The edges are well worn, and though the hand quilting is close together the 100% cotton batting is lumping or missing in places. Do you, or anyone else, have any creative ideas on how to use these well loved pieces? I passed on using the quilts during the teddy bear phase. I guess I hate the idea of cutting into them. One thing I noticed is how short the quilts are compared to what is made today.


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